November 5th, 2007 at 11:45 AM ET

OK. I understand some of you are kind of ticked about some of the recent lack of updating around here. Even though Psaros had much, much longer streaks than two months and Maddox basically craps one-two articles out a year nowadays, I still understand your frustrations. This site is about preserving the integrity of the real show, and with Yuugiou being re-shown on 4Kids TV now it is being shown to a new audience. As for me, I will continue to update the site. Although I can't promise daily updates I can at least try to update more often, and so if I can I will, like I did on Saturday. So don't expect updates every other minute, but I will definitely try to at least do a weekly thing. I also would like to re-do the layout. This layout has lasted a good 5-6 years but it is time for change. Now I am not going to put up rainbow colors or anything but maybe some nicer graphics are called for. If anyone can help with the layout e-mail me at twlworldwide@yahoo.com or yugiohmasta_2@yahoo.com But if not I would like to keep the coloring the same but add a new twist to it. We shall see. Anyway, stay with me. Especially now that I'm taking screenshots, and the comparisons will be more colorful. Stay tuned. Pretty colors..


November 3rd, 2007 at 11:45 AM ET

When I hinted at a big update very soon, hopefully you all realized I meant today... right? Right? How's this for a little ditty: I have up a great column by Jaya Lakshmi called Media as a Medium, Part Two. It is a must read, as Disney is really called out and some great points are made. Next, a little something to say I'm sorry about not updating.  Here is the"Enter Gierfried! Steel Knight / Playing with a Parasite" comparison.  There are a few things unique to this comparison, including the return of screenshots and a YouTube clip at the bottom.  The most unique, however, is that I actually AGREE with a dub change!  Of course with that come many changes I don't like, so there you go.

I will be doing more of these updates when I have the time, with some screenshots to go with them.  Thanks to the magic of YouTube my interest in giving you the straight dope on the dub/Japanese versions has been rejuvenated.  So when I'm not debating, or doing homework, and just have a few spare hours, I'll do stuff like this.  Hey, if I have time after going grocery shopping I might even churn out another today, don't count it out.  You guys deserve everything because of sticking through the site through the hard times, and for that now you will be rewarded like you were today.

JD- YouTube.  It's like the Holy Grail, but in internet form.

November 2nd, 2007 at 6:18 PM ET

Yes, no updates for a while.  However I am cooking up something huge, still in the planning stages of course, and I will slowly reveal what it is as we get close to the Yuletide season.  *hint*

Of course, school, and the usual stuff has gotten in the way of my big arc I had for the site.  Debate season is starting up again too. 

As another aside, I promised big things for the Blowout thing.  There's one thing most know, I'm terrible with deadlines, however I do assure you that very soon I will have a nice meaty update for you.  GS is here too mixing things up, so we have the group dynamic back.  As I always say, keep your bookmarks.  But this time, I can promise, without a doubt, 100%- there will be an update.  When?  Soon.  As I said, I am terrible with deadlines.  ;)


October 11th, 2007 at way too early AM EDT I was talking to someone recently and this came up....

"GS to the 7: Well, it's time to back in the old dbz site game. My old fire's gone but, 12 updates a year (one a month) ain't too much and it should be fun.

GS to the 7: don't want to be like one of those annoying sites (Card Captors/Shaman King/Sailor Moon Uncensored) where they bitch all the time about updates they never get around to doing

Ctenosaur guy: Yeah, I know what you mean.

GS to the 7: I've been doing that a lot lately, been thinking about what I want with my site. I'm 25 now and tons of stuff in my life but honestly, I can easily handle that much and there are some things I'd still like to do with my site.

This kind of says it all. I know I'm kind of a privacy dude who doesn't like to talk about himself (who wouldn't be with all the Mr.Nutbars out there? I'm just not like one of those dudes who posts on myspace daily to talk about what I ate and drank 4 hours ago, which I find rather bizarre) but the truth is, I'm the not same person I was when I first started this gig.

I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser, and there is a lot more going in my life I have to deal with. But, is posting on a site once a month really that big a stress or burden? I've thought about it and decided this site and this alter-ego really are a part of me I don't want to just let go of. At least not yet. It still matters to me although just not as much. With dual-music dvd's from Funimation, (I was one of the only 3 sites to support that music petition- and yes petitions do work despite what what many jaded fans may say. Just look at Leia's much-hated DBZ petition calling for a redub of seasons 1-3. Even if a petition "fails" to generate buzz and popular support, it still succeeds in giving ideas to the people it's directed towards. So Leia ultimately did pimp slap everybody at Funimation and make them into her bitch) with Funimation rocking and with 4Kids dying, there's not too much going on in the world of butchered animes aside from stuff like retarded companies like Viz censoring the crap out of their mangas, (Julian Grybowski said it best when he said that Viz isn't the same company it used to be back when they listened to his petition about their censoring of the DB/Z mangas) and this site isn't really about mangas.

Maybe I don't want to just cash in and leave but at the same time I don't want to just sit around and say, "Soon, SOON, I will have amazing updates to dazzle you with! Stay tuned and please don't fuss at me!"

I have some very interesting things planned ahead and I do want to do them. Like I said, maybe not all the time like I used to, but I don't want to just sit around and talk about stuff I'm going to do that I wind up not doing and then offer up more excuses and apologies. I feel the need to post this since I've recently told several people about the Ramza interview but have wound up not really posting it in time like I told them.

So here it is- once a month, from yours truly, that's when updates will be! Either here or at DBZU 2. Check DBZU 2 if you're looking for updates by me, even if I do one here I'll note it in the future at YGO U. If I update at DBZU 2 I'm not going to note it here though.

If I don't make the date they'll just accumulate and be made up for during holidays. (Summer, Christmas, whenever) Hell, I got something really good planned for Christmas actually. I won't tell you what but I'll tell you what's coming soon- the Ramza interview. How could I top saving Chris Psaros's DBZ Uncensored from dying in SJR Dbzoa's fiery wreckage?

By interviewing the head of one of the major DBZ fansub groups. I finished interviewing Ramza well over a year ago and, from the reviews I've gotten from everybody I've shown, they really seem to like this interview! My personal problems (see the editorial below) kept the interview from ever being posted and I lost contact with Ramza after saying I'd post it like 50 times, but this time it'll be up. Most noteable it contains the TRUTH about Anime Labs.

The people at Anime Labs (well the person, since it was one guy) really aren't such bad people and a lot of the criticism directed their way is unfair. How so? You're going to find out very soon coming this weekend or earlier!

GS77- Just chillin.

August 26, 2007 at 4:19 PM EDT Guys, time for some fun updates. As I said, today, as my last day of summer, will be celebrated by one or two new comparisons and an Editorial. Update 2 will consist of both comparisons and Update 3 will consist of the Editorial. Then we'll revert to weekend updates when I can get to updating, with as many new comparisons as I can get done as I committed to finishing the entire series before I consider leaving.


August 24, 2007 at 11:14 AM EDT (Update 2 of 2) And now, for something a little different. The Otaku Alliance has closed its doors, and honorary webmaster GreatSaiyaman and I took DBZ Uncensored and have archived it once again so that no one will ever forget the witticisms and devotion of Chris Psaros. To follow it up, a BRAND NEW EDITORIAL by GreatSaiyaman about the OA, his time in the field, and more. It is absolutely worth a read! Also, allow me to explain the banner at the top of the main page. You see, the 26th is my last day before I go back to the myriad of trigonometry, biology, girls, cars, etc. To bring an end to the summer I will be updating in REAL TIME, with updates from midnight to 7 PM. I will attempt to update as much as I can, with a new Editorial, some new comparisons, any Opinion I haven't posted yet, and more. If YOU would like to submit content for the Big Summer Blowout, e-mail me. And then after this Big Summer Blowout I will be reverting to weekend updates, at least one per week. It may be as simple as a non-update update or even three new comparisons. I don't know, but the fun of the future is that air of unpredictability. Well, enjoy GS's editorial. Back to the music.

JD- Listening to Dylan's Things Have Changed

August 24, 2007 at 12:00 AM EDT (Update 1 of 2) Ouch. Well, after a three-tiered update... I didn't update for a bit. With threads on the message boards such as "Dead?" I'm sure most people have completely forsaken this site, and the truth is... well.. you know? I could say anything like I had a lot on my plate, managing bands, being 16, driving, but you know what? You've heard it all. I'm not going to just write a non-update of excuses and instead there is some MEGA HUGE content I am offering you today. First off, Jaya has a new editorial called The Media as a Medium, Part 1. Thank you Jaya for sticking with the site as I have gone through the twists and turns of life... you rock. Now, the second really big announcement. GreatSaiyaman and I are co-releasing Chris Psaros's DBZ Uncensored site on the Anime Cauldron server as the Otaku Alliance has now officially shut down. Soon GS will be on with the second update for today (it's officially midnight on the 24th) which will consist of the new link and a bit of an article. And again I thank you for sticking around. Although I can't say I'll be back immediately I'll definitely frequent the forums more often and soon enough I'll be dishing out brand spanking new comparisons. And so, as a response to a thread made, no I'm not dead, and neither is the page. However, I am thinking about stepping down, but not until I get done every single comparison. The Final Chapter does not end until I do so, and even though it was supposed to be this summer it will last until I finish every last comparison. I'll probably go into a weekly update now that I am streamlining the process a lot better. As I have all kinds of stuff going on in real life I pledge (not promise, I'll use a different word this time) to update on weekends and maybe Friday night. The weekdays will be too hectic with school.

JD- Listening to Never the Bride's rendition of The Living Tree

June 18, 2007 at 5:51 PM EDT (Update THREE of THREE) Well, an unprecedented third update for you today. I present to you, as the meat of this third update, Mr. Episode 90. Told ya I'd figure SOMETHING out. Also, in doing that comparison I got an idea. The next Editorial will be about the "4Kids doctrine", or what gets changed the most in 4Kids dubs like this one. Might change my mind, but I think that's where I'm headed. Well, see you all tomorrow. Remember to click and vote for my band, Reality Addiction, see how at Update 1 for today. Peace out. JD- Speaking of bad 4Kids dubs, I have the freaking One Piece rap stuck in my head! Aah!

June 18, 2007 at 1:28 PM EDT (Update 2 of THREE) A second update. Right now, I offer a brand new Misc article on my new schedule. Basically, to sum it up, I am planning three hours of Yuugiou Uncensored content time from now until the rest of the summer. This update's kind of just to estabish the article. The final update of today will encompass the three hours today that I'll be working on the site. Hmm... I wonder what I'm going to do... JD- Remember to click my band! Your votes are like the One Ring- they have the ultimate power!

June 18, 2007 at 12:29 PM EDT (Update 1 of THREE) Wow, you guys must hate me. Four days and no updates, plus no Update 2. Well, let's see what I can do about that... I know! Part 3 of Pandora! That's right, a new comparison. And there's much more of that to come. Here's the deal.
I have been hard at work in the music business getting gigs and plays for my band Reality Addiction and jazz/blues singer Diane Cameron. But now, you guys can help. HERE'S THE DEAL. Currently, my band Reality Addiction is trying to make #1 on the clear Channel NOW! charts. If you help vote for them, and they make it to the Top 10, I will personally guarantee a new Editorial AND two new comparisons on the day they make it to said Top 10. All you have to do is to Click This Link, then click on the speaker to the upper right of the window, like so:

If you guys help me out, I promise a huge, huge day of content. I've delivered that promise before, and this time it's for real. Every day now I am setting 2 hours specifically for Yuugiou Uncensored from now until the end of the summer. If you guys help, there will be more content than ever, ever before. So SO CLICK REALITY ADDICTION!

JD- NO MORE UPDATE-LESS DAYS for the rest of the summer, that is a guarantee. The more you help out my band, the more content you get. The J-Dizzle loves you all.

June 13, 2007 at 1:22 PM EDT Three days without an update... yeah, my bad on that one. Sometimes that'll happen, but the truth is this is still quite the active period, probably THE most active in at least a year. I have a comparison in the oven for later, and possibly another could be completed.

JD- And you thought I was going to take another 3-month-long hiatus, didn't you? :)

June 10, 2007 at 9:28 PM EDT Today there's not much content. I did promise a daily update, but yesterday I engaged in some social activities, and I'll put up some pictures later. For now, though, to tide you over until my post-coffee comparison(s) tomorrow, I offer a new opinion, The Necessity (or Lack Thereof) of Change, by James/8-bit Star. Check it out, it's JD-approved goodness. Now, back to watching CNN's analysis of the Democratic-Republican debates.

JD- Chaange? Spare some... chaaange?.

June 9, 2007 at 8:46 AM EDT This is it. Summer, for me, begins. I am now 16, finals are over, life is good. And so, to celebrate, let's cap off the summer's Active Period with a fitting comparison to cap it off, the second part of Pandora's Box: The English Episode 59 comparison.

JD- Bring teh bookmarkles back!.

June 8, 2007 at 12:30 PM EDT Things have been rather lame around here, haven't they? Over two month without an update, that's pretty unprecedented. I do have a decent excuse this time, though, as I am now co-manager of a rock band and fantastic solo act. That's right, JD is in the music business. Plus, with finals and other goodies, there was no way to update the site regularly. However, this period is over. As I enter the summer, today, this day, marks the beginning of another active period on this webiste. In fact, my last active period. I tell you that after August 2007 I will be resigning my post as Head Webmaster of the site. Although I will not be updating very often after this final active period (you might argue, that's not too different from how things have been going lately, but I digress). And so, I give you a rough estimate of how this final chapter of activity is going to go down:

-From June 9th to August 25, 2007, Daily Updates of Some Nature

-Roughly the Month of June: Battle City/Ship Completion

-Roughly July: NOA Saga/DOOM

-Roughly August: KC and Memories

I will not retire from my post until every comparison is completed. Just because I have lost some interest in the site due to school, life, and the music business does not mean you guys will be cheapened. It is you who brought this site to 160,000 hits. And, during this final active period, I am in hopes they will inch another 40,000 to get to 200,000 hits. And, I hope Kevin and others are watching, as this will be a fun ride. Of course, if Jaya feels like contributing, she may, and I must find some way to wrap up the Editorials, Opinions, and Staff section. Of course, I could always use some help. Chances are, if you apply for a staff position and you do a great job, the Head Webmaster position would be yours. Anywho, please keep tuned, as I'm finally getting back to what can be called activity and it'll be great. I may have to do 2 comparisons a day to get through it all. I'm okay with that. I have insane amounts of free time this summer. That won't be the case afterwards, so if no one applies, that would be the end for this site. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO JOIN THE STAFF: I have a free FTP editor and everything you will need, you just need HTML skills and a willingness to work. Breaks are okay, look at how long this last one was. :)

JD- Speaking of finals, the Geometry final was the hardest thing I have ever taken. Quoting Maddox, it was like "a blind lesbian's nipples in a fish market" hard.

March 31, 2007 at 9:40 AM EST And so, we have reached the 150,000 mark and are inching toward 155,000. That's a lot of hits for a site with one, maybe two updates per month. It just shows how people are still tuning in to the site, and still supporting it. Well, today I'd like to announce someone that will help me increase the amount of updates, someone who is dedicated and revered in the anime community. I'd like to introduce RattleMan to the staff, and he will be heading the Series section along with me. As I continue through Battle City, he will be starting the DOOM Saga. Therefore, we can get ever closer to the goal of completing all 226 episodes! Plus, to add to the good news, later today there will be a new JD's Rant on the Bush administration. There will be some extremely strong language so if you are weak hearted or can't tolerate swear words you may want to steer clear.

JD- A Yuugiou Uncut DVD? $19.99. Shonen Jump subscription? $29.95. JD doing new updates after downing three cups of java and other beverages? Priceless.

March 3, 2007 at 9:40 AM EST You all remember the timeless fifties sitcom that used to be run on Nick at Nite and TV Land?  I used to watch it all the time.  The great schemes of Lucy and Ethel made me laugh time and time again.  I Love Lucy was a timeless TV show that really had an impact on society.  Well, a line uttered frequently by Ricky Ricardo is what I'm about to apply here: I have some 'splaining to do.

The lack of updates recently has probably left you all wondering what would happen to this site.  You see, Yuugiou is waning in popularity.  The TV show ended in America a year ago, and now US interest is fading.  Therefore, these lack of updates couldn't have come at a worse time.  However, Sailor Moon Uncensored still has a strong fanbase and that show has been off the air since forever, so I am not going to quit just because the little kids in America aren't interested anymore.  The reason I stopped for a while was not only because of tons of stuff happening in real life like Debate Team and schoolwork and social events, but also because I wanted to do other things for a while.  The site was, frankly, getting a bit tedious.  Now, I realize it got that way because I made it that way.  From now on, don't expect comparisons as frequently as other stuff that hasn't been updated in a while like JD's Rants and Editorials.  These sections haven't been getting a lot of JD love since Kevin left the site, but I will be updating them a bit more than now. 

I really appreciate you guys, the fans, still tuning in.  I will be advertising this site on any message board I can find, and I hope you do the same.  The site is back and I am proud to announce the return of bi-daily updates.  From here on out, there will be an update every other day.  Mark my words.  It may be a non-update or it may be the largest update in the history of Uncensored-dom. 

I also am hiring new people again.  A knowledge of either Front Page or HTML, or preferrably BOTH is recommended.  A co-webmaster position is one of the positions open.

This is because when Kevin and I both ran the show, updates were churning out like a butter factory.  Kevin made updates, usually in Opinion/Editorial, and I made updates, usually in TCG/VG/ Anime Comparison. 

Now, this summer is my last summer before I receive a driver's license.  This is one of the reasons for the bi-daily updates.  The bi-daily is not a sure thing, during the summer expect DAILY updates because I do want to meet my goal of 226 comparisons before social life takes over.  When I get a car and that happens, the bi-daily updates still continue but not with the same fervor as they will now.

I thank my core fans for continuing to tune in.  I reward them now with a multitude of stuff that will interest everyone:

  • A new very brief JD's Rant on message board advertisements

  • The Japanese Episode 87 / English Episode 58 comparison

  • New Jaya Lakshmi article called Only Death and Guns Certain in America

    I love you guys.  Thank you for continuing to tune in.  Really, it means the world to me.  Mr. Coke, Jaya, the folks at Anime Cauldron, Kevin, and others whose support for this site and me has never waned.  Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.

    JD- Now ya'll can sing "Mah JD's back and he's better than ever!" ;)

  • January 20, 2007 at 11:33 AM EST Happy belated New Year, all!  This is a wondrous time in my life- no homework or studying for the first time since the beginning of high school!  Therefore, I am proud to give you some new stuff.  First, I have changed my verdict on my DS vs PSP rant, so you might want to check that out again in case you disagreed the first time.  Second, Mr. Coke has a brand new TCG Article for Fiend subtypes.  Be sure to give that a check.  Also, we have a new Opinion from the Fans- Pitman is giving us his opinion WITH FACTS!  Ooh la la.  Take a gander in that direction.  And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for.  Pigs are flying and hell is freezing over, for today marks a new...

    Espa Roba Comparison!  Japanese Episode 86 / English Episode 57, to be exact!  Moving moments are cut out, stupid dialogue is added, normal for the doobie-smoking 4Kids staff.  Next, though, stand my favorite episodes of the entire saga.  Pandora's Box Mini-Arc!  Stay tuned for tomorrow's update, and bring your bookmarks back to us!  This is going to get good! :D


    December 24, 2006 at 6:00 PM EST

    Merry Christmas, everyone!  This is the time of the year for giving, and I am happy to give you this:  A new Draconmouth article called, Time to be Original.  It talks about the overabundance of sequels in everything.  No more Rambo 76 or Rocky 109,000!  New stuff, please!

    Coming after Christmas, I will be launching a new Editorial on the Singapore version of Yuugiou, followed by brand new Esper Roba and Pandora comparisons.  As I obtain my Japanese versions of Yuugiou through... rather illegal means, this Singaporean version will really help out.  Comparisons will be much easier to do.  It really is spot-on in terms of accuracy of the script, all the music is intact, the voices are a little weird, and the 4Kids names are kept.  All in all, the voices and names can be ignored/switched, so it really doesn't matter.  This is a time for celebration!

    I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday.  Eat a lot of stuffing!


    December 8, 2006 at 6:00 PM EST How is everyone?  It has been a while since the last update.  This is of course due to real life, both regular school and debate, taking over the majority of my schedule.  This past Saturday, I took part in a multidistrict debate tournament called the Monsignor G. Lyons Tournament, and my partner and I received 2nd place in junior varsity policy debate.  Here are some trophy pics:










    I plan to do some more BC in the coming weeks, probably in a coffee-fueled Saturday morning as is the norm.  Therefore, keep your bookmarks, be prepared for a new comparison soon!


    November 18, 2006 at 10:23 AM EST The Wii comes out tomorrow. YAY!


    October 22, 2006 at 10:06 AM EDT As high school continues to be quite the pain as far as homework and extra stuff is concerned, like keeping a 4.0, I have to update less frequently for now, but the good news is that people like Jaya Lakshmi and Mr. Coke are around to help me out with the content.  Therefore, today we have a new Jaya Lakshmi article called Cheap and Easily Reimbursed.  Again, she comes through at a time where I can't personally do a ton of content-related updates.  I thank you, Jaya.  Enjoy!  Next weekend I will do my best to do a BC comparison or two.


    September 30, 2006 at 12:10 PM EDT I started Yuugiou Uncensored 2 over three years ago because I wanted a Yuugiou Uncensored page with a variety of material to keep people interested.  I admit, lately I have been focusing a lot on the Anime Comparisons and haven't really given much time to the poor VG Comparisons.  That page has been the same since Summer 2005.  Therefore, I felt it was time to freshen it up a bit.

    Merry Christmas four months early, here is the Duel Monsters 5 & 6 / Eternal Duelist Soul Compareview!  (Comparison and Review merged together)  :)  Enjoy!


    September 26, 2006 at 5:36 PM EDT

    Hello, everyone!  I hope all of you are enjoying your week.  If you aren't, I'll try to make it a bit better with THIS:

    Japanese Episode 85 / English Episode 56:  "Esper Roba Enters!  The Dangerous Psychic Duelist" Comparison is UP! 

    See, told you so.


    September 24, 2006 at 12:31 PM EDT I have a few things to say.   First off, you probably noticed the little Update box on the Index page said: "Yuugiou Uncensored Wars: Episode I- The Phantom Noob".  Let me elaborate on that a bit.

    One day, I received an e-mail from a kid named Steven T. Brown.  He wanted to do a Yuugiou Uncensored II website with my blessing.  I decided I would go the Kevin route and see if he was good enough in the HTML and graphics manipulation area to become a webmaster here at this site.  Naturally, he got all excited, and started telling everyone that I offered him a job here and he accepted.  The thing is, I didn't.  I told him that I had to see if he had the right stuff to be a webmaster here.  I got my job because of the original Yuugiou Uncensored II and its quality in HTML and graphics, GSM got his job because he was so experienced and knowledgeable in the anime field, and Kevin's the one that started the website to begin with.  Those are big shoes, and naturally I wanted to see what he could do.

    He launched his page.  Right then and there I knew he was NOT Yuugiou Uncensored webmaster material.  Not just anyone can run a site like this, and just by looking at his website I knew he didn't have the it factor.  In fact, he mostly just copied and pasted from this website and the remnants of the original YGO Uncensored II.  Almost none of the material is his own. 

    Therefore, I had to repeatedly tell him on the Forums that he still had to show his stuff in order to become a webmaster here, and that's when he bombed me with the worst flame in the history of any Uncensored website.  You can go into all the details there, but it basically amounted to him being pissed off because I didn't accept him with open arms and said he was going to continue the Tripod website without any help from me.  I say to him, good luck.  No one goes to crappy Tripod websites anymore.  I have done websites since 1998 and I have NEVER used Tripod.  Plus, his main YGO II page doesn't even WORK!  No one can see any of his material!  Pfft... I'm blowing it off for now.  Besides, Psaros had a DBZ Uncensored 2 and a DBZ Uncensored Uncensored done without his permission, so I guess it's just a sign of greatness. :D

    I have a new article up for the Draconmouth: The Thoughts of Jaya Lakshmi, titled Let Them Rest in Peace, and Let us See Them Rest. It's probably the best piece I have seen her do thus far. Also, we have a new Mr. Coke column up. Enjoy!


    September 23, 2006 at 10:47 AM EDT Well, guys, I am sure you're wondering where the hell I've been.  As I said, I am now into the high school experience, and boy have I felt it firsthand.  First of all, I've had one hell of a ride with the English teacher and I've had to bust my ass like I've never busted it before to pull an A and keep my 4.0 GPA average.  Second, the homecoming date fell through.  Something about it "not being me, it was her".  I'm sure you guys don't care, but hey, if you want to hear the details feel free to e-mail me.

    I also take all Level One classes (in this school, those are the hardest) and BOTH SIC classes (the smart people classes), Independent Project where I'm teaching myself French, and Enrichment where we are learning about Epidemiology and also have vocab tests on obscure words.  If anything is going to ruin the 4.0 for this quarter, it'll be SIC.  :/

    Let's recap:

    • - Both SIC classes
    • - Driver Education a year early
    • - Two Languages, Spanish and now Independent French (3 if you count English class)
    • - The Rollercoaster Teen Years
    • - Maintaining YGO Uncensored
    • - Other Stuff I'm Forgetting

    So, as you can see, I have my plate quite full.  People wonder why I don't do extra-curriculars: this site counts as one, and also since I do Ind. French on my own time that counts as two.  Not conventional athletic-type activities in any way, but still.

    Now, here we go.  I admit I've been gone for a while and I will try to make weekly updates from here on out.  I promised Kevin I was going to keep this site going until I got all 226 comparisons done and I stand by my word.

    Thus, I present to you Episode 222, the Story that Concludes in the Light!

    There is a special ending surprise with this comparison.  :)

    Now that I have compared the entire Final Battle Saga, I will be returning to Battle City for more dubbing fun.  For now, though, enjoy this comparison, then go to the Message Board topic and talk about it!

    In case you're wondering where the Jaya and Mr. Coke columns are, I'll launch them later today or tomorrow.  For now, I want the spotlight to be on the final episode of Yuugiou. 


    September 1st, 2006 at 11:31 AM EDT

    I'm sure all of you come on this website every day to see how my real life is going.  No?  Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. 

    The first week of high school was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had.  I found someone to go to a homecoming dance with that is *gasp* a girl, and school is not as hard as I thought.  It truly has been life-changing and I'm happy to be there.  Seriously, high school is much better than people say.  It's definitely underrated.

    Now, on to the business you guys are all waiting for today, the opener of Labor Day Weekend for me.  First off, I will now only be updating on weekends and holidays, as school is really too fast-paced to attempt anything other than a small non-update during the week, and seriously, who wants to see one of those?  No one!  You guys want beefy updates and I understand that, so I'll do my best.

    The FINAL episode of Yuugiou, The Story that Concludes in Light, is currently being done by me.  If anyone has seen the episode in either English, Japanese, or both (ideal), I am opening the floor for Guest Two Cents Reviews for this dramatic concluding episode.

    There are two ways to voice your opinion on the final episode and get it posted on the comparison itself (you will even get your OWN Two Cents Box as they take all of five seconds to whip up):

    1.  E-Mail me your review.  This is a great way as I can just boot up Yahoo and there are guest Two Cents reviews. 

    2.  Post on the special Guest Two Cents Reviews topic on the message board.

    Either of these two ways are acceptable, but I need the review by Sunday, September 3rd, 2006 for it to be posted, as that is when I will launch the final episode's comparison.  Post away!  Make your voice heard!


    August 21st, 2006 at 4:00 PM EDT

    Hello, all.  It has been a rather long time since the last Update, hasn't it?  Mostly you can chalk that up to hanging out with the good folks at Yugioh Legends, and preparing for high school.

    That's right, folks, JD is going to high school.  The guy you've known and loved tolerated for years is now... growing up!  Because of this pretty huge transitional period, the Updates may not be flowing as frequently as they were following my comparison of the final episode of Yuugiou.  I'll still update, but there will be more non-updates and more content from Mr. Coke, Jaya, and GSM, less content from me as I learn to manage my time even more than when I switched schools in 7th grade.  In fact, I'll probably only be on my computer for recreation on the weekend and for projects during the week.  It is going to be quite the experience, going to high school, but I am going at it with an open mind and I will make the best out of it.  I even... yes, have a really good friend that's a girl and that could blossom into something more (*gasp* JD has a girlfriend?). 

    Sorry for droning about my personal life, I just wanted to let you know what will happen in the coming weeks.  You'll probably see a content-related update every other week and a non-update weekly, but rest assured, GSM, Coke, and Jaya will be submitting their good stuff to me and I'll still be posting it.

    Onto today's stuff.  Boy, is there a lot for you guys today!

    First off, Strong Heart, Tender Heart / Final Duel, Part 3 comparison has been launched.  It is the second-to-last episode in the series, and there are definitely a lot of edits.  I'd go as far as to say this episode was as poorly done as some of the Battle City, so check it out!

    Second, I have two articles for you: 

    Mr. Coke offers his opinion on the Dragon sub-type in today's TCG article, and Jaya Lakshmi talks about manga and anime in Manga and Anime, The Difference.

    I really want to make up for the severe lack of content after August 28th, the start of school, so these next couple of days I am planning on finishing Final Battle Saga and doing the Espa Roba BC two-parter before I go back, as well as a revision of the very first comparison to beef it up to the caliber of the very last episode comparison.  We're not done yet!

    JD-  Gonna be a high schooler!

    August 8th, 2006 at 12:26 PM EDT

    Today is Tuesday.  You know what that means!  Mr. Coke has a brand new TCG Review, this week it's the Dinosaur type.  Check it out!


    August 3rd, 2006 at 4:00 PM EDT

    Today's update is fairly uneventful, but I do have something I'm sure you'll enjoy: the Yuugiou episodes I'll be comparing next.  I won't say when I'll do them, because every time I say that I jinx myself.  One thing you can bank on is this:  I usually update on weekdays around 4 PM EDT.  Take that and run with it if you will.  Now, for the curious:

    First off, in the coming days, you will get to feast your eyes on the final two episodes of Yuugiou:

    "Strong Heart - Tender Heart" / "The Final Duel, Part 3" (Eng. Episode 221)

    "The Story that Concludes in Light" / "The Final Duel, Part 4" (Eng. Episode 222).  (222 will come with a special surprise at the end of the comparison)

    Following the comparing of these epic episodes we return to the Battle City saga to compare these exciting episodes:

    "Esper Roba! Master of Psychic Deck!" / "Espa Roba, The ESP Duelist, Part 1" (Eng. Episode 56)

    "Bet of Courage!  Enter Spinning Roulette Spider" / "Espa Roba, The ESP Duelist, Part 2" (Eng. Episode 57)

    After I finish Ceremonial Battle Saga it's back to Battle City and I plan to compare straight through from Battle City to Ship to Alcatraz, and so on. 

    In other news, I sure do wish I was that dude who won the Adult Swim Burger King contest.  He, like most of us, is an anime fanatic... but he chose some crap.  FLCL?  6 episodes in a row?  I could hardly tolerate one episode let alone the entire series in one night.  Why not bring out classic Ghost in the Shell out of the dust?  How about early Inuyasha?  Heck, even bring Naruto into Adult Swim for once.  Why, though, did he have to pick six freaking FLCL episodes?  The others I agree with him on, especially one of my favorite anime of all time next to Japanese Yuugiou, and that is Paranoia Agent.  A great example of GOOD English anime.

    JD- Guy who won BK Contest = Lucky Bastard. 

    August 1st, 2006 at 4:10 PM EDT First off, we have a brand new TCG review up from Mr. Coke.  This week, he delves into the Beast type.  We'll find out which monster is the best of the best out of this type and how the type in general differs from the others.

    Also, I have a rather fairly monumental question: should the layout/style of my Anime Comparisons change?  The current layout has been used since the Psaros era and the graphics have been used since the beginning of Yuugiou Uncensored almost four years ago.  Should I add/subtract/change anything about them?  A few ideas I have been trotting around:

    - Interactivity.  You would be able to post your thoughts about the episode directly on the comparison page itself (I'm beginning to tinker with the technology).

    - Graphics update.  Nothing fancy, however some different graphics for the four main types of comparison changes (SDA/Cut/Censored/Side Note) could be done by simply keeping the graphic's name the same as the old one but replacing the old with new. 

    - Guest Two Cents reviewers.  I am considering opening the floor to guest Two Cents reviews.  You would be able to submit them by either e-mailing me or posting on the Message Board.

    What do you think?  Post your thoughts on our message board.

    JD- I think it is time for some change, do you?

    July 26th, 2006 at 5:30 PM EDT (Update 2 of 2) Ladies, gentlemen, and others!  I give you:

    Pokemon and Yuugiou: Gone, but Not Forgotten, a brand new Editorial, the first one this website has seen since Kevin's swan song. I do not intend to top his last Editorial, and I probably never will, but the show must go on.  Of course, I had to cap it off with an ode to Kevin, before delving into the material at hand.  It takes a hard look at the CW decision to drop Pokemon and Yuugiou from the schedule.  After you read it, feel free to discuss it at the message boards.

    JD- Another record, the first time we have had two back-to-back days with two updates each.  Mondo cool, as the dub Sailor Moon characters would say.  :) 

    July 26th, 2006 at 3:25 PM EDT (Update 1 of 2) Today is truly spectacular.  For the second straight update in a row, I present to you a new episode comparison.

    *Gasps from the audience*

    It is Part 3 in the 5-part finale saga, Ceremonial Battle.  Just like the last one, it is very colorful in nature, which means 4Kids mutilated it as usual.  Still, though, the dubbing quality was just above DK and Battle City, although that's not saying much.  Also today, we have a brand new Opinion by James, Eight-Bit Star up. Yes, this was plucked straight from the Message Boards. Just goes to show you, you CAN get your Opinion posted on this site pretty easily!  Just make a post on the Message Boards!  Keep in mind good spelling and grammar, however, or it may not be posted.

    JD- God, when was the last time we had back-to-back comparisons?  It must have been during the early Kevin era.

    July 22nd, 2006 at 4:00 PM EDT (Update 2 of 2) Well, today is a magical day at Yuugiou Uncensored.  Why?  Well, we shall get to that in a minute.  First of all, though, there is a Wikipedia article I'd like to turn to your attention.  Unless you live under a rock somewhere, you know that Wikipedia is a great encyclopedia resource and perfect for a hot summer day, because you can just kick back and be stunned by the vast amount of information.  Now, the King of Internet Encyclopedic Knowledge has re-tooled a fantastic article on the Editing of Anime in American Distribution.  It details the cultural changes and text editing, among other things, when an anime series is brought over from Japan by an American distributor like 4Kids or FUNimation. Please take a look, it really is magnificently done.

    Okay, now the moment you have all been waiting for.  As a bit of an apology to not giving you any content lately, I present to you Part Two of the Ceremonial Battle, or Japanese Episode 248 / English Episode 219.  Enjoy, then talk about it at the Yuugiou Uncensored message boards!

    JD - I truly do apologize for the lack of content and plan to make it up to you all in the coming days. 

    July 22nd, 2006 at 12:30 PM EDT (Update 1 of 2)

    A pretty major update today, I have completely re-tooled the Intro page to reflect on the new layout/section changes.  View it here.

    Again, I'm not making any promises but possibly you might see a new comparison pop up when you least expect it.  I'm not saying when, but let's just say it will be in celebration of a certain event coming up.

    JD-  Gnarls Barkley - The King.

    July 21st, 2006 at 2:51 PM EDT


    June 26th, 2006 at 1:50 PM EDT Howdy doody, ladies and gentlemen.  I understand some people have been wanting to know where this Friday's comparison is.  Also, some want to know how I compose a Yuugiou comparison.  Therefore, today, for the very first time in Uncensored history, I will unveil my secrets. 

    How to Compose a Yuugiou Uncensored Comparison

    1.  Drink two, maybe three cups of coffee.

    I can't stress this enough.  Caffeine gets you going, and it certainly is a huge help in creating these things.  After two or three coffees (sugar is an added bonus), you proceed to the composition of the actual comparison itself.

    2.  Watch the Kids WB dub that you taped against a Japanese episode that has been subbed by 4Kids or subbed by a third party that you ripped off of LimeWire or my personal favorite, good old Kazaa.

    Although illegal, the only way to get uncensored, subbed Japanese Yuugiou episodes currently is through Hong Kong fansubs.  How does one get Hong Kong fansubs?  Through a P2P software like Kazaa or Limewire, of course!  The dub episode I usually acquire legally through my old-time VHS machine.  I run them both side-by-side and take notes on whatever I can get my hands on.

    3.  Take Notes.

    Like Kevin, I take notes on a random piece of paper, as my laptop is running the Japanese episode and my TV is running the English one.  Unlike Kevin, humor is not stressed usually in the composition of my comparisons.  Instead, I try to put the differences between the original and dub first, followed by any humor that might ensue.  Trust me, 4Kids puts enough unintentional humor into their dub without any interjection on my part.

    4.  Put those notes on FrontPage and onto the website.

    Now, the hard part:  formatting those notes with the color-coordination system using HTML.  This takes the longest out of the entire process.

    TOTAL TIME:  2-3 Hours, minimum

    Now, at my old website, Yuugiou Uncensored II, I actually just focused on the dub without really watching the Japanese version.  In fact, I never watched the Japanese version, instead focusing on what I thought was stupid from the 4Kids dub itself with only a summary of the Japanese version's events.  This took about 15 minutes to tap out a comparison, but for this website it does take longer.

    Next on my list of topics is the fact that we are quickly approaching 130,000 hits.  This is a great milestone for this website, and I thank you all for contributing so much to this great site.  Kevin would be proud.

    Later today, my comparison of the first part of the four-part finale, Ceremonial Battle, will be unveiled.  Until then, feel free to discuss this update on the Yuugiou Uncensored official Message Boards! Remember, you can post with just a few clicks of the mouse!


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