Movie List

1. Cuz I'm a Blonde- Julie Brown(Earth Girls Are Easy)
2. Livin La Vida Loca- Eddie Murphy and Antonio Banderas(Shrek 2)
3. Ghostbusters! (Ghostbusters)
4. 1,2 Freddy's Coming For You(A Nightmare on Elm St.)
5. Wild Wild West- Will Smith(Wild Wild West)
6. Hero- Chad Kroger & Josie Scott(Spiderman)
7. Fairy Godmother Song- Jennifer Saunders(Shrek 2)
8. I'll Make a Man Out Of You(Mandarin Chinese)- Jackie Chan(Mulan)
9. Dentist- Steve Martin(Little Shop of Horrors)
10. Danielle's Wings(Ever After)
11. Dream Wariors- Dokken(A Nightmare On Elm St. 3)
12. We Both Reached For the Gun- Richard Gere and Christine Baranski(Chicago)
13. Everything Burns- Ben Moody & Anastacia(Fantastic 4)
14. Accidentally In Love- Counting Crows(Shrek 2)
15. When You're Good to Mama- Queen Latifah(Chicago)
16. Men In Black- Will Smith(Men in Black)
17. Don't Wanna Miss a Thing- Aerosmith(Armageddon)
18. Take My Breath Away- Berlin(Top Gun)
19. Otto Titsling- Bette Midler(Beaches)
20. As If- Blaque(Bring It On)
21. On Our Own- Bobby Brown(Ghostbusters 2)
22. Have You Really Loved a Woman- Bryan Adams(Don Juan DeMarco)
23. Bring Me To Life- Evanescense(Daredevil)
24. Witches Song- Julianna Hatfield(The Craft)
25. Lady Marmalade- Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya, & Little Kim(Moulin Rouge!)
26. Who's That Girl?- Madonna(Who's That Girl?)
27. She's Like The Wind- Patrick Swayzee(Dirty Dancing)
28. Against All Odds ~ Phil Collins(Against All Odds)
29. Roxie- Renée Zellweger(Chicago)
30. I'm A Believer- Smash Mouth(Shrek)
31. Sympathy For the Devil- Guns and Roses(Interview with the Vampire)
32. Elephant Love Medley- Ewan McGreggor and Nicole Kidman(Moulin Rouge!)
33. Neverending Story- Limahl(The Neverending Story)
34. If I Only Had a Brain(The Wizard of Oz)
35. Oompa Loompa(Veruca)(Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
36. All Star- Smash Mouth(Shrek)
37. Power of Love- Hewey Lewis and the News(Back to the Future)
38. Imperial March(Star Wars)
39. That's Amore!- Dean Martin(Moonstruck)
40. Greased Lightning!- John Travolta(Grease)
41. Footloose- Kenny Loggins(Footloose)
42. Old Time Rock N Roll- Bob Seager(Risky Business)
43. Suddenly Seymour- Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene(Little Shop of Horrors)
44. Step in Time- Dick Van Dyke(Mary Poppins)
45. My Little Buttercup- Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short(3 Amigos!)
46. Good Enough- Cyndi Lauper(The Goonies)
47. Pet Semetary- The Ramones(Pet Semetary)
48. Batdance- Prince(Batman)
49. Kyle's Mom(South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)
50. Cell Block Tango- Catherine Zeta-Jones, Susan Misner, Denise Faye, Deidre Goodwin, Ekaterina Chtchelkanova, and Mya(Chicago)