Hello everyone! Welcome to "Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncensored!," a site dedicated to exposing the differences between the English and Japanese versions of the show "Yu-Gi-Oh!" We are the hosts of the hour, John D'Adamo, Head Webmaster of the site, GreatSaiyaman, Co-Owner and Webmaster, Mr. Coke, Head of the TCG Division, and Jaya Lakshmi, Columnist and head of "Draconmouth: The Thoughts of Jaya Lakshmi".

From Humble Beginnings

Kevin T. Rodriguez, also known as the Comic Book Guy in various circles, began this website in January of 2003.  If you want to know the story behind why this site is here then you may want to read one of Kevin's anniversary editorials, as it is far too long to retell here. Now if this part of the site looks familiar there may be a reason for that. You see, Kevin is a big fan of "DBZ Uncensored" and he wanted to make a site reflecting the original, so he e-mailed Chris Psaros (Owner of "DBZ Uncensored," and creator of this design) and asked him if he could use the design. He said yes, and thus this site was created. Well, okay, maybe that came out wrong. To create a site simply because someone let you use their design is a silly, and to some extent it would also be a stupid reason to create a website. No, the reason he created this site is because he was fairly disgusted (and should be) with the way the public sees "Yu-Gi-Oh!"

New Blood

JD came aboard in May of 2004 from Yuugiou Uncensored II, which he later merged with this one.  Like Kevin, he was horrified at the way 4Kids was presenting Yuugiou, and couldn't believe America wouldn't be able to see the REAL version of the show, so his site was born. Kevin had e-mailed JD and asked him to come aboard, later merging his site with this one creating a Yuugiou Uncensored Supersite, if you will.  New sections of the site carried over from Uncensored II included a TCG and Video Game Comparison page.  JD believes that an Uncensored page is not complete with simply a section devoted to anime content, especially with the drastic changes of the Upperdeck Trading Card Game in the English version when compared to the original, and also the major changes in the video games, thus the two sections devoted to TCG and Video Games. 

A New Era

In March of 2006, Kevin T. Rodriguez retired from Yuugiou Uncensored after over three years with the page.  To usher out the old era and bring in the new, JD posted his Final Editorial on the main page for all eyes to see.  The next day, JD introduced his new staff members, GreatSaiyaman who would be running the site with him, Mr. Coke, TCG Head, and Jaya Lakshmi, head of Draconmouth: The Thoughts of Jaya Lakshmi.  To continue the new era, in July of the same year JD introduced the new sections of the site to reflect the new staff members. 

Final Thoughts

There are some people who believe the English version is better then the Japanese version (Although they most likely haven't seen the Japanese version), or some people who haven't seen the original version, but feel the dub isn't that bad. While we are not going to tell you what your opinion on the show should be like we are going to make the changes known! Now before we get onto the sections we're going to make it known what you won't find on this site. You won't find any character bios, picture galleries, card reviews, or anything for new fans of the show. This site is not here to educate you on what the show is about, or what the big deal about it is, this site was made for established fans. In other words, for those who have a good idea about the story, characters, as well as the rules of the TCG. But if you're a parent who needs to know what this "Yu-Gi-Oh!" is all about then don't worry, just go to Google.com and search for the show. You'll find plenty of other websites that will answer most (If not all) of the questions you may have. To find the uncut Yuugiou in all its glory, you can purchase the four DVDs that 4Kids released, then find the Hong Kong English-subbed versions for the other arcs other than DK which can be found through various mediums.

So without further ado, on with the show:

Maintained by: JD, GreatSaiyaman, Honorary Editorialist Kevin T. Rodriguez

Where we post opinions, reports, etc...on various issue's regarding "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Be careful though, our editorials can get quite crazy sometimes.

The Series

Maintained by: JD

This section is the main attraction of the site, and will probably be the section visited the most. While upon entering the section it should be pretty self-explanatory to how the section works, I'll explain the section just because I'm a nice guy. The top of the page will have the Japanese and English titles, the number, of which episode is which (For both versions), and the airdates. Although I regret to inform you guys that at the moment I have no sources for when the Japanese episodes of "Yu-Gi-Oh!" first started airing, so if someone can help me out there I would appreciate it very much if you could point me in the right direction. After that you get a short summery of the episode, which most likely won't be very good since I suck at making summaries, but since you guys have probably already seen the episode I'm comparing you probably won't care too much about that.

Because we have three members in our staff, we each have a Two Cents box that we will use to speak our opinion on the featured comparison. It's not like it's very hard to figure out what color represents what. Here's the chart:

cut This color will mean something was cut out of the show.
censored This will mean a scene was changed or altered in a certain way. Like maybe they used a digital paint bucket to cover up some blood or something.
SDA This means that the character's said something stupid, or the oringal meaning that the Japanese version expressed was changed enough that I have to explain what the original said. You'll see this one the most.
sidenote This is for things don't really fit into any of the above boxes. You'll see this a lot too.

Inside the TCG with Mr. Coke
Maintained by: Mr. Coke

This is where our good friend Mr. Coke presents different cards and types in the Upperdeck TCG and presents the differences from the Japanese TCG and/or the pros and cons of that type compared to other types.

Video Game Comparisons
Maintained by: JD

Recently retooled, we compare each and every video game to grace the Yuugiou series, even those that have not been translated into English, just to show you the difference in the Yuugiou video game branch over in Japan.


Maintained by: JD 

This is where you, the fans, will have the chance to share your opinions about the show. Whether you hate the dub, love the dub, want to complain about BOTH shows, it's up to you! Just send us the opinion and we will most likely post it. We ask in advance that it have decent spelling though.

Draconmouth: The Thoughts of Jaya Lakshmi
Maintained by: Jaya Lakshmi

For Draconmouth/Jaya's tenure on the site, JD gave her her very own column which can be accessed with just one click of the mouse after traveling to this site.  View the opinions of a well-read and well-researched authority in the anime world.

JD's Rants
Maintained by: JD

This section of the site is where you can view JD's uncensored opinions on just about any topic, including politics.  Whether you love or hate his views, you can post a rebuttal or comment at our message board after a rant is posted.

What's New?
Maintained by: JD, GreatSaiyaman

This is where you read the updates on our site. We will update whenever we can after inserting real life and all that stuff into the equation.

About Us
Maintained by: JD

This site is where you learn a little more about us at YGO Uncensored and can e-mail us.

Well, now that all that is out of the way, just relax, sit back, and watch us as we laugh at the dub!