JD's Rants

This is it.  Out of Yuugiou Uncensored, this is my baby, my own piece of the pie, if you will.  It is where I have free reign and I am allowed to say how I really feel about politics, the weather, kama sutra, and all the other things that pop into my head.  It may or may not be related to content on the site, usually it isn't.  Enjoy my pure, uncensored opinions on every subject known to man!


DS vs. PSP- Yuugiou Uncensored Featured Analysis - June 14, 2006

A full-fledged article comparing the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP.  Features foreword by Alan Tse.

What's Goin' On? - April 3, 2005

A little blurb about upcoming projects for the site.