Top random quotes by the Cauldron staff
1. Pink bunnies in the cocoa, yellow chicks in the s'mores. (Jade and Amethyst)
2. There are fairy bunnies in my box!!! (Amethyst about a box of stickers)
3. You frighten me, child. (Jade, on a daily basis to Amethyst)
4. Son of Vegeta!!! (Amethyst's psuedo-swear word)
5. The David Boreanaz puppet does NOT approve.
6. I got tetanus today, and next time I come I'll get hepatitis! (Amethyst about getting booster shots)
7. WWFD- What Would Faith Do?
8. Sanctuary!!! (Inside joke about an old friend)
9. I have to go bleach my uteris now. (another inside joke about the same friend)
10. Dolphins and dragons and fairies, oh my!
11. Goddess-damned sacrificial brain candy- now in refreshing mint! (What can I say, we're goofs!)
12. Let me teach you some Texanese. (this was when Amethyst returned from Texas and was saying Japanese phrases in a Texas accent)
13. Sweet wounded Jesus! (from the show Bat Boy, which Diva was in)
14. If you are not at home, please press 2. (This was an actual telemarketer call that was heard on Jade's answering machine.)
15. Tickle, tickle, tickle. (something I do to make Jade sneeze.)
16. Now I know why artists are starving. (Jade's impression on the prices of my art supplies)
17. From this day forth, I shall call you Obi-Bitch, and I shall be your padwan learner. (sometimes it's better not to ask questions.)
18. Princess Leia! or Legolas! (things Jade and I shout as answers in either Star Wars or Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit.)
19. I can't believe you didn't like Lord of the Rings. (things said to Jade by everyone on earth)
20. "I'll tell dad!" "Oh, yeah, well, I'll tell mom and she likes me more than you!" (things commonly yelled by Amethyst and Da Man throughout whatever store we happen to be in.)
21. Would you like some water? I know how ice cream can be. (said to a pregnant Amethyst by some chick at Friendly's who completely ignored Jade and her alien soon to be ex-hubby. funny stuff)
22. I never want ice from your freezer in my drinks ever again. (Jade after another inside joke.)
23. Do you like my new jeans? (another inside joke. If anyone wants to know the meanings of these inside jokes, feel free to e-mail us.)
24. Where are my Charlie's Angels back-ups today? (Amethyst referring to Jade and Diva)
25. It's raining Tim, Jesus Christ! (karaoke quote of Diva and Amethyst)
26. First you don't tip, then you insult me in my skivvies.
27. Broodman, pull your pants back up.
28. I can't hear you with these glasses on. Let me put on my other ones.
29. Jade, is this your opinion, or is it your Wiccanese talking?
30. "She just appeared and touched me." "In the same place I touched you? Bitch."