July 2008:
7/10/08: Wow, tomorrow is Jade's birthday! Yay for Jade! I finally learned to make better layouts...yay! Watch for them coming soon.
June 2008:
6/18/08: Holy crap, the Anime Cauldron is 6 years old today! Happy birthday, little web site! Some changes are coming up here. I know I say that a lot, but this time, I mean it. A lot has changed in the last few months, most of which we may or may not talk about. :) I am in the process of totally revamping the Chibiusa Awards, we have some pretty stuff we are working on for the Grimm, and other various ideas. Normally, I do a big list of shout-outs, but this is a very busy week for me. Jade and I will try to work on some fun stuff this week and next week. :)
May 2008:
5/5/08: Welcome to May at the Anime Cauldron. Jade and I pulled this month's color scheme from her new wallpaper border, so we hope you like it.
April 2008:
4/1/08: Another April Fool's Day that went by that we wanted to think up a cool prank, but never did. Blah. Maybe that is our subtle and clever prank in and of itself. Or not. So, if you don't read the C-box, all of jukeboxes are back online. And the Heat Miser/Snow Miser song from Christmas is fixed, thanks to a little help from Kevin from my dance studio. Thank you for giving me a copy of the song, Kevin! You rock! There will actually be a brand new jukebox this month, and since I was still working on the old ones when my birthday came through, it will be Amethyst's Choice the sequel. I will update when it is up.
March 2008:
3/5/08: You know, it took me 5 days to realize it is March and that I need to update the page. O_o I'm on the ball, lol. Like I said in the C-Box, I did a little bit of updating on the Things I Learned From Dragonball page, so hop on over and take a look. I am so sorry that updates have been slow. On top of school work, Scout meetings, dance class, physical therapy, and everything else, I have been trying to work out a new system with the Chibiusa Awards that will work a little better since Zwei is overseas and it isn't so easy to get in contact with him, what with the time difference and all. I almost have all the kinks worked out. Jade and I are also doing some tweaks on our sister site, The Cauldron's Grimm. It has been a little on the difficult side, since Jade has no internet access, and the way that we share information and work is through jump drives, meaning one of us has to drive 20-30 minutes to get to the other's house to exchange said drives. We almost have everything ready to go though. :) I also need to get some work done on the video game page. I have been doing more reviews and blogs for other sites than ours, which is just plain old wrong of me. So fear not, Cauldron readers, work is being done behind the scenes here. We also have to finish updating the jukeboxes so that we can start making new ones again. Also, I recently saw Jim Gaffigan, so I am going to do a little write up at The Theater about my experience. In honor of my Jim Gaffigan experience, he is our sound bite of the month. But, Amethyst, you may say, the sound bite isn't playing! I set it to not start automatically, because it took me this many years to realize that some of our readers might be at school or work, and therefore shouldn't have random noises playing. Just click the play button, and Mr. Gaffigan will tell you a story about Hot Pockets. I should also update my profile, seeing as how my birthday just passed. Busy, busy, busy! Keep your eyes peeled for updates! They are coming, I promise! Oh, and about the bumper stickers, of course we were going to have an "Erin Go Braugh" sticker. ;) How can we not when yours truly, Amethyst, is an Erin. :)
February 2008:
2/17/08: Whew! I am finally able to get back online with everything. Sorry the updates are taking so long. Soon everything will be running normally again. Happy belated Valentine's Day to everyone!
January 2008:
December 2007:
12/5/07: Welcome to December at the Anime Cauldron! Maybe when this class is over, I'll actually get some work done!
November 2007:
11/23/07: I never update, do I? It is so crazy around here in Cauldron land. :)
October 2007:
10/1/07: Sorry for taking so long to update! As I mentioned on the C-Box, it has been crazy. 6 and a half weeks ago, I fell at the gym and deeply bruised(possibly even fractured) my tailbone. I have been in severe pain for the past month, and pretty much immobile, which normally would be a prime time to update the page. However, my desktop is shot. I only have access to the internet, but nothine else, as Windows Explorer is shot. I have to back it up and do my recovery discs. My new laptop also crashed because Vista sucks and I had a faulty RAM stick. I took it to PC Doctors and they made it all better. Bless them. :)
On a more serious note, it has come to our attention that our former staffer, Broodman, recently lost his grandmother. Even though we don't talk to him anymore, he used to be our friend, and so we at the Anime Cauldron would like to extend our condolences to him and his family. We know how close he was to his granny, and we are sorry for his loss.
Well, that is all for now. The Grimm now has its own domain, which I will link up as soon as I move all of the links around. I also have an update I want to do for the Dragonball Z section. My son and I have been watching DBZ like crazy lately, so I have some new stuff. Also, we will put the Halloween jukebox up when we get it together. I had no access to my music, or the server for that matter. Everything will be caught up soon. I hope.
September 2007:
August 2007:
8/8/07: Jade is finally getting her birthday jukebox. Poor Jade. With everything I had going on, she didn't get her jukebox up on time or her fairy. Happy birthday, Jade, 28 days late! Next month, we are going to try to double up the jukeboxes to keep up. Stay tuned!
8/4/07: I'm late again! Sorry, everyone! It has been busy with my son, school, the gym, and everything else. I have so mucvh to do that I find myself losing motivation to do anything at all. Once this class is over, I will have a few weeks off to devote to the page and catch up.
July 2007:
7/8/07: Man, are we running behind. I am sorry for the hold up, but my computer sucks. Jade's jukebox isn't even compiled yet, I never finished last month's. Oy! When my computer is fixed, I will try to have everything together. I just wanted to get this up.
June 2007:
6/18/07: Wooooo! It is The Anime Cauldron's anniversary! The Cauldron is 150 years old today....what? What, Jade? 5 years, you say? Oh, sorry, my bad. There was a 5 in there at any rate. I can't believe this page is 5 years old. The page is old enough to go to kindergarten!
This page was started, obviously, 5 years ago by Amethyst and Jade on a whim really. We were sitting in Jade's old apartment and tinkering around when we discovered we both had Geocities pages and decided to combine them. I was a few weeks shy of my second stem cell transplant and Jade was in a transitional phase of her own. She's still transitioning, but that's not the point. The page was so bare bones back then it wasn't even funny. Our graphics were a scan of the back of Jade's Sailor Moon journal, some scans from my Cardcaptor Sakura DVD, and some stuff from a magick book. We were joined, however briefly, by the mysterious Da Man. He never did anything but a profile, so out he went. We were then joined by Diva, who ran Diva's Theater, but as of last year, she has moved on to other things. We also had a new staffer in late 2005 known as Broodman, but due to a falling out with Amethyst and Jade that could not be resolved, he too is gone. Now we have Zwei, who helps us with graphics for the Chibiusas, and if I am not mistaken, he is probably either on his way or in Korea by now. *shrugs* I never said I kept charge of the staff very well. Also in 2005, we became host to Dragonball Z Uncensored 2 and Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncensored, affectionately known by us as "they who occassionally accidentally overwite the Cauldron's index." :) We love you guys, and we are glad to have you with us.
So today, I am almost 5 years cancer-free, I have an Associate's degree in Painting Illustration, and I am working on my Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Design. My son is 7 years old and going into the second grade. I am a dancer for Dave Ragnacci's School of Dance in Scranton, and everything is going pretty well. Jade lives in a van down by the river, or in a house by a river with a van out front. It does get confusing around here. Her son is 8 years old and going into third grade. She still has her most fabulous kitty, Willow, as well as new addition to the house, Lexx the puppy, who will be our future C-Box guardian. She has been writing more, just not for the Anime Cauldron, but once she ditches Quizilla, she will have remedied that. Which leads me to.....
We are finally linking up the brainchild of Amethyst and Jade known as The Cauldron's Grimm, a place for artists of the world to unite in their artistic goodness. Check it out, because it is going to be a blast. There are still many changes to come, so stay tuned. *lifts glass* Here's to 5 great years, and many more to come!
And now comes our yearly bout of shameless plugs.
People Companies Shows Miscellaneous
Natalie Portman for entering a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Velorum's rule, and for starring in Where the Heart Is. Square-Enix for being awesome(and maybe hiring me one day), and also for making the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Parasite Eve franchises. American Idol, which makes Jade twitch uncontrollably, and yet she still managed to find some favorites this year even without watching the show. Ollie's and IHOP for sponsering, unknowingly of course, many an Anime Cauldron meeting.
Drew Barrymore for making Ever After, a movie I watch everyday. Konami for making Silent Hill, DDR, and Karaoke Revolution, and also for maybe hiring me someday. Mr. Cat for reasons known only to us, and just the creators of Princess Tutu in general for making such an enjoyable and crazy show. The Dave Ragnacci School of Dance for being so wonderful and like another family to me.
Simon Cowell for being so awesome, Randy Jackson for being 800 degrees of yo dawg, Paula Abdul for being Forever our Girl and making being loopy the cool new trend, and also for being replaced with the generic Laura in Karaoke Revolution presents American Idol, and Kelly Clarkson for being the best Idol ever! Sony for giving us the Playstation systems. Whoever created the character of Sami Brady on Days. Your rock, Allison. Television Without Pity for making me laugh hysterical with their American Idol recaps.
Fred Savage for being cute and for being in the best video game movie ever! Blockbuster Heroes for giving Jade and I new alter-egos. LCCC for giving me my Associate's Degree.
Kevin Smith for making the New Jersey movies and playing Silent Bob. Microsoft House for inspiring Jade's latest masterpiece of a fan-fiction, and for giving me an excuse to be her muse. The University of Advancing Technology for being available online for me to work on my Bachelor's Degree.
Macaulay Culkin because you are the key to linking everything in our Days of Our Lives game. Nintendo America's Got Talent for being so entertaining and for giving me the Sharon for my Ozzy impersonation to yell at. Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for being so entertaining in the late summer months. We'll be there with our season pass this year!
Ed Ackerman for being a great teacher and being so helpful. Sears Dancing With The Stars for giving us Drew Lachey and Joey Fatone. The Steamtown Mall for being a fun place to shop only a few minutes from my house.
Ron Reino for letting me use his picture in a homework assignment and not killing me for doing so. JC Penneys Vh-1 for doing the I Love the series. The Viewmont Mall for being so close to a trifecta of video game stores.
Andy Petonak for being in my martial arts class for a short time. Overstock.com Lost for being a show Jade loves and I show a missed the boat on. The Wyoming Valley Mall for being a sexy little mall close to Jade's house and the Arena hub.
Michael Molnar for being a great and patient teacher. He taught me how to paint! Ebay So You Think You Can Dance Quizilla
The Empty Hats. ADV Films Celebrity Paranormal Project Myspace
Hugh Laurie for being so hot and awesome. Hewlitt-Packard The Soup for being so funny, and bringing Joel McHale into my house once a week. Livejournal
Dane Cook Dell Days of Our Lives Ole Tyme Charley's
Dustin Cushman for running the best Days fan page. EA Games Ghost Hunters Wikipedia
Blake Lewis for giving me some eye candy this season on AI. Adobe Robot Chicken for its stellar Star Wars special. 1&1 for hosting our fabulous website.
Luci Christian for providing the voice of Duck. PC-cillin Deal Or No Deal for being so nerve-wracking. YouTube.
Tim Curry Kodak 1 vs. 100 C-Box
Hal Sparks. Comcast Late Night With Conan O'Brien Cherry Kool-Aid
Danny Bonaduce America Online The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Onion rings
Bruce Campbell Funimation(sort of) The Ellen DeGeneres Show Eeyore
Wes Craven Price Chopper Power Rangers Internet Bumper Stickers
Chris Daughtry Nelvana(again, sort of) The Nine Satellite Radio.
Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Robert Rodriguez, George Clooney, Juliette Lewis, Lucy Liu, and Vivica A. Fox. Wal-Mart Hell's Kitchen Video games
John "J.D." D'Adamo of Yu-Gi-Oh! Uncensored, and GreatSaiyaman777 of Dragonball Z Uncensored 2. Gamestop Comedy Central Presents Kill Bill for giving us a new Easter tradition.
Lastly, we need to thank our staff. Thanks to Jade for putting up with all of my quirks, and being a great co-founder. even though he doesn't really have a website, but we would like to thank Zwei for helping us with the graphics for the Chibiusa Awards, and for everything else. And, I guess, check me out. I am the mker of the graphics and goddess of the html. :) EB Games Tsubasa Chronicle Geocities
Also, thanks to friends, and family and various other people. If you weren't thanked this year, we'll catch ya next year!
6/15/07: The jukebox is sort of up. It is not finished yet, but I am working on it. I have a new class to adjust to and the dance recital all weekend, so bear with me. Monday is our great big anniversary and I don't have anything ready for it! Eeeeek! Maybe while I am backstage waiting to go on I can write something up. I will try to get everything fixed up a bit later!
6/5/07: Sorry I'm late! I have been busy. The jukebox is being worked on, I promise it will be up soon. It is the 5 year anniversary of the Cauldron this month, so yay for us! I made a few changes here, and I will make more throughout the month. All of the jukeboxes have been moved to the past jukeboxes link to your left. The links have not changed, I just moved them to remove the clutter. Also, Diva's Theater has been retired, since she no longer works for us, and is now simply The Theater, and it has a whole new look to it. I moved some stuff there as well. All of the anime pages will be condensed down into a central anime location as well to reduce clutter. I made us a shiny new banner, which is the tri-force looking thing above, so I hope Nintendo doesn't sue us. I just purchased the Wii a few months ago, so you are getting money from me, Nintendo! I plan to download through the Virtual Console and buy a DS, so, um, I love you! We will thank you in our yearly thanking spree. In the "yeah yeah, you've said that a million times already, Amethyst" news, we will be launching the Grimm this month before Jade runs me over her with van or chickens out of posting her stuff, and prompting me to run her over with my Focus. Either way, if this thing doesn't go up soon, one of your Cauldron divas will be dead. Maybe I will put up a poll! Which Cauldron chick needs to be run over, and if so, do we make Zwei wear a dress to replace the fallen staffer? The jukebox will be the Anime Cauldron soundtrack if I ever finish it. We have some news, but not until after next week. Well, later gators.
May 2007:
5/2/07: I'm a little late with May, but that is only because we had the whole thing done 2 days early! So our jukebox theme of the month is Break Up Songs. We did this in May because neither Jade nor I are, if you'll pardon the pun, jaded enough to do this list in February yet, lol. So grab yourself a box of Kleenex, have yourself a good cry and check out the box. Just a warning, one of the songs has some explicit lyrics, and I believe it is She Hates Me by Puddle of Mudd. Also on this box is a whole lot of Matchbox 20, some Kelly Clarkson, and that song by Nick Lachey that Jade loves but can never remember the name of. :) Also, there is such a flurry of activity in the C-Box and we are loving it! And with that, I am off to play some more GTA: Vice City before I go to sleep for the night. I have to go in for an Echo tomorrow morning, and I will need my rest.
April 2007:
4/15/07- Where on earth have I been? I have just been so caught up with homework that I forgot to upload the new index. Criminal. Don't feel bad, dear Cauldron readers, it is not just you guys that I have been neglecting, lol. I hope after this class I get a few weeks off. That will give me time to catch up, I hope. I think I will go with Jade here though and let this jukebox ride until next month. There is no point in uploading a new one with only 2 weeks left in the month. We will put a Tv Themes jukebox in the roation of 2008 boxes. Believe it or not, in December, Jade and I sat down and mapped out all of the boxes for 2007, and we will do it again come this December.
March 2007:
3/1/07: A new month, a new layout. I have no major updates right now.
February 2007:
2/22/07: I have actually been doing some work lately! Jade and I have been working hard on the Grimm, which unfortunately pushed the Chibiusa's back a bit, as well as the launch of the Jaded Mars awards, but that is ok. I know I said they would be returning/debuting this month, but I am pushing it until March. That way everything can launch at once. I update my profile after forgetting to do so last year. The Cardcaptor Sakura page got a make over thanks to a really cool site with awesome layouts called Create Blog. Our individual picture pages have been moved to our profiles, and I will periodically add new pictures to those pages. I have 3 articles to write and a poll to create and I think I will be caught up with everything I need to do. Well, that is all for now. See ya'll later!
2/1/07: Ah, February. One of my very favorite months of the year. My birthday is on the 23rd, and so this month, the layout, the sounds, the stickers, the jukebox...all of it was Amethyst's choice. Speaking of the jukebox, I better put it up! I tend to procrastinate when I am busy with school, lol.
January 2007:
1/13/07: I am so sorry it took so long to get the jukebox up! I haven't tested it yet because I have been having a slew of modem problems. And keyboard problems. Oy. Anyway, enjoy your trip back to the 90's!
1/5/07: I am so sorry this update took so long. I have been having some major modem problems. They seem to be fixed for the most part. The new jukebox should be up sometime this afternoon. My connection still seems to be running slow for some reason. Downloads that used to take a few seconds have been taking at least a half hour if not more. Bear with me, everything will be updated soon.
1/2/07: Happy new year! I hope everyone had a fun holiday season. I am going to work on getting the jukebox up tonight. It has just been a crazy hectic couple of weeks. Catch ya'll later.
December 2006:
12/4/06: The jukebox is fixed now. I put up the wrong link. I am so sorry. This last class I am in with these online courses is very demanding. I only have a week and a half left and then I am done for the semester, at which point I plan to catch up as much as I can. The results of the last round of Chibiusa's is up, but I don't know if Zwei got around to putting up the awards yet. I was supposed to post the next voting round last night, but I was swamped. I might put them up tonight, but if not, tomorrow at the latest. Enjoy the Christmas music.
12/1/06: The new Christmas jukebox is up. When you get to the Heat Miser/Snow Miser song, I apologize for the sound quality. I recorded it off of my TV from the DVD of my ballet recital. I am going to ask my teacher where he got that version and if I can bum a copy, but in the mean time, I wanted to explain the tapping and the applause, lol. Night!
November 2006:
11/1/06: I hope everyone had a festive and fun Halloween. This month's jukebox theme is Kid Stuff. Why? I have no idea, lol. It's a lot of fun. Jade went with a lot of Animaniacs and Muppet music, and I went kind of a retro 80's cartoon way, so there should be something for everyone. The Chibiusa voting period is up, and once we tally up the votes, we will let everyone know. We actually have the next round set up already! Progress, I know. That will be up as soon as we post the results of this round. Well, I have a lot of updating to do, and some homework as well. Enjoy everyone!
October 2006:
10/26/06: Well, I put the past jukeboxes back up for everyone. I noticed people were still trying to get to some of the songs that weren't there anymore, so I put them back. Enjoy! With all of my online class work, I haven't finished the new blog article yet, but I did start it so that is progress, lol. Zwei fixed the Chibiusa's with the new awards, so if you want to take a look, you should make with the clickies in the link below for the Chibi page. They look so nice and Jade and I can't thank Zwei enough for making them for us. The next round of the Chibiusa's ends on Halloween, so if you haven't voted yet, please do so. The folks over at the Silent Hill forum have done a wonderful job of making sure Silent Hill sweeps the categories, so next month I really need to find more places to advertise the awards, lol. Well, enjoy the jukeboxes, and please vote! Jade and I are having a crazy Halloween-themed sleepover event this weekend, so who knows what crazy content will come of it?
10/1/06: 2nd Update: The next round of Chibiusa Awards are up, so hop on over and vote vote vote! One big thing down, two to go, muwahahahahahaha!
Happy October! I have some school work to get done, but I wanted to get everything all October-licious over here at the Cauldron. The past updates section is updated, because I took all of August and September and put it in there. I hope everyone enjoys the Halloween jukebox. I better get to work now. Later all!
September 2006:
9/14/06: First off, I wish a happy 6th birthday to my nephew, Jake. Happy birthday! In other news, new staffer Zwei is home from Korea! Welcome home, Zwei! Also, we have content! See my article about why Wildwood, NJ is the best place on Earth. It is all about my fun filled vacation. The 80's jukebox is up now, so if you love the 80's, give it a clicky. I am also working on another little article. Jade and I put one of those glitter jewel hair tattoo things to the test, complete with pictures, so as soon as I upload the pictures from my camera, I will be writing about it in the blog. Also, Jade and I might be up to something content-related this weekend, if I can come up with the courage to go through with it. It's for a good cause, it's for a good cause...I just have to keep telling myself that, lol. I'm not going to elaborate too much on that right now. I'd rather it be a surprise. Well, I have some school work to do, and then I'll write that story about the glitter tattoos. Later all!
9/8/06: Well, we have some news here at the Cauldron. Broodman has asked us to remove him from staff. Like any staff member who leaves us, Broodman is always welcome to come back if he would like to down the line. In other news, I'm home from the beach, and Jade has handed the reigns back to me, lol. She says it's too crazy to run the page alone! Well, I am a tired staffer, so I am off to Tv Land, where maybe I will find a repeat of Roseanne or something. Night all!
August 2006:
8/31/06: Ok the September layout is up a few hours early because I am leaving for vacation tomrrow morning, so I wanted to get it done. The jukebox, of course, will be late. Hee! Oh and the new section is ready to go. Well, enjoy the new colors and I will see you all when I get back. I will miss you! Jade, don't die while I'm gone. Later all!
8/28/06- second update: That was almost a disaster! Ok, the new section isn't quite up yet because the original link knocked out Yu-Gi-Oh and DBZU because my host is a tricky devil, lol. I fixed it, but the new subdomain I created isn't quite ready yet. So if you make with the clicky, you will find nothing! Yay nothing! It's being fixed, don't worry.
There is a new section! It's a blog kind of deal, but writing in my livejournal the other night inspired it. I couldn't think of a clever name right now, lol, but I will think of the name of eventually. So for now it's thoughts and other fun things. This section will be about retro movie reviews and old video game titles, which came up "Ye Olde video games" under my dictation software. So if you want to sign up just click the link and head on over and register yourself and that's it for now. Catch ya later!
8/19/06- Well, we finally got the anime jukebox up! *wipes brow* I'm rocking out to it right now, in fact. Ok, for our surfers who use firefox as their browsers, is it just my screen, or is the font on the right side of this page really really tiny and hard to read? Because it shows up fine in my other browsers. Yeah, I actually test the page in AOL's browser, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Yikes. Ok, so about the jukebox. I couldn't help myself from giggling at some of the songs on here...I have to listen to them all to make sure the box works. The Hellsing pening and closing are so perky and dance-alicious considering the darker nature of the show....from the like 3 episodes I saw of it. Anyways, next time we do an anime box, I will try to have some music from Kenshin and Spirited Away and other stuff, but time ran away from me. We thank JD from Yu-Gi-Oh Uncensored for all of his contributions this month. It helped us out a great deal, since it was a lot less padding that Jade and I had to do due to some....rockiness, if you will....behind the scenes. Anyway, the jukebox for next month will be a little late going up as well, first to compensate for the anime box being so late, and second because I will be gone to the beach with my son and my mom for the first full weekend in September, and there just isn't time to teach Jade how to compile the jukebox between now and then. She has her boyfriend's family in for 10 days and by the time they leave, I will be packing to go. But come October, the jukebox should be back on track. I have no idea if our other Contributing Staff will be, but hopefully our new Friend of the Cauldron will be able to help us out with songs when he gets settled back in after his year in Korea. :) Later all. I need to take some medicine for this toothache!
8/3/06: Ok, we got the new layout up. The jukebox isn't quite ready though. :) Sorry about that. It's going to be super nifty though, as this month's theme is Anime Music! Yay, anime! I will update more later!
July 2006:
7/11/06: Happy birthday to Jade and Lisa Rinna! Lisa Rinna lost on Wheel of Fortune today to Jack Deveroux from Days of Our Lives. I am ready to fall over asleep, lol. I apologize for the delay in the jukebox, but I had some minor technical difficulties with it. There is a story to the order of the songs, but I am just too tired to type it all up right now. Maybe tomorrow. Anyone who would like to give Jade a birthday present, she accepts checks, money orders and Visa, cuz that's everywhere you wanna be. Oh and cash. She takes cash too. And also, things with dolphins on them. Happy birthday, Jadey cakes.
7/5/06: I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. Jade and I have made some changes, as you can see. We have decided that we were going to make changes to the staffing system. There will be a new designation as soon as we have someone to assign it to, which is Friend of the Cauldron, which requires 1 piece of work submitted. After 5, you move up to Contributing Staff, which Broodman and Diva are now. Once you submit 25 pieces of work, you move up to Associate Staff. Then finally when you reach 50, you become full staff. Jade and I have a few more things to iron out about the change in the system and what it means for everyone, but that's the new system in all its glory. Well, I will update more later. Enjoy all the July-iness of the page!
7/1/06: Well, the July layout and the new jukebox are going to be a little bit late. We apologize for the delay, but Jade had to be evacuated due to flooding in our area, and since her birthday falls in July, she gets to choose all the layout colors and stuff. Also, I need to get her songs for the jukebox off of her computer and she has company this weekend, so I won't see her until next week. There will be quite a few changes to the Cauldron this month, but I will talk about them as we do them. I have to finish the big list of thank you links here too, lol. This was a huge post and I had a ballet recital, then the server wouldn't work on my desktop computer, so I had to delete and reinstall Filezilla. My laptop was giving me troubles again, and there are just several other things that went wrong in the month of June. Screw June, lol. Now hopefully July will be a better month. Hopefully we will have no more disasters, be they natural or otherwise. And I am sincerely hoping to have the Grimm up by the end of this month or the beginning of August. And the latest round of Chibiusa Awards, of which there will be major changes to that as well, for the time being at least. Well, I better jet. I have much to do and I feel like I have little or no time to do things. The new layout and jukebox will be up ASAP, I promise.
June 2006:
6/18/06: Happy 4th Birthday, Anime Cauldron! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Anime Cauldron, happy birthday to you! Jade, can you believe our baby is 4 years old today? LOL! Man, we started this page 4 years ago in Jade's old apartment as a geocities site as something to keep us busy when we were bored. I was depressed because my then fiancee and I had just broken up a few months before, and I was a month shy of going in for the second of two stem cell transplants to treat my Hodgkins Lymphoma. Jade was at a point in her life where a new beginning would come into play. We decided on a whim to combine our 2 geocities accounts to make one page, Amethyst and Jade's Anime Cauldron. It was a simple page with a few scans of Cardcaptor Sakura pictures from my DVDs and the back of Jade's Sailor Moon journal. I had a limited knowledge of HTML, Jade has none, so it was basically a geocities layout. Who knew back then on that day that one day our little hobby would come to have its own domain, have affiliates, and be host to 2 of the most popular anime sites on the internet? Certainly not us. We also certainly never thought we would ever add new staff members or new sections, like the theater or the Chibiusas(I'm workin on it folks, I swear!). We never thought we would have a streaming jukebox, or even the knowledge of how such a thing worked. We are proud of our baby, and we hope to stay with her for many more years to come. We hope she will one day go to college and marry a nice man and not make us young grandmothers, lol. No really, we love the Anime Cauldron and we love our readers and hope to entertain you for a long time. And on that note, I must be going to get ready for my ballet recital. Thank you, Jade, for deciding this page was a good idea back in the day, and for not strangling me to death with all my flighty page alterations and swiss cheese memory. I don't know why you haven't killed me yet, lol, I'm assuming it's because you know I will haunt you! Diva, we miss you while you are on hiatus. Don't worry, though. I am going to add some stuff to the theater in your absense. Broodman, do some work already! Just kidding. Thanks for your contributions to the ever sporadic Chibiusa Awards and for letting me put your head on Chibiusa's body and perhaps scaring poor Nick for life. (Nick is a friend to the Cauldron, btw.) To Saiyaman, thank you for trusting us to host your site and not be mean to you. We love having DBZ Uncensored 2 as part of our family and we are glad you like it here. To JD, we are happy to have Yu-Gi-Oh Uncensored here as well, and we are glad you stayed on with us, and we hope you will stay with us for a long time to come. We're glad you like the Willow banner we made. Jade's cat is a fashion model, and she needed a gig, lol. We would also like to thank Bobby Brown for writing the song from Ghostbusters 2 so Jade and I have something to rap to; Smashmouth for doing a cover of I'm A Believer; Natalie Portman for entering a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Velorum's rule, and for starring in Where the Heart Is; Drew Barrymore for making Ever After, a movie I watch everyday; Mr. Cat for reasons known only to us; Pizza Hut and Ollie's for sponsering, unknowingly of course, many an Anime Cauldron meeting; Square-Enix for making the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and Parasite Eve franchises; Konami for making Silent Hill, DDR, and Karaoke Revolution; Lucas Arts, Bioware, and Obsidian for making the Knights of the Old Republic series; The Dave Ragnacci School of Dance for making me feel like I'm not a totally bad dancer; Jade would like to thank someone for writing a series of books that makes Amythest have seizures at the mere mention of. I'm sure you write fantastic books, ma'am, but I have issues lol; Bruce Campbell for existing; Sarah Michelle Gellar for being Buffy, James Marsters for being Spike, and even David Boreanaz who needs to do the Angel movies pronto; American Idol, which makes Jade twitch uncontrollably, Simon Cowell for being so awesome, Randy Jackson for being 800 degrees of yo dawg, Paula Abdul for being Forever our Girl and making being loopy the cool new trend, and Kelly Clarkson for being the best Idol ever!; Wes Craven for making Freddy Krueger; Jason for killing slutty teens at Camp Crystal Lake; Shannen Doherty for being on Charmed and being awesome. The show was never the same without you, even though it was still enjoyable to watch, mostly thanks to Bruce Campbell in one episode, Julian McMahon as Cole(HOT!!!), Oded Fehr as Zankou(Salty goodness to the extreme), Holly Marie Combs as Piper(you are beautiful, honey. Good luck with your babies), Drew Fuller as Future Chris(Yum!) and Wes Ramsey, who played Mangy Jesus(TWoP reference), aka Future Wyatt. Oh and Jennifer Rhodes as Grams and Finola Hughes as Mom! Alyssa Milano as Phoebe, even if you are rumored to get Shannon fired, you were Samantha Micelli so I love you and some random dude in Wal-Mart told me I look like you one day, so we're cool, and Rose McGowen as Paige. I can't believe you amost married Marilyn Manson. What were you thinking??? I loved you in Scream. Oh I almost forgot, thanks to Brain Krause for playing the ever loveable Leo. Did I forget anyone? Probably. You all rock though. Well most of you. I tend to agree with the above metioned TWoP about season 8 casting choices; Fred Savage for being cute and for being in the best video game movie ever!; Kevin Smith for making the New Jersey movies and playing Silent Bob, and Jade wishes to thank Alan Rickman for looking damn good in black wig. Thanks to Jason Mewes for being Jay, and giving my stuffed kitty cat a name (Boobookittyf***) and everyone else in those movies because we love them!; Macaulay Culkin because you are the key to linking everything in our Days of Our Lives game; Elijah Wood for being hot; Whoever created the character of Sami Brady on Days. Your rock, Allison; We also want to thank Sony, Blockbuster, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sears, JC Penneys, Overstock.com, Ebay, ADV Films, Hewlitt Packard, Dell, EA GAmes, Kirsten Dunst(Take the fangs out already! Lol, we love you!), Adobe, Symantec, Intel, LCCC, Kodak, Ed Ackerman, Ron Reino, Andy Petonak, Michael Molnar, Olympus, Mustek, Adelphia, America Online, Geocities, Quizilla, Myspace, Livejournal, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, The Empty Hats, Ole Tyme Charley's, Funimation(sort of), Price Chopper, Nelvana(again, sort of), Wal-Mart, my sister for doing my hair, Redner's, Rent-a-Center, Suncoast Video, EB Games, Gamestop, The Steamtown Mall, the Viewmont Mall, the Wyoming Valley Mall, and Vh-1 for doing the I Love the series. Thanks to friends, and family and various other people. If you weren't thanked this year, we'll catch ya next year! I hope someone sends us something for free after all of those plugs, lmao!
6/15/06: Good golly, our page will be 4 years old this Sunday! To celebrate, here is a look back at our own little Scooby Gang! First up, Amethyst! Next up, Jade! Take a look back at Diva, who is still on hiatus. Lastly, our most recent staff addition, Broodman. We hope you enjoy our little journey of pictures! Maybe I will post something tomorrow as well, but I have a recital tomorrow night so maybe not.
6/1/06: Weeee! The Anime Cauldron will turn 4 this month! Check out all the fun stuff we have in store. To celebrate the 4 year anniversary of the Cauldron, we're going to put up a link to our original geocities layout, picture pages to show the staff members through the years, and who knows what else?! Maybe Jade knows. I don't know. Also, word of warning, some of the songs on our jukebox this month have some pretty foul language in them. Don't know why they do, they just do, so beware.
May 2006:
5/9/06: It's 2:30 in the morning, but I have no school tomorrow, so WOOO!!! I finally got rid of our clock. You guys know what time it is without my help, I'm sure. Also, Jade took a picture and I couldn't help but make a Yu-Gi-Oh Uncensored banner out of it. That is her cat Willow lording over the Yu-Gi-Oh guys. Don't ask me who they are. I'm sure Yu-Gi-Oh is a fine show, but after being engaged to someone who watched waaaaay too much Pokemon and Digimon, the only show I can go near that involves card battles is Cardcaptor Sakura. And season 2 of Sailor Moon with the card demon thingies during the Doom Tree saga. Maybe one day I will watch it so that JD, Saiyaman and I can have some Yu-Gi chats, but for now all I know is that there is a spiky headed dude, some kid who looks like Trunks and a purple and white dragon mastered by Chacka Khan. I am probably mistaken on 50% of that last sentence. Speaking of anime, if you haven't already seen it, watch Princess Tutu. It is the most messed up and awesome thing Jade and I have ever beheld in our lives. We here at the Cauldron have much to do to get ready for next month, our 4 year anniversary. We are working on the Grimm, and a review of the new Silent Hill movie. With Diva on hiatus, the 3 of us are going to pick up the slack on the theater section and spiffy it up with reviews of different things. Well,that is it for now. Leave us some comments on the C-Box, or old Mr. T will be pitying you!
5/1/06: Wow, it has been a month since my last update! Oy! It has been non-stop busy for me though. I had projects and art shows and family drama. I have to go into my links section and remove a link but not tonight. I'm too tired to pull that page up. This is my last week of classes, so I will have 2 free weeks before I graduate to do some stuff here on the page. I have a whole new layout in mind and stuff, so be patient with me please. Jade, Broodman and I are going to do a review of the Silent Hill movie together to keep things flowing at Diva's Theater. Diva is also going on hiatus for a bit until she is ready to come back to the page. She is a busy gal, what with getting engaged and moving and everything else! We wish our Diva good luck and hope she will be ready to come back soon and have some fabulous things to review for us. Well, I need to render some more and possibly sleep sometime tonight!
April 2006:
4/1/06: Happy birthday to our Diva! She is 806 today! Or 26. Take your pick. Our jukebox of the month shall be Disney music. I pray to the Goddess Disney doesn't sue us, lol. I just bought Lady and the Tramp though, so me and Disney are cool with each other. The stream has 50 songs, some from newer Disney movies, some from classics, and some are TV show themes. If any one of the songs on the list is not working correctly or I made a mistake(because 50 songs is a lot to sort through, I may have goofed up), please let me know ASAP. You can either e-mail me or leave a comment in the C-Box. Also, if you love the songs or hate the songs or feel mildly indifferent to the songs, let us know! We love hearing from people. And while you are streaming Disney music, why don't you have a blast shopping with our affliliates at Cheap Anime on DVD and Robert's Anime Corner Store. And of course check out DBZ Uncensored 2 and Yu-Gi-Oh Uncensored, because we love those guys. :) And you should love them too. And because it is 4:30 in the morning and I am completely and totally exhausted, I have decided to dub them Anime-alicious. If it wasn't a word before, it most certainly is now. DBZU2 is Saiyan-alicious, and Yu-Gi-Oh is, like, um....what was that dude's name again, Jade? Chacka Khan-alicious? Yu-Gi-Oh-no-you-did-not-alicious? Can someone please help me to fall asleep? Maybe we should have a poll of new and fun ways to help poor Amethyst fall asleep. Maybe that will be my goal for tomorrow evening. Ok, I'm going to finsih the final touches on the jukebox.
2nd update: Ok, the jukebox is up, but I am tired, and need to go back into my Kingdom Hearts 2 coma for a bit. So I didn't test it. Also, last year's Easter Bunny Yuna seems to be lost somewhere in my files, so when I find her, I shall put her up. Enjoy the sweet sounds of Disney and the crazy dance mixes Jade and I dug up at 1 in the morning.
March 2006:
3/26/06: We are now an affiliate of Robert's Anime Corner Store. Check them out because they have AWESOME deals. I shop there all the time. In other news April is approaching and our new jukebox will be up. Since Easter is coming up next month, we will be doing Disney songs.
3/12/06: There is an update on Our Top 10 Lists. Jade and I came up with the top 10 pick-up lines for Ronald McDonald, so check it out.
3/11/06: Long time, no update. I apologize, but I was in the hospital. I am mostly alright now. Still a little on the weak side, but alright. We have an affiliate now, our first one! He runs :: Cheap Anime on DVD ::, a really great store. I got the Sailor Moon S DVD boxset for $15, so he isn't kidding when he says cheap! He also has a forum there so if you want something he doesn't have, you can make a request. Please take a moment to check out his site. You won't be sorry.
3/1/06: Well, my 26th birthday came and went with me being too sick to care. *sigh* I need to celebrate. Anyway, welcome to the March layout. I ill move February to past updates soon. I just watched the Kingdom Hearts 2 intro, and I am still shell shocked by it. I NEED to own that game. The next round of Chibiusas will be up soon as well.

February 2006:
2/16/05: The link for the Chibiusas was wrong and I am sorry. I fixed it now, if anyone would like to see. I have no school tomorrow, so Jade and I will probably start to work on some new sections. Ok, that is my big update. Back to Dancing With The Stars, lol.
2/15/06: Thanks to a teacher in-service today, I had the whole day to finish fixing all the links on all the pages. I am happy to report that everything is fixed now. After a million months, the latest round of the Chibiusa Awards are up. We will begin the next round soon. I apologize for the delay, but there was a lot of work to do moving the page to our new server, learning how to use an ftp program, school, etc. I am glad to be done with it all. And to those who use a dial-up connection, the jukebox will suck for you, lol. I am sorry for this. Next month, there will be a cap on how many songs there will be on it. Well, I am tired and have class in the morning. Enjoy all the fixed links and stuff.
2/14/06: Ok, for anyone who may have tried to access the jukebox and got an error message, I am so sorry. It is fixed now, so if you would like to try again, it does work. Turn down the lights, light a candle, and stream our jukebox of love. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.
2/13/06: Well, the Valentine's jukebox is up! It is a BIG file. It was supposed to be everyone's top 3 songs, and then we all just went crazy. It went from, like, 21 songs to well over 100. But it's totally worth it! Enjoy!
2/12/06: Sorry for the delay with the jukebox, but I got some last minutes requests. :) I am going to check out the new requests, see if I have them somewhere, and add them if I can and put it up later tonight. It's gonna be a big file, ya'll. :) Well, back to work with me. There are many broken links and pictures to repair for your viewing pleasure. Each of the staff members' profiles have been updated with bumper stickers from Internet Bumper Stickers. Enjoy!
2/11/06: I am going around, updating links and pictures that aren't showing up. A little later, I'm going to put up our Valentine's jukebox that we have been working on. I was inspired by the site X-Entertainment, which is a truly excellent site. Please give this site a visit, especially if you are a child of the 80s. He has so many retro reviews. Ok, back to work.

January 2006:
1/29/06: Hello, everyone. We have another site we are hosting here. Please welcome Yu-Gi-Oh Uncensored to our site. We are currently their temporary host, but we do hope if things do not work out with their other server that they will stay with us. Jade is a huge Yu-Gi-Oh fan. I am trying to catch things up, but my trial of Cuteftp expired, so I needed to find another program. I now have a new program and it seems to agree with me. :) So for those of you who are new and just finding your way here from those sites, we have a Livejournal Community, and a Myspace Group. If u have a livejournal and/or myspace account and want to join up, feel free. Now that I have the new ftp prgram, I will be updating when it is possible. So until then, catch ya'll later.
1/21/06: Well, DBZ Uncensored 2 has finally joined us here at the Anime Cauldron. We are very please to be hosting the site. It is a great honor for me, a huge fan of the original page run by Chris Psaros. For those of you linking to us from DBZU2 for the first time, welcome to the Anime Cauldron. I am Amethyst. My friend Jade and I started this page back in 2002 as a fun thing to do together. I was a newly single young mother fighting cancer, and Jade was about to stumble across the biggest change of her life. Along the way, we gained Diva and Broodman on our staff of Cauldron staffers, and the rest is history. GreatSaiyaman asked us a year ago if we would mind hosting his site and, of course, we were more than happy to have him. I'm sure fans of his site know his reasons for leaving the Otaku Alliance and coming here. I'm not going to bring it all up here, just suffice to say that there was just too much tension between him and some of the staff at the Alliance. Well, that is all for today. I just started school again this week, and I am going to be spending the weekend working on some assignments and cleaning up broken links and fixing up some pages. For those of you who are new to the site, if you find any broken links, please bear with me, I am working on fixing them. Good night, everyone.
1/11/06: A new month a new layout, lol. I hope everyone had a good holiday season. We here at the Cauldron had a pretty nice holiday. The site we will be hosting is just about ready to move in. The new section will be up soon, Jade is working on part 1 of the Year in Review 2005, and the Chibiusa's will be ready to post soon. Until next time enjoy!

December 2005:
12/22/05: Nothing like waiting till the last minute with the Christmas deco, eh? We love you guys. May you all have a joyful holiday season, and we will be back in 2006 bigger and better than ever!

October 2005:
10/27/05: Join our Live Journal Community, and our Myspace Group.
10/11/05: Lookie, we have our own domain! Woot! I will update later, but due to my poor ballerina skills, I need some pain meds. Ok, I love you, buh-bye.

September 2005:
9/16/05: Oops. Seems I forgot to post here that the lastest Chibiusa Awards are up. My bad.
9/4/05: Well, I finally made it this far in backing the pages up, lol. The last stop is the video game page, and the posting of the next round of Chibiusa Awards. I'm sorry for the delay. My laptop needs to be fixed. Please feel free to comment in the C-Box!

August 2005:
8/29/05: I am so sorry I haven't let anyone know about updates. I have been updating like mad, but my laptop with all the page stuff won't charge it's battery for some odd reason. I have to go to Danville for a few days, but when I get home, the next batch of chibiusas will be up. Also, Diva sent us a review of Evita, so head on over and check it out. All of the pages have been updated. There are link buttons to get you back to here, some general additions and subtractions and whatnot. So surf around to see the updates. Later all!
8/15/05: The results of the Chibiusas are up!
8/11/05: Oy! I have been a busy little bee. I have been backing up all of our pages to notepad, so they will be easier to edit. If anything needed to be tweaked, it was tweaked. I am actually still tweaking. Sunday is the last day to vote on the Chibiusa Awards. We have picked the next set of categories, and will soon choose our games. I will be doing some more updating later. I noticed some pages aren't linked where they should be, which needs to be fixed. So don't despair, I have been updating like crazy, which makes for a very tired Amethyst. Jade is caught up on her quizzes, I just have to post them. She is also, I believe, going to be working on an update for the Spellbook. I will be sleeping at Broodman's house this weekend, so I will see if he is update ready. I have some stuff I need to transcribe for a new section. So there is a lot going on here at the Cauldron! But I need to run, because my mum and sister and I are taking our brood of children out for some dinner. Later gators!
8/4/05: Time to pretty up the front page and make some minor updates here and there.

July 2005:
7/31/05: I can't believe it's the end of July! It seems like yesterday it was March and now it is almost August. If anyone is wondering why the quiz page is still on update status, it is because Jade is catching up everyday, so just about everyday there are new results. I might have to split the general quizzes up again, because it is a huge page that takes a long time to load, and I am sure that those of you on a dial-up connection must hate how long it takes. I'll figure it out. I just wanted to say hey and please vote for the Chibiusa Awards, because we have ties in 1 or 2 of the categories and we can't have that, lol. Later all!
7/28/05: As of today, you can meet our newest staffer! Check out Broodman's Beat to meet him. We will be working on new sections starting tomorrow evening, actually, so stayed tuned for that. Welcome to the Cauldron, Broodman. We hope you like it here.
7/27/05: There are some brand new quizzes in the general quiz section! Yay! I have class in a few so I wanted to slap that up.
7/21/05: Jade has finally caught up on all the quizzes! The updates marked are at the quiz pages. I also fixed the other quiz pages, putting all the shared results together in one spot, fixing the picture links, and getting rid of quizzes that are gone. Which means that now that Jade is caught up, I can add more! Yay!
7/19/05: Well, it was time to take down the birthday fairy until September. Although I don't know if it is logical to have a fairy for a male member of our staff. Perhaps I will make something for the males, since we will have another one joining up before too long. Fun! I am taking a much needed break from an Illustrator project for school. I'm starting to see dotted lines everywhere, lol. As far as updates, there is the new DBZ section, the Chibiusa awards, an upcoming column with Jade and Broodman, and an eventual section with me and Broodman. I am also thinking of expanding the Cardcaptor Sakura section to including The Tsubasa Chronicles, since Shaoran and Sakura are the lead characters. Plus we have a new site moving in once our domain is up and running again. Happy Harry had some computer glitching and his update was lost. :( Well, I better get back to my assignment. Later.
7/18/05: So there is a new section in the Dragonball section. I don't have a button for it so I'll link it up here, lol. What I learned from DB. Check it out. It's fun. Jade and I are working overtime trying t get new stuff up. Broodman will get a profile up soon, he and Jade will have an advice section, and he will work on video game stuff with me. I have to get in touch with Diva about stuff from her. Anyway, enjoy the new section.
7/16/05: What a weekend. It's not even over yet, lol. Anyways, we have a new staffer. He hasn't made a profile yet, but Broodman is joining us here at the cauldron to team up with Jade and me to do articles and stuff. We need some votes for the chibiusa awards. Carla, where are u? :)
7/13/05: Second update- Well our new section is ready to go. Click here to check out the Oooh Chibiusa Awards of Video Gaming Excellence. Trust me, it'll be fun!
Well, the birthday fairy is up, so even though it's late to say happy birthday to Jade, I'm updating to say it anyways. I saw her on Monday, and the weekend, so it counts, lol. We have reached the point in the month when money sucks because I don't have enough. But, the new section is just about done. All I have to do is add a few things and link it up! I hope that people like voting because it involves voting. Anyways, I am at school, so I better jet.

June 2005:
6/29/05: I'm still a little on the sick side, but getting better. Jade and I have been working on things. I'm in class and the guy who sits next to me says that girls do not play video games. Whateva! I think he is joking. The birthday fairy will be returning soon for Jade's birthday, long with a perfect new sound for her. I think I will play around with Yuna later and give her a summery look. And get our domain back up and running. Well, I have to jet. Later all.
6/15/05: I am sick. :( I don't like being sick. But at least it frees me up to do stuff around here. Something I have learned while updating and viewing this page at school is that some of our images(mainly .bmp files) do not show up on Macs. I don't know if anyone views this page on a Mac, or at all actually, but I figured I should fix that problem. And make some pretty new stuff for the page. I have some stuff I am going to say here later, because Jade said I could, but I will do that when I tinker with things. So later.
6/8/05: Wow, I didn't realize it's been 2 months. My bad. Our domain is temporarily frozen, but that will be fixed soon enough. I am sorry it has been so long, and that even our livejournal has been lacking, but it has been crazy hectic. Diva is Diva, Jade is Jade and Amethyst is traveling all over the place. Everything will be rolling along soon, I hope. I'm waiting for updates from Diva and Jade and our new staffers who don't get their own profile pages until they give me something to post, and I am trying to figure out how our domain works. Fun fun. Enjoy the summer and I'll kepp u all posted.

April 2005:
4/29/05: 2nd update- After a short conference with Jade, we decided that while we are in transition here at the Anime Cauldron, we would start our own LiveJournal. It will be a lot easier for both of us to let everyone know what is going on with the page and its transfer state if we do it there. Jade and Diva do not know HTML code at all, and it will be easier for them too. If you have a livejournal account, feel free to add us to your list if you would like to. I'll update it as much as possible, as will Jade. Once we tell Diva about it, I'm sure she'll jump on there every now and then as well. Well, I just wanted to let ya'll know about that. Later gators.
I realize it has been 20 days since my last update, but I am sure all of our college bound readers can understand what the last month before finals is like. Jade sent me some movie quiz updates, and so I updated them. I apologize to anyone who still comes here for the lag. But life is hectic. Once the semester is over, I will hopefully have our site moved to our domain. I have a preview page that is literally just that. Our own text hasn't even been put up yet, but if you would like to view it, it's here. So when we move, you all will know it. We will also have our new hosted site, which is just about ready, but due to college obligations on the part of its owner, it too shall wait until next month. I'm in the final stretch here though ya'll. Diva too. And Jade is working on things. So fear not, we shall be back with a vengence soon enough.
4/9/05: Sorry for the long time lag in updates. But old Amethyst is back. There have just been some major changes in my life lately, as well as Diva's and Jade's and we have been busy. Jade sent me a little chant for the spellbook and seeing as how it saved my computer from the brink of death, I recommend it. Updates will be slow in coming for awhile, but there will be major changes next month. School will be out for one thing. For another our site that we will be hosting will be ready, and the Anime Cauldron will be moving to it's own domain when that happens. Well, enjoy the new chant and when things calm down, I will fill you in on our changes.

March 2005:
3/20/05: I hope everyone had a happy St. Patty's Day, and that all my fellow Erin's had a good Go Braugh! For the record, yes I do know what Erin Go Braugh means, I just think it's fun to say we shall Go Braugh! So now that the green holiday and it's magical Shamrock Shakes have passed, it's time to Easter this baby up. I hope everyone likes the little egg banner I made. I have some homework to do in Photoshop, so I figured while it was open, I may as well spiffy up the page. I'll be going back and forth between homework and the page for the day, so enjoy.
3/11/05: Diva sent me a new theater review for the last show she was in last night, and I posted it today. And since I fixed her index page to have the movie quiz link, I took it off of here. The show was called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, so please check it out. In other news, things are coming along on other projects. Jade is working on something, and what that something is I can't remember at the moment, but I'm sure it's good. Happy Harry is working on his horoscopes. I'm working on some projects which should be ready soon. Diva will be covering the theater awards next weekend. And our new host site should be ready and rearin to go pretty soon. My friend apologizes for the wait, but these things take time. Anyway, I will be working on stuff later, so until then....
3/2/05: Ah, March. Time for some new colors. I see from our counter that we haven't been doing so well in the hits department. I'm sure all that will change in the coming weeks. I will have some updates to sections soon, including the much neglected Sailor Moon page.

February 2005:
2/24/05: Jade caught up on the video game quizzes and some of the movie quizzes. Otherwise, not much is up.
2/23/05: Woo! It's my birthday! Happy! Anyways, Jade caught up on all the anime quizzes, the Sailor Moon quizzes, and the Buffy quizzes. She was on a roll today, lol. *Well yesterday. It's 3:30 am and I can't sleep. I'm excited. But I wanted to put up the birthday fairy. She will stay up for a week, and then down she goes until April 1st, when it will be Diva's turn to have the birthday fairy. Night.
2/22/05: Jade caught up on the anime quizzes, all but 2 and she didn't know she needed to do them. I was fixing all the outdated links and I just can't match her results on 2 of the older quizzes. She also did some Sailor Moon but I haven't gotten that far yet. So, what's new at the Cauldron? Jade is working on the Year in Review part 2, and Happy Harry is working on his happy horoscopes. And I get to repeat myself like a broken record yet again, lol. Yes, I will pretty up the horoscopes page. Yes, we still a have a new site that we will be hosting coming up. Yes, there are new sections on the way. Yes, my poor sanity has taken a vacation. I have much cleaning to do around my bedroom, I have a sketch book to work on, and I have a hard drive with only 4 gigs of free space. But fear not, because I have decided that during the day I will clean, then I will work on my sketch book, and then as I am chillin and getting ready for bed, I shall feverishly update the page. This is going to be a long week. I might just need a break from my winter break, lol. And yes, tomorrow is my birthday! If you want to give me a nice present, post in the guestbook! Or send us some fan art, fan fics, or poetry or something. Well, if I'm going to adhere to my schedule, I'd better start cleaning.
2/13/05: Well, the new section is up. It is not yet linked up at the spellbook, nor is it all prettied up yet with graphics, but it's up. My hard drive is down to megabytes of space, and I just didn't get around to making icons for it yet. But I hope veryone enjoys it.:)
2/12/05: Hello, all. I trust we are all well. So I'm thumbing through my files on my computer, and I found a long since forgotten about word pad file containing a section I meant to put up a year ago! Leave it to Amethyst to do that, right? So I think I shall make a page for it and put it up. I even remember working on it, because I was sick and sleeping on the couch and doing nothing but watching anime all day, lol. So as soon as I catch up on some other graphical things, I shall put that up. In other news, Jade has disappeared from the face of the planet Earth, so if anyone sees her, tell her to come back. Unless she is on Mars, at which point she won't come back cuz...well, it's Mars. :) And in Diva news, our girl is nominated in 2 categories for the NEPTA(North Eastern Pennsylvania Theater Association) awards. One for Best Lead Actress and one for Best Choreography, both for Bat Boy the Musical. Bat Boy itself is nominated for several awards, including choreography, costume design, lighting design, supporting actress and musical director, as well as best musical. Let's all cheer her and her cast mates on, and I'm sure Diva will do a write up for us when the time comes. She is very nervous, lol. And I will provide pictures, since any opportunity for me to wear a dress is something I jump at. :D Well, off to work.
2/7/05: Class is going to start for me soon, but I thought I would pop in to say hi! Jade has not been online lately. But as soon as I get some homework out of the way, I have some update ideas, so keep a look out for that. There is some other stuff coming soon too. And Jade started on the anime quizzes. I don't know if i mentioned that last time.
2/2/05: Well, Jade is all caught up on the witchy quizzes on the spellbook and has started the anime quizzes now. We received a guestbook post from Niki, who asked the interesting question of why is my picture bigger than Jade's and Diva's. I could say it's because I always need something on the page to bring the conspiracy theorists back. I love those people. Jade says it could be because she mocked me with her monkey pants. Or I could say the truth, which is rather boring by comparison. When I set out to create the new banner, I had definate ideas for Jade and Diva, but no idea what I would do for myself. I actually did Jade's picture first. I worked for a few hours on it, liked the results, and moved on to Diva. It took a few hours to make hers the way I wanted it, because the picture needed to be adjusted. Last came me, and it took me almost a half hour just to figure out what I could do. I finally chose to manipulate the Silent Hill 2 menu screen pic I had and switch letters around and stuff. When I brought the 3 pictures together, it was roughly 3 am. I was just so proud of how good I thought they all looked that I didn't even notice there was a size difference. Then I saw your post and took another look at the picture and was like, uh oh. Jade will post her 2 cents on the situation in the next few days. But as soon as Jade sends me a new pic and our new staffer or staffers(one is definate, one is pending), the banner will be updated and changed and resized. I just wanted to comment that in my opinion, no one at the Cauldron is more important than anyone else. It would not be the Cauldron it is without Jade's Spellbook, nor would it be the same without Diva's Theater, or without the video game and anime sections I contribute. Jade and I both work on the Buffy/Angel section from time to time, and we brainstorm ideas together. And Jade has stuff that she wants to add here, so look for that. I hope that answers your question, Niki. But to all you conspiracy theorists(whom I LOVE because I had a teacher like that and he ruled!), it's because Jade mocked me with her monkey pants. :D
Also, I made the page a little more Valentine-y. Is Valentine-y a word? No? Now it is. :) I have too much on my pallette right now to make anything new for the page Photoshop wise. I have 4 classes this semester spread out over 3 days. Also the january updates were moved to the past page.

January 2005:
1/29/05: Cold is almost gone, thankfully. Jade took some more of the quizzes at the spellbook, catching herself up just a little bit more. I have been good and have abstained from taking more quizzes, lol. I just love getting the cute little results. Ah, well. Carla thanked us for missing her. That's awesome. Well, I have some stuff I need to work on. Good night all.
1/25/05: Still have a cold, but updating. :) Jade caught up on some of the quizzes at the spellbook. They are below all the ones that flash "new" that haven't really been new for months and months, but it makes it easier for her, so they stay new until she takes them. I realize now that I forgot to change the e-mail address at the Spellbook, but please if you want to e-mail Jade a question, use the AnimeCauldron address, not silverjade77. Also, there is a new section coming in sometime today. We will now have a monthly horrorscope, written by Happy Harry! So I better get to work on that. Later everyone, and stay healthy! P.S.- Where's Carla? We miss her posts in the guestbook. :(
1/22/05: All the pages are pretty much done. I didn't do anything to Diva's Theater for now, because I don't know what to do. I got sick of the flashing update signs though, so just click all the links to see all the new stuff. :) I still have a cold, and Jade is finally back online...sorta. More on that later, once she lets me know what's up. :)
1/21/05: Well, I made some more pretty stuff for some other pages. Since I am not in class like I should be due to a dumb cold that finally caught up with me, I figured I may as well finish everything off today here. There is much to do, so I may as well get to it. I hate being sick. I hate 101.3 degree fevers and aches and pains and all that other fun sickness stuff.
1/19/05: What a day! My first day back to school was intertesting to say the least. It was snowy and awful, and my second class was cancelled, so I went to Jade's house and played showed her some stuff that I did to the pages, since her internet situation is still not squared away. So while I was there, we noticed a new guestbook post from Carla, who I wish to the goddess we had an award for most frequent guestbook poster, because she would win it hands down. I thank you for the compliments on the work I have been doing, Carla, and to answer your question, I update the Buffy and Angel pages because....well, I don't know why I update them, lol. I just kind of went in order down the links on the side of the page here. That and just in case anyone actually visits those pages, I wanted to put a link back to the Cauldron main page there for them to follow. Well, I better go and work on the other pages now. Thanks again for the nice words, Carla, and we hope to hear from you again soon!
1/17/05: Well, I made the Angel page a little prettier. The Wang Chung thing will never go away though, lol. I'm sorry. Jade sent me a new pic for her profile, and I have a new one of Diva, and mine is alread up, so that means a new Anime Cauldron banner! As new staffers join, I will simply add them into the picture. Well, I have much work to do, so enjoy the updates.
1/16/05: Video Game Central got a makeover tonight. I am working on all of the other pages. They need to look good, because we have some new stuff coming, including a horoscope section! Jade is also working on the 2nd half of the YIR 2004. And I am working to make all the pages good, come up with some content, and see if I can't get my co-writer(not Jade) to write something, lol. Our hosted site will be a little late in moving in, but that's ok because I still have some stuff to do before the site comes anyways. Diva and I start school next week. So that's that. I'm going to get back to work. Good night!
1/15/05: There is a new greeting sound on the spellbook. We couldn't resist. And we want to thank Carla again for her nice post about how she likes our page. You are actually getting a mention in part 2 of the Year in Review, all the more reason to come back everyday. :) Well, I better go and out new fun sounds on all the sub pages. Later!
1/13/05: Well, as you can see, Mr. T. wants people to sign the guestbook. Also, I made new buttons for the index page. In the next few days I hope to make many more updates before classes start up again. Things will be hectic at the Cauldron for the next few weeks, with people coming into the fold. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.:)
1/10/05: Just a brief update today to make a minor correction on the Year in Review 2004, thanks in part to a new post in the guestbook. Since I am too wrecked(and by wrecked I mean weak and yucky) today to go into the page itself to fix it, I shall put it here. Proving that someone does, indeed, read our stuff, Carla gave me the info that James Marsters is, in fact, employed. He has a recurring role on The Mountain apparently. I was not aware of that, so thank you Carla. And thank you for visiting the Cauldron. I am going to eat some chicken soup and die now. Later.
1/8/05: Well, as you can see, the first installment of Jade's Year in Review 2004 is up, as well as the long forgotten link to 2003's. It's still in a pretty rough form, no pictures or anything as of yet. But I made a pretty banner. Jade was so moved by Yuna's sorrow that she signed the guestbook herself lol. I think it's time to put up a new guardian, if you will, for the guestbook, lol. But I just wanted to link that up before I flounce out the door to have a night of disco-reviving with my friends. Later!
1/7/05: Wooo! Thanks to me having the small foresight of having the Anime Caukdron e-mail on my account rather than Jade's, Jade was able to log in today and e-mail me some stuff. The first part of the year in review 2004 is finished. I am merely spell-checking and prettying it up a bit. She sent me something for the spellbook too. So when I have everything finished, they will be up and running.
Happy New Year all! I trust everyone had a good holiday. I know I did. So now you all may be saying, "oh, Amethyst....where is the Year in Review 2004?" Don't worry, Jade is working on it. She was quite feverishly typing in my ear today, ranting something about Martha Stewart and Sony. (For the record, I love you Sony. I would love you more if I woke up tomorrow to find a new TV on my front porch.) Anyways, we tried so hard to tape the show on Friday night, but it didn't happen. We were just too much into a party atmosphere. I think I just need to get my co-host to send me his stuff, and we can do transcripts for now, and then when we get together, we can do the show. Well, I better get back to making the page look pretty for the New Year. I hope 2005 is good to you all.

December 2004:
12/27/04: Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Yule/"insert name of holiday here" this year! I know I sat in amazement watching my 4 year old son play 9 rounds of Duck Hunt with perfect scores! He is definately mine, lol. Jade's computer is up and running, except her internet is not up and running. *slams head off desk* Give her 2 weeks or so and she should be back. This site will get some much needed updates in the next few weeks, including new sections, our new site that we are hosting, new staff members....the whole 9 yards. Well, since it is only 2 days after Christmas, much like everyone else I'm sure, I shall leave the Christmas deco up. I shall try to update before New Years Eve because I will be gone for the weekend. Happy Holidays everyone!
12/20/04: Woo! The holidays are a busy time. Well, aquick update with some news. Jade's computer is up again, and once I install some stuff for her, she's good to go. When I was at her house a few days ago, she was busy typing up some updates for the page. And around January 16th or so, our hosted site should be moved in. And on New Year's Eve, we are going to re-shoot the first episode of our show with a different camera so I can upload it to the site. I apologize again for the delay. I hope everyone was a joyous holiday season, as I am pretty sure I will not be able to update until after Christmas.
12/8/04: Hi everyone! We got a new post in the guestbook today, so hello to you, Bobby. Bobby says he likes the Christmas deco, which I thank you for. He also asked why there haven't been any recent updates, and that is because I have been super busy our final projects for school. Plus some tests. Jade is still computer-less, so no updates from her, although she did tell me to tell everyone who reads this page that she misses you all terribly. Diva is also very busy with finals, but assures me that she has started a review for a show she was in. Bobby also asked where Da Man went. We all love Da Man very much. He's like a brother to me and Diva, and a snuggly boyfriend to Jade, but simply put, the only thing he ever contributed to the page besides mystery was his profile. And he really showed no interest in doing anything to my knowledge. If in the future, Da Man would like to come back and have his own section, he's always welcome. But as far as mystery men go, we will have a new one some time after the New Year. He's so mysterious in fact that WE don't even know him, lol. Never met him before in my life, but we have been e-mail pals for about a year now. Who is this person and what will he do? I'm afraid I can't say until his section is ready to go. Why? Because the results could be disasterous if I reveal him before that time. But after the New Year there will be plenty of new things. Jade has a new section planned, and there will be 2 new staff members, and even a show! I am very sorry the updates have been so slow. In my Psych. class, we have had tests every week for the past few weeks. In Illustration, we had to do an 8-page magazine-type book, which took up a lot of time. And in my Computers in Industry class, we are using Photoshop to create a CD cover, back cover, and label. Along with Jade's new section, I have been working on the show page, as well as a Photoshop gallery. And in the next few weeks, I will have Jade's computer running again. Well, I better run and get some work done here, so hello again, and welcome Bobby! We love hearing from ya'll!

November 2004:
11/22/04: Well, like most people with a cold, I spent almost no time at all resting! Just me? Oh well. I feel like I need to go back and pretty up all the pages, except the Sailor Moon one. That one is just pretty enough as is. Maybe I'll do that over the holiday break, if I have the time. There is so much to do, and I feel like there is so little time to do it. I plan to spend Black Friday Christmasing up the page. Is Christmasing a word? No? Well, now it is. I made some new Christmas graphics, so that shouldn't take too long. Everyone else will be out shopping, and seeing as how my white count is still, after nearly 2 years, back to normal, it is a day I must avoid going out at all. Red Saturday is more my day. Is there a Red Saturday? No? Well, now there is. If there is a Black Friday, I shall recolor all the other days too. Red Saturday, Canary Yellow Sunday, Purple Monday, Tangerine Tuesday, Green Wednesday, and Indigo Thursday. Yes, I just realized that I turned that week into the Color Kids from Rainbow Brite, but when I am sick, I am granted the right to make things up as I go along. ;) Hugs to you all in Cauldron Land.
11/21/04: The play tonight was ok. It was your typical high school thing, and I may do a review of it for the theater section. It made me very nostolgic for when I was in the Bishop Hoban band. I can't believe it was 10 years ago. I actually wished that some of my old band friends would be there, but of course they weren't. I couldn't help but smile when I thought about the concerts and the musicals and all of that kind of stuff. And about my friend Theresa being on crutches and us having to carry her to McDonald's! I guess I never realized how much I missed Theresa and Mary and Jessica and even David until tonight. Maybe they are out there, reading this very page. Hee, if you are Mary, Jessica, or David and you were in the Hoban band bewteen 1992-1994, e-mail me! Lol. Enough nostalgia. I made some changes to the profile pages. I will do more tomorrow, so good night.
11/20/04: I decided that with the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories fast approaching, it was time for me to make some changes at the video game section of the page. I also finished some work at the new section. I just need to link some stuff up and then I will put the link up here. But now I must take myself and my cold out for the evening to go see a play. Have fun everyone.
11/16/04: Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have been sick. I still can't find my plug, so I shall have to buy a new one. I will do that ASAP. Hopefully our site to be hosted will be ready soon and everyone will have a new page to visit. I've been making graphics all day, so maybe I'll upload some.
11/5/04: What a long day today was. Got Christmas pictures done today. Tomorrow I have to go for new glasses because I broke mine. What can ya do? I need to find the cord for my camera so I can upload the video for the new section. More later!
11/4/04: Needless to say, the patriotic stuff comes down when I get home from school. I'm not going to say anything else because I don't want to get flamed, I'm just bitterly disappointed is all. *sigh* Anyways, I have a bit of a sore throat today that I hope goes away before Saturday. We had ALL of my nieces and nephews yesterday as well as my son at the house! Chaos! Which is why my throat hurts. More later!
11/2/04: Whew! I made it back to class in time for an update! Yay! I voted today for the first time ever. I hope everyone else voted. I think it would be a riot if everyone was all "Will it be Kerry or Bush?" and then one of the other guys we never even heard of won. Good times. Anyways, when I get home, I shall upload the video and figure out how to lure all of our stragglers back to the page to view it. Maybe enter more search phrases at google and yahoo. But oh well, more later my little gators. Time to see if we have any e-mail!
11/1/04: Yes, the blue against the red is painful to look at, but it's oh so patriotic. And this election is painful. *big grin* Just kidding, don't hurt me. Everyone should vote! The Twilight Zone theme is still apporpriate for today so I'll leave it at that. On the news front, yes we will be hosting the nifty site, but I am sworn to secrecy until it is time for said site to move in. So sometime after the new year, we will make the announcement. As for the new section, it's actually almost ready. We shot the first episode two minutes before aparty, lol, so we are in costumes. When I have it uploaded, I will link up the page and there you will find a play by play on just what it is all about. I'm also thinking that it is time for the portal to go away. Silent Hill 4 has been out for well over a month now, so maybe the portal shall be resigned to the past updates pile, so if you love the randomness of it all, you can still jump around. Maybe tomorrow evening I will do that. I apologize for not doing a Halloween update yesterday, but I was too tired. I hope everyone had a happy halloween. No one sent us pictures, which is fine because I have no pictures of us either lol. What a wacky weekend we had. Well, I will update more tomorrow when I get home from my quiz.

Oh no folks, a portal has opened up on the Cauldron...where does it lead? Is Henry there? Click the button to find out. ;)

October 2004:
10/30/04: Well, after tinkering a bit with Photoshop last night, I followed this tutorial to create a nifty effect, which is now the background for our profile pages for Halloween-y fun! Why doesn't Da Man get one, you may ask. Because it's hard. And Piccolo don't need no fairy eyes. :) I'm going to tinker about the page for a bit until I leave for my party. Later all!
10/28/04: Hey hey! Not much to say today. Sorry for for the rhyme. This isn't turning into the Suess Cauldron, I swear. I am so excited about Halloween! I get to take my little one trick or treating! Don't forget to send your costume pics to us. Gotta jet for now!
10/27/04: I uploaded a halloween background, but I am too tired to figure out colors to go with it, lol. I think orange will be it for now. Sorry. The new section is going to be worked on come Saturday, so yay, and I got news today of something that may be coming to the Cauldron that is so exciting I thought I might burst! I don't want to say anything for sure just yet in case he changes his mind, but if all works out, the Anime Cauldron might be the future host of one the THE coolest sites out there! I am so excited about it. And also, I am back online. Not Jade as of yet, but hopefully she will be within the next few weeks, months or years lol. Well, I have school in the morning, so good night gentle readers.
10/21/04: Hey hey. There are a few updates over at yonder spellbook, so jump on over and take a looksie if you want. My homemade spell is up, as well as the latest Sabbat update. Diva has some more quotes for our list, as does Jade, so it will probably end up becoming a top 50 sometime in the immediate future. Ciao for now all!
10/19/2004: Second update: Sorry for the brief update. My teacher walked in as I was typing and it was Photoshop time! Jade and I decided to compile a list of random quotes we spout off, and what started as a Top 10 became a Top 25 within the span of my 2 and a half hours at her house in between classes! And yes, again I give the eternal promis of our hot new section coming soon. My co-writer guarantees me that he shall be ready as of this weekend, so let's all cross our fingers. Jade is also preparing to write the Year in Review for 2004, prompting me to notice that there is no link to 2003's edition. Oops. I'll fix that tomorrow. Enjoy the wackiness!
Yeah, there's an update in the top 10. I'll type more about it later. It's great fun to read!
10/14/04: Ok so I sat here in class typing my update and I hit a button and said update disappeared. *Sigh* To sum it up, new colors, hope everyone likes until I can make a new Halloween thang, no like, e-mail or post in guestbook. That summed up what I lost. That and i apologized for the fact that Rock and Roll week has been a month long and that the new section is delayed until my co-writer finishes his freelance work and feels better. Freelance work=Money, Cauldron= no money. Thus sums up 20 minutes worth of typing because Macs have weird buttons. Speaking of 20 minutes, I better go and pick Diva up from her class soon. I had a mid-term today so I'm just goofing around here now. I had something else I wanted to put here, but of course, I forgot. Anyways, I'm going to preview this lovely update and make sure the colors weren't deleted too, and then I shall pack up my boogbag and haul me and my headache up to the building Diva is in and take her home. Or perhaps I will hang around until she walks down here. Anyways, Timmy the dog is here and I wanna go and pet him, so I shall try to update later. I am sorry for how long the delays are, but everyone's internet connection is either screwy or non-existant. For those of you who come back, we love you! And for those who are dying for some spellbook updates, those are coming. Jade has some music for it and she and I sat down together today to write up a new spell. Yes, we actually write our own every now and then! I plan on posting one that I wrote that works quite well. It may cost you a crystal though so don't use one of your favorites, lol. If the one we wrote today works like it should, we will post it.
10/12/04: Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. Jade is still computer-less and I can only log on in the middle of the night until my cable modem is fixed. That and ever since I installed Microsoft Service Package 2, AOL constantly crashes, even with all the lovely patches I have downloaded to fix the problem. I need a break from my computer class's project, so I came to say hey to all of our favorite Cauldron readers. I'm going to try to Halloween up the main page when I get home later. Jade and I hung out today and discussed some very disturbing stuff, lol. Well, I better run and get back to my work, optional assignment or not, lol. Fear not everyone, for Thanksgiving break will be upon us in a month and with it, at least a week with no homework! Catch ya'll later!
10/5/04: Today's update is in response to a recent post in the guestbook(thank you!) that the new colors were too dark, so I lightened them up again. This weekend was so busy. Jade, Da Man, and I attended the Light the Night walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It was very dark, lol, but it was a beautiful thing and I felt proud to be a part of it, and equally overjoyed to have my friends and family there to support me. Well, time for class. Later all.

September 2004:
9/28/04: I decided it was time for yet another color change. I hope everyone likes it. I started working on my anime music video last night, and when I am done, I shall upload it it AMV, so everyone can download it if they'd like. The new section is still coming along. I think I might work on the HTML code for it later when I get home from school. Later gators.
9/23/04: Another quick school update. I don't really like updating this site from an Apple, but what can ya do? Or a Power Mac G4 or whatever this thing is, lol. The cast of Diva's play have all caught colds, including poor Diva herself, which should be interesting for opening weekend. Jade is still computer-less until next Thursday, which means Da Man is as well. And I have gone Sim crazy. Actually I have been thinking up ideas for some anime music videos, thanks to Diva's addiction to Peter Cetera and some other songs, lol. And I know I've said this before, but the new section is coming along. My part is done, I am just waiting for the rest of it to come along, and then to set up a little meeting with the people involved in making the section. But that may be this weekend so fear not. And on a closing note here, we at the Anime Cauldron extend our sympathies to anyone who was affected by Hurricane Ivan. Even in our pitiful valley, we were flooded and stuff. Thankfully nobody at the Cauldron was really hurt, with the exception of Jade and Da Man who had to shelter family members who quickly drove them nuts, lol. J/k to Jade's mom. But seriously, we saw some damage in our area as well, like a giant sinkhole or 2 that swallowed up some cars. That is all for now. Maybe I shall update later with a new layout. :)
9/21/04: Hey everyone! Just a quickie update from school to let everyone know that the new section is coming along nicely, and will most likely be both a text section AND a show-type thing! It'll be fun. And also to say that the disturbing health news turned out to be a mistake, thank the gods. So old Amethyst is going to be just fine, and so long as nothing else pops up before the end of November, my two year remission will be right on schedule and 2 years means a cure! I hope everyone is enjoying the portal and everything else. Jade's computer problems are still an issue unfortunately, but they should be repaired by next week when I tweak her computer for her. Diva's show opens this weekend, so we will probably be going to see that sometime soon. And our potentially future staffer will be having a birthday on Wednesday. Well, that's all for now. Later gators!
9/14/04: Well, I've been updating without saying what I was updating. Oops! Jade and I both have some new Javascript on our profile pages. Jade's Spellbook is kind of on a very very temporary hiatus until either the laptop gets working again or Jade finally hooks up her Dell. She currently has no way to get online, so she cannot send me updates. This situation is only temporary though so don't fret. Diva is in a new show opening soon, so she is otherwise occupied. The new section is well underway, I just have to get the side of our new potentially future staffer and up it will go. Good old Amethyst here has been busy getting used to new classes and a bit of nerve-wracking health news, so I've been driven to distraction. So check out our little scripts and enjoy.
9/9/04: Well I put up Jade's new pic and when I get home I have a fun surprise. So until then, be good my Cauldroneers, lol.
9/7/04: 2nd Update: Still at school, lol. But I decided that the background needed a major transformation in color, so I used my method of random letters and numbers for prettiness.
Hey everyone. Just a quick update before my computer class starts. My art teacher was kind enough not to pile on the homework tonight, so I can get started on my part of the new section! Yay! Also, when i get home, I finally got a Jade to let me take a new picture of her for her profile, so I will upload it when I get home. My teacher is here and class is about to begin, so I will update at home.
9/5/04: 3rd update: And now the Stephen Lynch pictures have been moved as well. I meant many moons ago to put a link to his website, and I just completely forgot over time. If anyone would like to learn more about him, please go to Stephen's website.
2nd update: Ok, one of our pages was moved. The Kelly/Clay Concert was moved to Diva's page. So all of you Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson fans can head over and look at their beautiful faces all day long if you'd like to. We don't mind. :)
Well the concert was super fun! I met George Huff and got his autograph, so I am a very happy Amethyst! I will write all about it in the new AI page I'm adding, but first, I need to do some rearranging here. I have decided to move the Clay and Kelly stuff and the Stephen Lynch stuff to the Diva Theater page. It makes much more sense to have celebrity stuff on the theater page. So I will be moving stuff tonight and then uploading the Idol stuff over there too. And the new section I spoke of yesterday is coming soon. I will tell everyone more about it when it is ready, but anyone who loves video games will hopefully love this section. I am going to start moving stuff now.
9/4/04: Hey peeps, just a brief update to tell you that I am off to the American Idol show tonight! Pictures are an obvious follow-up, especially considering the fact that I have a backstage pass! After running a new idea by Jade last night, and getting a vigorous "I love it!" from her, there will be a new addition to the page in the near future. And, yes, it will have something to do with a pre-existing page. And keep an eye out for the Silent Hill 4 tie-in suprise that's coming up. It'll be fun. That's it for tonight folks. See you all after the show.

August 2004:
8/30/04: Jade sent me some new stuff for the spellbook about Mabon, so everyone interested in learning a ritual and some other fun stuff about Mabon, jump on over to the Spellbook and read up on it. I start school tomorrow, so the update factor may be a little low. But Diva is in a new show, and I shall ask her tomorrow if she has her new reviews written up yet. There will be an update to the video game page coming up in about 2 weeks or so, and it is going to be a fun one. And don't worry all you Silent Hill fans, because a friend of mine helped me think of a fun plan for when The Room is released, also in 2 weeks. So good night Cauldron readers. I am off to sleep early.
8/29/04: 2nd update: I'm feeling feverish and icky, but I caught Jade up on all of the quizzes! No more wacky ramblings on that page. As for the Anime quizzes, and the Dragonball Quizzes, and the Sailor Moon quizzes....well, you get the drift, Jade has yet to catch up on those. Poor Jade. It's a good thing she doesn't know about my word pad file FILLED to the brim with quizzes....oops. I guess she does now, lol. Don't worry, I won't post them until she is completely caught up. Good luck, Jade!
Well the only new thing I added today is a new button on the links page. It's at the bottom of the page and if you would like to link to the Cauldron, please use that pretty pretty animated button. Jade sent me some more quizzes today, so I guess I shall add them. I am starting to feel sick again, which makes me upset. I am sure I will feel better tomorrow though. Good night everyone.
8/28/04: Well, there are some updates. Jade has chosen her new header banner thing, so head on over to the Spellbook and check it out. She also took some more quizzes and as always, the ones she took jumped down the page. Speaking of the quizzes, Jade came up with a faboo idea. We would like to know how our viewers rank on the quizzes in the test section, so we invite any readers who would like to see their results posted on page, please e-mail your results to AnimeCauldron@aol.com and make sure to include the name we should post with your result. That is our new e-mail address. We shall post our individual e-mail addresses in our profiles. You can reach any of us here, be it Jade, Amethyst, Diva, or Da Man, at the animecauldron e-mail address. 8/27/04: 2nd update: Within minutes of posting that the song didn't work, I hit the preview button and suddenly it magically worked. Well, rock on, Cauldron viewers! Diva has to love me forever now! Yay! How about you Jade? Da Man? Does everybody love me now for getting rid of the Disney stuff? Post it in the guestbook lol!
I added a new song here. I went through the trouble of converting MP3 format to wma to make it work and low and behold, it still does not work! Excellent! Oh well, what can ya do? Maybe it will work later. We will hopefully be getting a flood of some Ren. Faire folks here at the Cauldron, since a friend of mine will be linking our site through his ren. faire friend's site! Anyway, not much else got done here today, as I was feeling ill again today and Jade has had some headache problems. It's been a rough week for everyone I guess. There is an illness going around and a handful of my friends have been affected. However, there will be updates coming up, because Jade has a new idea for an article or 2, and some new stuff possibly coming for the Spellbook. And since I actually watched something anime today, I may have something new as well. Do we have any artists out there in Cauldron Land? Is anyone a poet? Want your work displayed on the net? Send it on in! We have an art corner....sort of. I plan on putting some of my pictures in too. Then everyone can say, "Oh, Amethyst, you are a crummy artist." or "Wow, Amethyst! You rock!" or something in the middle, lol. Well I am off to the magical land of Photoshop. Later loves.
8/26/04: 3rd update of the day: Well, I have been working the new banner for a day or 2, tweaking it and trying to get it just right, and I am happy with it. I hope everyone else agrees. I think it's cute. Well, there are more where that came from, including one I am going to put on the quiz page. So check it out. Also, looking in the new guestbook I see we have a new post. Hello, Peggy. I am glad that you enjoyed the info that Jade posted about the Sabbats, and she will more than likely keep the updates coming about more in the future.
2nd update of the day: Well, all the pages are moved back now. So now I'm going to watch some X-Play as I upload some new banners and stuff. I did make Jade some new banners for the Spellbook, but she has to choose one. I made like 5 of them, lol, so it may take her awhile to choose. But I made banners for other pages too, so I shall upload those too. Keep an eye out.
I have been feeling very sick the last few days, so there haven't been any updates. Since I do not have a horrid, throbbing headache today, I decided to do some work here. As you may notice, there is no longer a huge MOVED! sign next to my profile. That is because I moved it back. I hope to move everything else back as well, since it's really pointless to leave them where they are. I may or may not put a new song up today. I'm trying to take it somewhat easy today because I am just recovering from whatever little bug I had, and I certainly don't want to get sick again with school starting for me on Tuesday. I am very happy with the way my grades are going. They dropped my bad grade, which I now KNOW was because I had a bad teacher, since upon retaking the course, I aced it. So now I have an overall GPA of 3.8! Well< i best get back to whatever work I'm going to get done here today. I made some brand new graphics that I am going to upload and put up today, including a cool new banner for the cauldron, so look for those later today after I move the other pages back.
8/23/04: Well, there is still an update in the quiz section because Jade caught up with some new results. She tells me that some of the links aren't working so I'll have to go in and fix them. Also I noticed a portion of the pics aren't working again, so I'll have to fix those too. So you may be wondering what Amethyst is up to today, although you may not considering the lack of posts in the new guestbook. I have been up to Photoshop mayhem, creating some new graphics for the page. I really need to get my laptop fixed, because working with Photoshop was far easier with the touch pad mouse than with a regular one for some reason. So enjoy Jade's new results and have a fun day.
8/20/04: Well, the Anime Cauldron is not splitting up, since Jade and I decided to stay together for the sake of the page. (Her words not mine, lol.) Due to my complete laziness though, the links that moved will stayed moved for now. I'll probably move them back in a few days, so it's a good thing they weren't popular links, lol. Yes, yes, we know who Sally is, and no, I'm not saying a word unless I have Jade's full permission to do so. Cuz believe you me, it would NOT be pretty if I put up what I had to say. Yes, there was a bit of a tiff, if you will, that happened here in the aftermath, but things have been resolved and it's all peachy keen again. So I'll update tomorrow.
8/18/04: 3rd update: Amethyst's profile page has moved. It will be updated as I have better stuff for it, but for right now Amethyst's profile has moved. I will be moving Diva's profile as well.
2nd update: The links page is moved now to here. I'm fixing the link along the side here too, but please make note of it because after I have moved all of the stuff, this page will disappear entirely. I will be moving things for the rest of the night, so who knows? Maybe everything will be done by this evening and this page will just be a giant link. I also deleted the 2 year anniversary thing and the past updates page because, well, what's the point of keeping them. I'll save the codes in a word pad file and keep the graphics I made since they took a long time, but I'm deleting the pages. If anyone honestly wants to read them, sign the guestbook and I'll repost them on the other site.
This is the last day of updates this site will get as Amethyst and Jade's Anime Cauldron. The Anime Cauldron will be moving and Jade's Spellbook will be moving as well. The two sites will no longer be affiliated with each other. The only links you will need to change are the Spellbook, the index and this page here. The index will be moving to here. The Spellbook will be moving to where the Anime Cauldron's index page is now, here. The reason for the moves and the split are not anything I will get into now, or possibly ever. I just wanted to let everyone know that things will be moving around and being changed over the next few days. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause if anyone had us bookmarked. And I hope everyone who visits here will continue to visit both sites. Thank you for coming here.
8/17/04: 3rd update of the day: Ok the new guestbook is in place. You may all still view past entries in the old book, but you can no longer sign it. It'll be easier that way. This new book will give you more options and should allow for longer posts. So if Toni would like to try his/her post again and make sure it doesn't get cut off, please try the new book.
2nd update of the day: Seems we have some tension in the guestbook today, which is not good. While Sally has claimed not to be a certain person, and told Toni to mind his or her own business, Sally would have to know who that person was in the first place. So until Sally comes forth, we won't know for sure. But, the guestbook is there for our visitors to give their opinions freely, and I do not want fights amongst our viewers. Toni expressed his/her opinion, and has a right to it. I want everyone who comes to the Cauldron to feel welcome and important, and maybe even like family, because we here at the Cauldron are like a family ourselves. As disfunctional as that family may be at times. :) But do not feel like I am picking on you Sally, for you, too, are entitled to your opinion, and if your opinion is that Toni should shush, then you are entitled to that. But I would hate to lose any of our valued readers because of tensions between guests, so you can see where I am coming from here. Whoever Sally is, be you a Disney Princess, a character from a Tim Burton movie, or even someone who helps feed starving children in third world countries(in which case I want an autograph, Miss Struthers), we want you to feel comfortable. And whoever Toni is, be you a singer(autotgraph Miss Braxton), a cheerleader(autotgraph Miss Basil) or a guy(Amethyst can dream, can't she?), then we want you to be happy too. And heck, we want Emma(who is indeed the same as our other Emma, who I was afraid left us some time ago, lol) to be happy too. As well as Kitty and whoever else posts in the guestbook. Our new guestbook will go up later today as soon as I figure out how it works and if I can use a custom picture or not. That is all I can think to say for right now.
Minor update, but a requested one. Jade caught up with some quizzes last night and this morning. To find her results, simply scroll down past all the "new" quizzes and there you go. I realize that some have no pics and that is an unfortunate Quizilla problem. I'm sure they'll fix it eventually though. Enjoy!
8/16/04: 3rd update of the day: I have been working on some graphics today. We got some new guestbook posts, including an Emma, who I believe has posted before, but I'm not sure. All I know is that poor Amethyst here is tired and achy and is looking forward to a nice long bath and a good night's sleep. The song on the Spellbook has been removed at Jade's request. I am in the process of hunting down a better guestbook so that the posts will not get cut off like poor Toni's did. So hey to Emma. I will see everyone a little later.
2nd update of the day: Jade popped on and pointed out a second guestbook post from Toni. The only power I have over the Geocities guestbook, to my knowledge at least, is to approve or delete. I DID notice that the post ended after the word "be," and I honestly had no idea why. I am assuming that Geocities only allows for so many characters in their posts or whatever, but I assure you Toni that we would never manipulate a post in the guestbook to make us sound better. If you can remember the rest of your post, perhaps you could do a "part 2" or something to that effect. I felt so bad when I read your second post, and Jade asked me about it as well. I have been considering getting us a new guestbook for awhile now, and Toni's post has shown me that it is necessary. Again, Toni, I sincerly apologize about your post being shortened the way it was, and we would really like to know what the rest of it said. I noticed the cut-off when I went back and read it to Jade and thought it odd. I assure you and anyone else who posts that I can't edit posts in the guestbook, only post them or delete them. So if you want to Toni, please retype the rest of your post for us. I feel awful and I don't know what else to say except that we're sorry about the post and we hope you will post again.
What a fun weekend! I love New York, and Diva and I had a great time walking around and taking in the sights. As well as trying Jessica Simson's Desserts products. I made a new friend, so hi to Holly. We saw 42nd Street, which was an awesome show. All in all, with the exception of my evil flesh-eating shoes, it was an excellent day. I trust everyone had a good time this weekend. We got 3 new posts in the guestbook. Two from "Sally," and Toni, amen, hun. LOL. And in response to your post, the reason not a lot of quiz results and spellbook articles of Jade's are not seen often is because she has my cranky old laptop as her sole form of internet connection right now, and a crappy dial-up modem to boot. Once she has her way cool Dell back up and running, she should be on line far more often and you will most likely see more from her. She signs on whenever she can, and since she is not good with html, she sends her stuff to me and I post it. We do try to keep up with the quiz results by phone, but it takes awhile. And you said you would like to see more articles here on the Anime Cauldron as well, which is great, but I'm sketchy on what kind of articles. I will guess you meant that you would like me to update the anime pages every now and then, which now that we are finally starting to get some feedback here, I fully intend to work on. We weren't really sure just who, if anybody, was actually visiting our page here, but now that people have started posting, even our dear mysterious "Sally," we know what are readers want and we intend to deliver. And also to Toni, e-mail Amethyst if you get the chance so I can tell you personally just how much we loved your post, and to clarify what kinds of articles you would like to see here at the cauldron. Our e-mail addresses are off to the side there. This will be a day for updates and makeovers on the cauldron, as I am too achy from walking the streets of New York for 4 and a half hours before the show started, and then the hour it took us to hike to the corner of 38th and 6th from the show, so I have not much else to do. Much love to everyone and I shall post my updates later. In the meantime, I need to check the music codes. It frustrates me when they don't work. Later all!
8/14/04: Thought I would put up a quick hello before I join Diva at her house this evening for a night of being girlie and doing nails and other standard sleepover things. We received another post from Sally today who assures us he or she means us no harm and is just funnin with us. In time we will find out who our jokester is, even if all of here already have a pretty good idea of who it is already. We all love a good time here at the Anime Cauldron. So long as no one is harmed, or Sally is not trying to drive any wedges between Jade and Da Man, then so be it. There may be an update later this evening when I get to Diva's house, as I finally found my folder of bumper stickers, and frankly, this page needs some new bumper stickers. So I will upload them to my JumpDrive and be on my way. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, as I'm sure Diva and I will unless we get mugged or kidnapped or any other numerous awful thing is is certain not to happen. :) There will certainly be some theater updates later in the week, and perhaps some content on the anime pages. Until next time, catch ya'll later!
8/13/04: All of our updates today were to the Bishoujo/Bishonen/Seibutsu pages. So if you want to see the things that we caught, mosey on over. If not, it's cool. The song Jade requested is up on the Spellbook. I may or may not have time for an update tomorrow afternoon. Or possibly tomorrow night, depending on how into sharing her computer Diva is, lol. The next update after that will be Monday because Diva and I are headed to New York this weekend to see a Broadway play. I have never seen a Broadway show before, so I am very excited. Well, I have much to do before tomorrow so good night all of our lovely Cauldron viewers.:)
8/12/04: The update to the Cardcaptor Sakura page is that I added a few caught bishoujos. I see that our mysterious Sally posted in the guestbook, which is fun. It's like an episode of Twin Peaks or something. Who killed Laura Palmer...who is Sally? Sally knows Da Man, good old Amethyst here, and either Jade or Diva, for those who have not been following the guestbook fun. I hope Sally will continue to compliment our page, even if we don't know anyone named Sally. I can only hope that Sally is a friend of mine or Jade's or Diva's playing a fun trick on us, and not someone who watches us with binoculars and is plotting our deaths. Because frankly that would suck. I'm sure Sally is just an innocent trickster who will eventually come forward and say "ha ha, I tricked you." I would certainly hope that no one who visits the Cauldron would ever mean harm to any of us here. But do keep posting. We do love guestbook posts, mysterious or otherwise. Well, I am setting about updating more sections, possibly Sailor Moon, and Jade has requested a special song for the Spellbook so I will try to put that up this evening too. So enjoy the updates folks. There will be more tomorrow! Or later possibly.
Also tonight I added more DBZ bishies and Sailor Moon bishies.
8/11/04: Well, where did I disappear to, eh? It has been a busy 2 weeks, but now things have settled down somewhat. My mom was away for 8 days so it was just me and my little guy in charge of the house, and then my mom got back and it was time to take in my ex-fiancee's younger sister for the weekend. Well, half-sister as she insisted on being called all weekend lol. And tonight was my last night of summer class. I noticed, and a quick phone call to Jade confirmed, that this page here was getting massively cluttered with links! So my mission for this evening was to clean it up. And again, to the ever mysterious Sally who posts in our guestbook, do you know me too? Or Jade or Diva? Did you go to high school with one of us, do we hang out at the mall on the weekends? I do love a good mystery. A good mystery always has some Scooby Doo clue that makes Velma say "jinkies!" So Sally, whoever you are, give old Amethyst a smidgen of a jinkies. I guess that makes Jade or Diva Daphne, doesn't it? There's a project for the guestbook. Write your own Scooby Doo story starring the Cauldron Crew. Ah well, I better get to work on my clean-up project. Keep posting in the guestbook. It makes us happy.

July 2004:
7/25/04: Well on the update front, Jade sent me some new stuff for the spellbook and I moved some stuff too. I'm working on some new graphics for that page too. And I actually have some ideas in mind for our several other pages that are cool in theory but never get updated. ;) So stayed tuned friends. And to Kitty, who posted in the guestbook awhile back, please if you have questions about anything, e-mail us. And to Sally, if you really know Da Man's secret identity, you must keep it a secret or the whole mystery identity is would be lost. And frankly that's part of the fun of Da Man. But if you'd like to talk about how you know him and maybe share a funny story, please e-mail me(Amethyst) and tell me about it. Well that's it for tonight. Maybe a minor update here and there, and maybe a new song. Maybe tomorrow I'll post last night's karaoke pics. Diva and I sang some rockin duets to I Love Rock and Roll and It's Raining Men. She sang Guns and Roses like a true rock star and I had my first ever solo endeavor! The pictures are just fascinating, lol. Anyways, goodnight all of my lovely anime cauldron readers.
7/18/04: Whew, lots of stuff today. All of the 2 year anniversary update was moved to its own little page. I figured people with slower connections might appreciate the lower load up time moving all those graphics would provide. :) Also new today is the update to Jade's Spellbook. She sent me a cute little thing about Dragons of the Zodiac about a week ago and today is the first day that I had some time to add it. And of course the birthday fairy had its one-week run again for Jade's birthday, so she had to come down today. And we had 2 brand new guestbook posts this week! Apparently we have a lot of people who like the spellbook, which is great. We love to hear from you. Is there any other section on here you guys like, or would like to see updated? I know I'll be updating the video game section in the next few days to write a review of an awesome little treasure I picked up on the budget rack called "Unison." Well that's all for today. Eventually I will upload a new song, but things are so crazy with having to back up my entire laptop to my desktop and sending the laptop to HP for repairs.....I'm sure some of you can relate. Anyways, enjoy and I will update when things calm down in my crazy land of wacky computers.
7/11/04: Happy birthday, Jade. Soon we will have some pics up from Jade's "Jade-less" birthday party, lol. That's right. We had a birthday celebration for Jade without Jade! Da Man was feeling ill though, so Diva, the Broodman, Tim and I went out and celebrated her birthday anyways. Maybe when Da Man feels better, we can have cake or something.

June 2004:
6/30/04: I added the Sailor Moon Adoption page today. Otherwise, nothing new.
6/29/04: So it's been awhile since my last update. I hope everyone enjoyed the new stuff that I put up. I have added a few new sections, the first of our many adoption centers. And also, whoever the Kitty is who signed our guestbook, hello there, and e-mail me or Jade is you would like to talk more about anything, k? And thanks for posting! It makes Jade and I giddy when we get new guestbooks posts! Anyways, please check out the new section and enjoy!

Out of respect, I decided to leave this here. It just seems like the right thing to do.:
A girl that Diva and Amethyst went to hig school with passed away on Saturday, March 27. She was only 24. So we felt it only right to say good-bye to her here, since Diva knew her since they were 6. R.I.P. Lauren Martin. And to her family, we here at the Anime Cauldron extend our deepest sympathies to you.

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