Chibiusa: Round 1

Best RPG: Best Game For Under $10: Most Addictive Game:
Final Fantasy series: WINNER! Unison: WINNER! Tetris: WINNER!
Kingdom Hearts: Second Place Mad Maestro: Second Place Knights of the Old Republic: Second Place
Lunar series: Third Place D: Third Place The Sims games: Third Place
Knights of the Old Republic series Okage: The Shadow King Taboo the Sixth Sense
Phantasy Star series Summoner series Karaoke Revolution games
Parasite Eve Chrono Cross Dr. Mario
Baldur's Gate Stretch Panic Burger Time
Fable Ico Silent Hill
Dragon Valor Dark Angel: Vampire Apocalypse Donkey Konga
Xenosaga Leisure Suit Larry Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Monday, August 15, 2005:
Our very first winners! Yay!
Well in Best RPG, it was no contest. The Final Fantasy series reigned supreme by a long shot. So here to accept the Chibiusa for Best RPG is Rikku!
OH! We won, we won, we won!!!!! *jumps around* Yunie, we won! Thank you everyone who voted for us Final Fantasy games! And that's how it's done, spunky monkey! *dances off to show the award to Yunie, Tidus, Cloud, and Aeris*
Thank you, Rikku. Second place was a tough race, and resulted in a two-way tie between Knights of the Old Republic and Kingdom Hearts. The Yoda Magic 8-ball and Taboo were called in to break the tie, and it was decided by them both that Kingdom Hearts would take second place. In third, there was a three-way tie between Fable, Lunar and Baldur's Gate, and the powers that be put Lunar in third.

Moving on to Best Under $10, it was a three-way tie for first place this time around, between Chrono Cross, Unison, and Leisure Suit Larry. The infinite wisdom of our oracles broke the tie and declared Unison our Chibiusa winner. And here to accept this award are Dr. Dance and the Unison trio!
We won, my peachesChibiusaWe won!
Dr. Dance: Such a short while ago, we were fighting to return dancing to Twin Ships, and now we are bestowed this beautiful award! Thank you everyone. I shall show it to everyone on Funk-O-Rama! Man, that Broodman and I could be brothers!
Cela: This is a great honor. For some reason, Jade seems very familiar to me.
Chilly: I knew we had the talent to win this award. I would have beaten down anyone who tried to stop us! Amethyst, you remind me so much of myself that it is awesome.
Trill: *loudly*ALRIGHT!!!!!!! We won! I'm so happy!
There you have it. Second and third were closely tied, but in the end Mad Maestro took second and D took third.

Our last category was Most Addictive, and it was a close race. Tetris took the Chibiusa, and here to accept it is the "L" block!
I'm a blockChibiusa
...I'm a block...Thanks.
Excellent. Second place was taken by Knights of the Old Republic, and third was a tie between The Sims and Karaoke Revolution. It was a tough choice, but eventually Yoda and Taboo declared The Sims the third place game. And then Taboo crawled off into a corner, bitter and jaded that no one voted for him. Poor Taboo.
That concludes this portion of the Chibiusa Awards. We are working on the next set of games, in the categories of Best Survivial Horror, Best Final Fantasy Game, and Most Innovative/Original Concept. When those go up, these winners will be moved to their own page! Good night everyone!

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