Draconmouth: The Thoughts of Jaya Lakshmi

Jaya Lakshmi, also known as Draconmouth, has been a staple of Yuugiou Uncensored since its inception, with her great insight on 4Kids and anime in general.  After Kevin left Yuugiou Uncensored, I rewarded her for her years of dedication to the site by giving her a column.  Now, fans of the site can view her opinions and insight front-and-center with just one click of the mouse when arriving on Yuugiou Uncensored.  I hope you enjoy! 

Media as a Medium, Part Two - November 2, 2007

Jaya's calling out Disney in this heralded Part Two.  Don't miss it.

Media as a Medium, Part One - August 24, 2007

The media has come along way and today both good and bad aspects of the media are glaring, and in this article Jaya uses metaphor and other devices (even talks about JD for a bit) to highlight this important point.

Only Death and Guns are Certain in America - March 3, 2007

Two things sell in America: sex and violence.  Jaya highlights the violence aspect of this truth.

Time to Be Original - December 24, 2006

A great Christmas article about the overabundance of sequels just in time for the release of Rocky Balboa!

Cheap and Easily Reimbursed - October 22, 2006

A follow up to the previous topic, this one goes more in-depth in regard to the "death of characters" topic and also points out which comics need an overhaul.

Let Them Rest in Peace and Let us See Them Rest - September 23, 2006

This piece begins in a very touching manner, with real world topics that tie in to anime as a whole. 

Manga and Anime: The Difference - August 21, 2006

Jaya explains how manga and anime are different, the same, and why manga appeals more to her.

Manga vs. Anime Free-For-All, Part Two  - July 21, 2006

This editorial compares the manga and anime of Yuugiou, 4Kids, and a bunch of other topics from this great writer.

All Kids Read, but Some Read More - May 14, 2006

The first of many editorials to come, the first entry in the column of Jaya Lakshmi is on Al Kahn's recent offensive comments about manga and children's current literacy.


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