Chibiusa: Round 2

Best Survival Horror: Best Final Fantasy: Most Innovative Game/Original Concept:
Silent Hill: WINNER! Final Fantasy 7: WINNER! The Sims: WINNER!
Resident Evil: Second Place Final Fantasy 10: Second Place Katamari Damacy: Second Place
Parasite Eve: Third Place Final Fantasy 10-2: Third Place Karaoke Revolution: Third Place
Evil Dead: Third Place Final Fantasy 1 Pong: Third Place
Tecmo's Deception: Third Place Final Fantasy 2/4 Dance Dance Revolution
A Nightmare On Elm St.: Third Place Final Fantasy 3/6 Time Traveler(3-D Holographic game)
Sanitarium Final Fantasy Tactics Duck Hunt
Fatal Frame Lifeline
Still Life Mad Maestro
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requium Stretch Panic

Wednesday, January 15, 2006:
Our new winners are announced!
Best Survival Horror was a tight race between the Silent Hill series and the Resident Evil series, but in the end, the gods of the town of Silent Hill reigned supreme. So here to accept the Chibiusa for Best Survival Horror Game is Heather Mason!
Oh my. Silent Hill won the award! Why do I have a feeling Dahlia or Claudia have something to do with this? Thank you for this award, but I have to run because some evil nasty monster is chasing me!
Thank you, Heather. Second place went to the Resident Evil Series. It was a very close race. In third, there was a 4-way tie, and nobody felt like breaking it this time. So the third place winners are Parasite Eve, Evil Dead, Tecmo's Deception, and A Nightmare On Elm. St.

Next we have Best Final Fantasy, and there was no contest. Final Fantasy 7 took first place by a HUGE margin. Was there ever really any doubt? Final Fantasy 7 is also our honorary best game ever. I will write about that soon. Here to accept the award for Final Fantasy 7 is Aeris.
I prayed for thisChibiusa
Thank you, all of you, for this lovely award. People may have thought that I went off to pray for the Planet, but I was really praying for a Chibiusa Award. I would like to thank all the people who played Final Fantasy 7 so much that they forgot what sunlight looked like. This means you, Amethyst and Broodman. Hey, this award looks an awful lot like Broodman....Thank you! *runs away to show to Cloud and Barret*
Oh, Aeris. I am glad you are happy. In second place was Final Fantasy X, and our third place winner was Final Fantasy X-2.

Our third and final category was Most Innovative or Original Concept. The winner by a long shot was The Sims games. Here to accept the award is the creator of the games, Will Wright.
I'm a GodChibiusa
Thank you for buying my game. I'm glad so many people out there have a God-complex. Seriously, Amethyst, does poor Diva need to have 10 children in your game? Does Jade need so many alien step-children? The answer to this will be reveal in the next expansion pack! Buy The Sims 2: Open For Business on....Hey!
Sorry, Mr. Wright. We're just about out of time, so we need to cut you short. Second place was taken by Katamari Damacy, and third was a tie between Karaoke Revolution and Pong. Way to go, you games.
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