I'm back…anybody miss me? I know I missed you all, especially my two favorite stalkers. (Mind you, you may be our favorite stalkers, but you are certainly not the most creative stalkers.) You know who you all are. Pitiful that you two have nothing better to do with your lives then obsess over everything Amethyst and I write on line. Get a bloody life. (What Jade sadly seems to forget is that we ARE life for them. Our lives are apparently better than TV, which is fortunate because at least one of them can't afford TV anymore ^_^) And now that I've said that let's see what can I ramble on aimlessly about for another 3 pages…Hehehehehehehe. It's time for part 2 of my year and review.

I am at a total loss about what to write about, because even though last year isn't that far past, I can barely remember what happened during it. (There was a last year? When? Was I there? J/k, alhough my memory is so bad lately that I can't even remember yesterday most of the time. Here's to alzheimers at 24!) Except way too much reality TV. It seems like everywhere you turned it was another goddess-damned reality TV show. ("Goddess-damned" is now officially my new favorite phrase ever. Rock on Jade!) And most of them it seemed to be about some poor schmuck and their inability to find love. (See "stalkers" above, and realize that it's not a TV show for me and Jade, although we would like to make it into a weird Indie film someday.) Like The Bachelor and now they even have The Bachelorette, can you believe that as if once wasn't enough...Make it go away mommy...make it go away... (What would the Fox network do for money if there was no reality television? They'd actually have to come up with original ideas like they did when they first started out. The horror!) The only reality TV shows it seemed that didn't have to do with love were the ones that dealt with the celebrities. Or what were celebs like 5 to 10 years ago that is. (I'm eternally amused by those shows. How sad.) I admit I love me my train wreck a.k.a the new Surreal Life, Vanilla Ice is SO funny when he throws a diva fit but we have to draw the line somewhere with some of these shows. (*Raises an eyebrow* I didn't know, until this very moment, that Jade watches the Surreal Life. *Shrugs* I watch American Idol and screech at pitches that make poor Jade's ears bleed during it, so I guess we're about even. ^_^ Anyways, I have a funny story about a Vanilla Ice concert actually....well, maybe it's not so funny, but it was good times. Ah, memories.) Like The Simple Life with Nicole Ritchie and (gulp) Paris Hilton. You all remember Paris Hilton, I'm sure. (Paris who now? OW! Jade hit me with a paperback!) Star of a "private" video staring her and her one time boyfriend? Both my AOL and my Yahoo! Mailboxes where getting flooded with stuff about it, it was a major pain in the tush. Was anyone really shocked by it? (Does it count if you're shocked by people being shocked?) After all of the other "private" videos of other stars that have surfaced? It seems like a new one comes out every few months.

Video games rule my world, baby. (I never knew. They do rule our world, and someday, our video games will rule your worlds, folks. Spooky, ain;t it?) And in some cases create my world but I'll get into that in a bit. What can I say about the games of 2003 except some were good, some were bad and some were just plain weird. And the one game I can think of that embodies ALL three of those qualities is Final Fantasy X-2, the first ever direct squeal to any of the Final Fantasy franchise. (May I just add that Final Fantasy has ruled my world since the release of 7? And although the FF series made me an official RPG junkie, it was not a Final Fantasy that sparked my interest. Although the game was made by Square, so......) It's good because it uses the same animation and characters as FFX, so if you developed an attachment to any of the people in FFX you'll be able to see (maybe...hehehehe) what they ended up doing once *SPOILER ALERT SPOLIER ALERT* SIN is defeated.*END SPOILER ALERT* (For those of you who never played FFX, or haven't finished it yet, HURRY and beat it!!!!!!! It's NEAT-O! Jade didn't know that classified as a spoiler, since technincally everyone should know the end of FFX by now, but I just wanted to make sure that no one got mad at us.) It also employs the same voices and much of the other elements that FFX used, like locales, spells and forms of transport. Weird because of well...it just is because it's like...Final Fantasy, Charlie's Angels style. All you have to do is play the first 20 minutes of it to realize that. (20 minutes? I don't even think I played it for 20 minutes total yet. ^_^) You almost expect Yuna, Paine and Rikku to come off with "Good Morning, Charlie." at least once to Brother when he talks to them during missions... (Actually, I was waiting for them to break out in a chorus of "Independent Woman" and ask the eternal question, "Charlie, how your angels get down like that?") Yes, missions. You get to take our fearless trio of angels... I mean girls... on a series of missions hunting spheres in order to complete the game. (There's an ending to that game? Does it involve a plot of any kind?) And speaking of video games that leads me to our friend Mikey. A bigger video game and computer junkie you won't ever meet. He's a really great guy...well, pain in the ass most days but he's still a great guy and you're probably wondering why I'm talking about Mikey now...because he leads me to my next point......(Ah, a Mikey ramble. Good times.)

War sucks, you know that? (Word.) It takes people form their families for no real good reason. I understand that the madmen that were responsible for all of the atrocities of 9/11 must be dealt with but maybe there's a better way then taking our soldiers away from their families and sending them to some goddess forsaken place to get killed. And one can't help but wonder would we even be in Iraq if they didn't have some of the richest oil fields in the world? My mom is fond of saying every time she looks at gas prices "We control some of the richest oil fields in the world. We should be able to get three gallons of gas or heating oil for the price of one." At the time I didn't understand what my mom meant during the Gulf war when she kept chanting "No blood for oil" but I do now. (Jade's mom is a former hippie. She's so cool.) Is it all really worth the price that we are paying? Our soldiers are paying with their lives; nothing is really worth that. I'm not anti-government if that's what you're thinking but I don't believe in the senseless killing that goes with war. (I, however, support Lucas from Empire Records with his "damn the man" attitude!) I thank our soldiers for defending our freedoms and when I see my friend Mikey again when he comes home from fighting I'm going to give him the biggest hug that I can and let him know how much I appreciate what he has done to help protect our freedoms but I still don't agree with war. (Yup, that pretty much sums it up.)

Music is great. It's fun and relaxing. I love putting on some of my favorite tunes to relax and just veg out with. It helps get the creative juices flowing and just helps put me in a better mood some days. (That's why you'll be findin more music on the page in the near future, including the pretty song on the front page. Music rules!) I love music but the price of cd's sucks, and sometimes I only just want a couple of songs from a certain cd so what's the point of buying a whole cd for just those couple of songs, right? (Doesn't bother me. I won some money from that lawsuit they had going against CD companies for the high prices! That whopping 13 bucks I won will surely solve all of my financial woes!) So that's why I thought that d/l'ing music from the net was so cool, and I know that the whole music thing has been going on for longer then just last year but they were talking about charging people so much for songs and about arresting people who had more then a certain amount of music on there computers last year. I think that the whole thing is silly really, I mean yeah people are getting music for free from the net but doing that also introduces people to new music that they might not have had listened to before. I know I've gotten hooked on some new bands that way and since I was having a hard time finding more music by them online I went and shelled out the 16 bucks or so for a CD. (I never understood the downloading fiasco. Sure, you're not paying for it, but was anybody paying for the music that you used to record from the radio? It's all silly if you ask me.) We should not have to live in fear that one day we'll be sitting at our computers looking over some stuff on the Cauldron here and have people busting in our doors arresting us because we've downloaded too much music from the net. (True that.)

A lot of stuff happened in 2003 on a personal level for both Amethyst and myself and, since right now I'm drawing a blank on what to write about on a national level, I'll write about what happened to us. Amethyst started school last year and is doing great in her chosen major of Painting Illustration. (I have a 3.5 GPA so far! I love school!) She also passed the one year mark of her tandem stem cell transplants and is still doing great. She is also still in remission and we are thrilled for her. (No more cancer, thus far, but some heart and lung problems as a result of the huge amounts of chemo and radiation I received. But I have the best doctors working with me, so that's always a good thing.) On a sadder note her beloved pet Daisy also passed on this year, she was a wonderfully sweet cat and she will always be missed. For a look at Daisy please check out her memorial section on this page. (The one year anniversary of her passing is approaching and I still miss her terribly. She was the sweetest and most passive cat ever. I need to update her memorial wih more pics and some more writing about her. *Sniff* I loved my kitty. ;_;)

I finally FINALLY did something to make myself happy last year and kicked my impending ex-husband (The alien from our Sims write up) to the curb and started fresh with my true love, 'Da Man whose future insane thoughts will be feature on some part of this page. 'Da Man, myself and my son, who shall be known for the rest of this article as 'Da Childe, moved into a new home that is all ours, without any memories of the past to taint it for us. (Or nasty things floating in her toilet. Jade and I had fun sleepovers, but man, I had to hold all bodily functions til I got home cuz of that. There's nothing that's more of a turn off than walking into someone's bathroom in the middle of the night with a full bladder and finding huge logs in the toilet. Thankfully that is not longer a problem. Thanks for flushing, Da Man!) It has a nice yard for 'Da Childe to play in and that 'Da Man and I can garden in. On another sad note my pet cat, Raistlin, also passed away this year. Ironically enough he passed on Daisy's birthday, he was our little attention slut and he will be missed. (Jade is currently working on a write-up for a memorial for Raistlin, as well as for her dearly departed familiar, Misty, who left us back in 2000. Now all that we have left is Willow, who we have forbidden to die. I shall have to put a pic of Willow next to a pic of Daisy to show how much they looked alike, and yet, they were not related at all!)

A great thing that happened to both Amethyst and myself is that both of our sons started pre-school and they are each doing great. Sometimes I think both of those boys are each WAY too smart for there own good. (I don't think that, i KNOW that they are.) They will take over the world one day…I just hope that I get a nice car out of the deal…. lol.

And that's all for now. Please stay tuned for the 3rd and final installment of my year and review hopefully coming soon.


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