Awww cute little video game dolls and sprites:

Lisa Maria Heather Lulu Yuna Aeris Sephiroth Sora Kairi Riku Link These dolls are from Cloudy Park.

Yuna Yuna comes from Elwen.

Shiva FF8 Aeris Kairi Riku Sora These sprites are from:

Aeris Aeris These dolls are from Ryoko's Animenight Website.(This site is gone.)

Yuna This doll is from Stuff n Nonsense. (This site is gone.)

Celes Terra Aeris These dolls are from Antipode Adoptions. (Sorry, this one seems to be gone too.)

Rikku White Mage Yuna Yuna Black Mage Yuna Wedding These sprites are from: (Yup gone.)

Aeris Cloud Kairi Rikku
Rikku Tidus Link Zelda These cute kittens are from Kaze's Video Game Kitties.(Not sure about this one. It says it is frozen cuz it used up its monthly bandwidth.)

Aeris Aeris comes to us from: (This one appears to be gone too)

Yuna Yuna came from .

Aeris Angel Aeris comes from Kawaii Dollz. This site appears to be down though.

Kairi Our Kairi fairy is from tsubasa: things with wings.(gone)

Aeris Rikku Yuna Zelda These dolls are from Cherry Cherry Fair.

Aeris Aeris Kingdom Hearts Kairi Rikku Rikku Rikku Shiva FF7 Shiva FF10 Yuna Yuna Songstress Black Mage Yuna Yuna Lisa Maria Heather These dolls are from Fortune(gone)

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