Update: 1/15/04: Time to make some changes here! I think it's time to make this page look better and add some content. The show seems to be on hiatus before it has even begun which sucks. But now to wave my magical pretty wand! Also, I took all of the pages of stuff we caught and put them on one page together. It looks sooo much neater that way.
11/20/04: Well, going through the old pages here, I see we are in serious need of a makeover here! And since we are fast approaching the release of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, it's time to say good-bye to the Final Fantasy 10 stuff and bring on some Kingdom Hearts action here. I'm going to rehaul these pages and make them pretty again, but first I need to do some coding on the new section. Later all.
4/17/04: Trying a new layout here, so bear with us please. It's a lot cleaner looking and neat.
Yay! A picture! Jade likes Shiva so I put her in here. Well, I don't have time tonight to put anything huge up, but when I get the time, I will put up walkthroughs and codes and stuff. If anyone wants to throw some fan art or fan fics for video games my way, feel free.
Holy crap, Batman! CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!! Real honest to goodness content!!!!
Check out Jade's review/sorta walkthrough, but not really, on The Sims for the PS2.

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