Chibiusa: Round 4

Chibiusa Round 4
Best Music

Final Fantasy series
Silent Hill series
Kingdom Hearts
Dance Dance Revolution
Parasite Eve
Resident Evil
Knights of the Old Republic
Legend of Zelda series
Chibiusa Round 4
Best Female Character

Aya Brea(Parasite Eve)
Heather(Silent Hill 3)
Lulu(Final Fantasy 10)
Aeris(Final Fantasy 7)
Rinoa(Final Fantasy 8)
Kairi(Kingdom Hearts)
LaBlanc(Final Fantasy 10-2)
Yuna(Final Fantasy 10)
The Water Dragon(Jade Empire)
Zelda(The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Chibiusa Round 4
Best Male Character

Vegeta(Dragonball Z Budokai)
Vincent Valentine(Final Fantasy 7)
Harry Mason(Silent Hill)
Ash(Evil Dead)
Eike(Shadow of Destiny)
Sephrioth(Final Fantasy 7)
Cloud(Final Fantasy 7)
Auron(Final Fantasy 10)
Irvine(Final Fantasy 8)
Sora(Kingdom Hearts)

Saturday, December 2, 2006:
First up, we have Best Music, and this was a pretty close category. The Chibiusa goes to Silent Hill, and I swear we don't have a sweep again this month. Silent Hill was up against some pretty strong competition, and deserves this victory. The series has some beautiful, haunting music. Here to accept the award for Best Music is Lisa Garland.
I am so happy that we won for best music! It lets me know that other people are out there. Please come and get me out of this dark hospital. Please.
Thank you, Lisa. I am sorry we can't help you, but I am not going to Silent Hill any time in the near future. Neither is Jade. You never know what Zwei will do though, so keep an eye out. In second place we had a 2-way tie between Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and in third, another 2-way tie, this time between Legend of Zelda and Dance Dance Revolution. However, this tie is nothing compared to the nightmare of the next tie....

Our next category is Best Female Character, and our winner is Aeris Gainsborough! Aeris, Aerith, whichever you prefer. And of course, she is here today to accept her award. But isn't she dead? Well, death doesn't stop her from being in Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy Tactics, nor does it stop her from being in a motion picture taking place after she dies, so it doesn't stop her from accepting awards.
I thank all of my fans for loving me so much over the years. Now who do I sue for giving me elf ears in my first movie appearance? Oh well, keep buying Kingdom Hearts games! And every game spun off of Final Fantasy 7!
Thank you for being here, Aeris. Now for the nightmare. We technically have no second or third place winner, because we have a 5-way(!) tie for second, and since no one voted for the others, that leaves a 4-way tie for third with 0 votes. So yay to Heather, Lulu, Rinoa, Yuna and the Water Dragon for getting 1 vote each.

Our last category is Best Male Character, and the winner is Sora!
Wow, thanks for voting for me guys. I just want you to know that I had NOTHING to do with the Jiminy Objectives, I swear. He is quite a slave driver, that cricket. Much love and see you in Kingdom Hearts 3. That is, if my voice actor can stay out of trouble and not get anymore DUI's.
True that, Sora. We love you, Haley. Don't drink and drive, buddy. We have a tie for second between Harry Mason of Silent Hill and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. In third came Ash from Evil Dead. His name is Ashly, ya know. Soooo glad they call him Ash.
That concludes this portion of the Chibiusa Awards. Stay tuned for next month's exciting results!

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