" Three Gods Combine! Air God Hyuga, Thunder God Sanga, Water God Suga! (Part 2 of 3!"
" Double Trouble Duel (Part 2 of 3)" 3-23-02

Kevin's Two Cents

After the more than adequate dub job 4Kids gave the last episode, they had to treat this one like a hunk of shizzle.

(Three Seconds)

 The infamous "gun scene", where "Kemo" holds a gun up to Kaiba's head. The camera just cuts to where Kaiba is whooping "Kemo"'s butt.

"The maze! It's changing! And that changes the whole game!"- Tea

"Let's see Cue Ball top that!"- Joey
Not that I have a problem with the line, but it's been cliched a lot. Also, they don't mention balls at all. Sometimes I wonder about "Joey"...

"Ok, dumbo duo, now we gonna clean ya clocks."- Joey
Again with the cleaning clocks.

"Stop with the mumblin' no-hair!"- Joey
Joey has all the SDAs in the episode. That marks at least 5 bald puns, only 2 of which are noted here.

"Hey, there are two Chinese boxes!"- Tea
Ditzy Tea, they're JAPANESE. Has anyone at 4Kids even heard that word?

"I sense the evil inside these boxes."- Dub Yami no Yuugi
Again witht he sensing... I wouldn't doubt it if you called the Miss Cleo hotline and you hear Dub Yugi's voice.

On a positive 4Kids note, they actually MENTIONED the word "GOD" for the first time ever!

"Oh no, the Trinity! It's in the class of Exodia."- Dub Yami no Yuugi
No, it's not. It's not as strong as Exodia, and 4Kids is making it seem like it is.

"Tristan, thanks for cheering me up, mate"- Dub Bakura
Ok, you're really talking like Steve Irwin now, Dub Bakura.

"The Flame Swordsman is about to flame out!"- Joey
Okay, these bald puns, fire puns, and dog puns are getting on my last nerve.

English Episode 18 Ends