Inside the TCG with Mr. Coke
In this section of Yuugiou Uncensored, our friend, new TCG Division Leader Mr. Coke offers weekly happenings on what is going on around the World's Most Popular Trading Card Game, the Yuugiou TCG.

More Flavor, Less Filler: A Look at Monster Types from Aqua to Zombie

  • This Week's Type: Fiend - January 20, 2007

    Are fiends as scary as you would think? Check it out.

  • This Week's Type: Fairy - September 24, 2006

    Mr. Coke voices out on fairies.  

  • This Week's Type: Dragon - August 21, 2006
  • Mr. Coke voices in on his favorite Dragon, how Dragons are superior to other subtypes, and other great points for this week's article.  

  • This Week's Type: Dinosaur - August 8, 2006
  • Mr. Coke shows how Dinosaur differs from the other subtypes.

  • This Week's Type: Beast - August 1, 2006

    How is the Beast subtype unique from all the thousand (just kidding, more like 20) other subtypes in the Yuugiou TCG?  Mr. Coke explains.

  • This Week's Type: Aqua - July 21, 2006

    Mr. Coke's look at the Aqua Monster type.


    About the Editor

  • About Mr. Coke - July 21, 2006

    This editorial introduces the new head of our TCG division, Mr. Coke.