From the October 1, 2005 adventure of Amethyst and Jade Take A Road Trip!

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It's that time of year boys and girls.......It's time for Mama Jade's new profile. Or Jade Latifah to paraphrase our new staffer Broodman.

Well, not much has happened to me this past year, unless you count those few months I spent as a matron in a woman's prison. It was fun, there was lots of singing and dancing. There was this really sweet kid named Roxy but after a while she got a little too full of herself. Don't you just hate it when someone who you think is this really nice person turns out to be nothing more then a spoiled little girl who just wants her 15 minutes of fame? But what can ya do? There was this other girl there but she was kinda annoying but she was one hell of a drinking buddy. Good times were had when everyone was good to Mama....'cause when you're good to Mama.....Mama's good to you.

But seriously folks it's been a pretty good year for me. It's had its good and bad points like the fact I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and was on anti-depressants there for a while. The medicine kinda turned me into an emotional zombie so with the full support and blessings of those around me I weaned myself off of it and replaced it with meditative and breathing techniques (Also a mad obsession with Knights Of The Old Republic lol), I admit it still gets pretty bad dealing with things at times but if I can have some recharge me time I'm pretty good. I've also met a great new bunch of people this year who took the time to see past the sarcastic outer shell I put up to get to know the real me and have become a great bunch of friends who have taken the time to help me out of my shell....Hell, I'm even singing at Karoake when we go now.....Not by myself and it probably won't be that for a while but at least I'm up there attempting to belt out some of my favorite songs. Another great thing that has happened has been that friendship of mine that has been pretty strained for the past 3 years or so, thanks to my asshole of an ex, has finally been mended. It took this person and I quite a few talks and some major one on one time to get things worked out...And thankfully our friendship is just as strong if not stronger then ever.

I've gotten more addicited to video games than I was at the last update of my profile. Is that is at all possible? I've gotten into games like KOTOR, Fable and other types of games where your choices affect the outcome of the game. They kinda remind me of those choose your own adventure books that were popular back in the 90's. I used to love those books growing up, and speaking of books I loved growing up, another series of books that I loved as a teenager that I rediscovered this year was the Babysitters Club series. They rocked when I was younger and I still get a kick out of them to this day. And while we're on the subject of books all I have to say is Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince rocked even if I did cry towards the end.......And I totally have to say that *Spoiler Alert* Snape is innocent.

My writing has also gotten a major kick in the ass thanks to Quizilla believe it or not. I've taken to writing story quizzes about Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh and I've also started a Severus Snape quiz. From what I've been told they're kinda good so if you wanna check them out click here and let me know what you think. While you're there please take the time to check out some of the other talented writers that quizilla has to offer. One of my favorites is:

Pretty Freak
She writes this amazing series called A friend and Also More A Teen Severus Snape Romance. Even if you have just a fleeting interest in the Severus Snape character you should really go check them out. And I'm not just saying that because she uses the banners I make for her, lol.

And that everybody is my updated profile for the moment. I'll catch ya'll later and please enjoy your stay here at The Anime Cauldron.

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