October 15th 2007 I'll admit, I suck at getting stuff on time. But once a month is once a month. You can count on me for that.... cause... I'm never going to give you up, and I'm never going to let you down, not at all like all those other DBZ site guys!

The Ramza interview is now up, a whooping 92 questions about the history of DBZ fansubbing, Anime Labs, the whole DBZ/Anime scene, and a ton of other stuff.


It's in the form of an .rtf file so you have to download it to open it but the font's generously large so you should have little difficulty reading it. I may have it up later in a different format.

Next month should begin the series of features on how to download and play all the old Dbz games, which will start out with helping people download and play Go Go Ackman which has a translated game. If you don't know why that game's awesome, go to Toriyama's World in the links and download the managa, it's really hilarious. So, if any of you guys are into the whole roms scene, and want to help me out at all like with links to dl the various games, translation patches and the right programs to play em in please do so cause it's been a long time since I've done this.

Oh, and happy Halloween!

October 18th 2007 Hey, sorry the Ramza interview's not up yet. I know I'm finally healed and have been going nuts on the games, but I think it's time I started leaving those Oblivion gates alone for a while.

Although I missed the date I do have another treat for you guys. One of my favorite sites is Salon.com, a popular political news site, but today they have something a little bit different- a feature on fansubs.


Highlight- "Someone, somewhere, I thought, must have written the definitive article on how new business models for pop music are being forged in Japan. But it's probably in Japanese. All I could find was a growing anxiety, on the part of the creators and distributors of anime, over the paradox that even though anime is exploding in popularity across the globe, sales of anime DVDs are falling.

Some blame YouTube.

In a keynote speech at "The Future of Anime" conference held this summer, Debra J. Kennedy, the vice president of marketing and new media for FUNimation, a major anime producer and distributor, said that up to 40 percent of the videos uploaded to YouTube are anime-related. Another estimate claims that one-third of YouTube's visitors hail from Japan."

I'll admit, I love the hell out of fansubs but I do think they're cutting into sales. The mentality is, why buy stuff you can get for free? On the other hand, they are increasing the popularity of anime. So which is better? More sales, less popularity? Or more popularity, less sales? Well it doesn't matter to me, I'm definitely getting a ton of anime this Christmas. Those Dbz boxed-sets with dual soundtracks for the dub (whoever's the new Faulconer, who cares about him, and of course the original Japanese music!) are looking mighty good.

October 15th 2007 Hey hey I'm back! If you haven't checked out the updates at YGO U yet please do so.

The interview with Ramza's supposed to be up today but, I had to do some other work tonight. But for those of you expecting it I'm not leaving you guys empty-handed and rather than break my promise I'd like to fulfill at least part of it. Here are the key questions you've been looking forward to, the truth about Anime Labs!

GS77 Question 19- "Now for the big question everybody's been dying to know about for a long time... Anime Labs. Dbzoa.net has already reprinted some features detailing this group.



(Author's note- links are changed from what I originally showed Ramza due to me having left Dbzoa, and the site links out of date since Dbzoa closed). What else can you tell us about this group and the man who ran it and do you know if they're still active today?"

RAMZA'S RESPONSE- "Uh oh, looks like somebody’s been reading Trunks Domain :). My, what a blast from the past that was (glorious pun, I know). The corrections part of the second link seemed mostly correct. At the comic convention where I met Project X and Ctenosaur, the Anime Labs guy Vincent was there too. And he was just one guy as well and I wouldn’t be surprised he if was the only one either. Compared to the Ctenosaur, who we were mainly chatting with as both Jon and I emailed him any times and had several Instant Messenger conversations with him, and Project X guy who was loud and funny, Vincent barely talked at all. I wasn’t really there to pry information out of anyone so there were no startling discoveries. He’s just a.... Asian guy at about 5’8”. I guess at the time I could have probed for information from Ctenosaur, but that always seemed a bit taboo and so I never did. He was plagued with enough questions in his email box from the DBZ-crazies as it already was.

Oh, AVP is another name that Anime Labs used, I do believe. Anime Pulp is another name they put on a few tapes as well. There may be a couple more but I’ve forgotten. A couple years ago I was told that Anime Labs was still subbing but they were now focusing on other series. I know Pocket Monsters was one of them. And that’s the most recent information I have. Maybe someone could scope out the New York comic conventions scene and look for the guy if they wanted to find out anymore."

GS777 Question 20- "Now for the "cursing question" in regards to Anime Labs. As is pretty well-known Anime Labs has added or used much harsher curse words quite a few times in the past in some of their DBZ fansubs. In response to this many things have been said about them such as,

1. They don't know how to translate accurately.
2. They're just doing it to make it "look cool."
3. They're just doing it because they're greedy and they want to sell tapes, etc.

As a part of the NY fansubbing scene and has spoken to Anime Labs, what do you know about the cursing issue and why the translations were done in such a way? And do you know if the guy who runs Anime Labs has had any thoughts or anything to say in response to controversy regarding this issue?"

RAMZA'S RESPONSE- "I’ve never gotten a straight answer about this from anyone, but I’ll share my thoughts on it. There’s no real strict reason why things like word choice and such are made the way they are. Because fansubbing isn’t commercial (and even the bootleggers couldn’t make a complete decent living off of it), the reasons for subtitling are often done for one’s own enjoyment, amusement, to lift their ego, and so forth. Because of this, there’s nothing holding anyone back from slipping their own little in-jokes and extra cursing into the subs. When you’re staring at these computer programs for many hours at a time to make the subtitles align correctly to what’s being said, it’s not unheard of for a subtitler to slip in little slices of their own personality into the script.

The mentality is that since the fansub isn’t meant to impress anyone else, why not let a few little things go by. People have truly been a little overdramatic about their cursing and things like the Vegeta scene in Movie 13 after his house gets destroyed. Anime Labs tapes are partially a personal project as well. They were never intended to be the romanticized lead of some revolution to show the rest of America the way DBZ was meant to be seen. So why were extra curses added into the subtitling? Whoever in Anime Labs who was doing the subtitling felt like it at the time. I guess he felt like he was being cool at the time because otherwise he wouldn’t have done it. Nothing more, nothing less. Even in digisubs today this still happens all the time. Dialog gets flavored by the subtitler’s own personality. I guess Anime Labs just never felt they had the responsibility to give the DBZ fans the perfect presentation. Expecting it to be is pretty silly too. Anime Labs tapes were just what you watched for the time when you didn’t want to watch a horrendously butchered dubbed version instead."

And there you go! Believe me, there's a lot more to be said about the Anime Labs controversy as you'll see in the interview! They're really not the villains/idiots/jerks people have made them out to be. I'd put up the rest of the interview and say some more about Anime Labs but there's a tons of questions (almost 100!) and it's getting pretty late. I'll see you guys on Tuesday. Neither school nor the gates of Oblivion shall keep this interview from coming up then. (what can I say, I haven't played games in OVER A YEAR! I have to say it is fucking great to have my life back and be able to write/update/lift weights/do stuff again!)

June 14th I'm back. First of all let me apologize for not having answered a lot of my emails, Winx Club/Wulong Warriors rant/etc./allelse I've not responded to yet. No, I haven't abandoned the site and I haven't been having a long lazy stretch like some sites suffer. But... my hands have been injured and so has my right arm. It's the main reason I haven't done much aside news/rants really since opening and it's been getting worse, particularly since May. I played a computer game last week for a few hours for 2-3 days each and it felt like hell. Tendonitis, pinched nerves in muscles, nerve problems in right arm from overusage, not fun stuff. But it's treatable and I have made some progress and I'll update more next week about it. I think I'll be "healed" up by mid/late July.

But again, I apologize for not responding sooner or explaining myself, particularly to WC Fansubs group members RasenganStrike and the lovely and Italian Francesca . Someone wrote a script for ep 1 but, they're holding on to it. Why? I don't know, but I don't know what the deal is with "the others" from the show Lost either. (still at season 2 ep 10) Not comparing em to each other, I guess it's more like getting Sawyer to give something from his stash but even Sawyer's a bit harsh of a comparison. I know who I'd compare Locke's dad to though.

In Dbzoa news (not related to SJR's note some people fussed to me about- I actually considered it more of an unintentional compliment, though from the guy that physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend, left her feeling mindfucked for a year, then demonized her/made her feel ostracized from a site she posts a lot at [Gaia] then egged her house where she lives with her dad who's a big burly cop no less... what kind of crazy person would vandalize a house where a cop lives just because a videogame wasn't returned to them from someone because that someone got assaulted and mindfucked by them?) (note- thank God I'm not dating SJR) I keep hearing this complaint every few times I'm online....

Yashouzoid: on an unrelated note
Yashouzoid: the OA is so dead
gsaiyaman7772: ha
gsaiyaman7772: post there and fuss about it
Yashouzoid: I went in there a couple days ago
Yashouzoid: it was like
Yashouzoid: no new posts
Yashouzoid: anywhere
gsaiyaman7772: I tell that to everybody that complains,
gsaiyaman7772: but nobody does

That's all I gotta say- if you gotta complaint and think it's shitty/dead don't just fuse about it to yourself in silence or me in passing, fuss there and make your voice heard! I'm not encouraging a board invasion but all I'm saying is that if you have problems then at least let your voice be heard there. Even if it's deaf ears or some pretentious/halfassedly attackingthecomplainer superficial remark is the only response, at least you're still making a statement.

April 27th Those crazy Japanese openings... makes you wonder if Japanese people download the American openings of their shows and watch them, or talk about we butcher some of their franchises. Also got a goody for those of you regular-goers.

I know, haven't been updating this baby as much as I should but I got a treat for those of you faithful. This Saturday Saturday Night Live is having a full episode of pure.... TV Funhouse! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TV_Funhouse)

You can watch a few right here-

The last one was only shown one time and then edited from all future broadcasts... you can probably guess why. And speaking of conspiracy stuff (http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/articles.php?artno=1048) the media doesn't want you to see.... (http://www.mininova.org/tor/42290) (note- this particular movie only played in 3 cities in America and was banned from film festivals.... one watch and you'll see why)

Well that's enough mediopoloy conspiracy theories for one update. I'll be back next time with the interview.

April 26th Hey gang. Got some goodies I wanted to show.


What are these? Well they're the Japanese openings used for the Japanese dub of the American 90's X-Men cartoon. Pretty sweet huh? Also found this.


A fansub of the Japanese live-action Spiderman fansub... well, more like a funsub since a lot of the sub's parody.

I'm sorry I haven't been more active on the new site. The problem with my hands has actually been one of the big reasons. I'm thinking of taking a break soon (about 3-6 months, though I'll still do some monthly stuff over at YGO U) while I heal and just withdraw from the site for a while but before that I'm going to post a really big - and good- interview I've been in the process of finishing up, the kind of content I used to do a lot and that I'd like to do more of when I return. Well see you guys then, I'll let you know more details after the interview.

April 20th (give or take a few) Hey got a new update over at YGO U. I gotta say, this is the most fun update I've done so far after coming to AC. Mosey on down and check it out.

April 19th I try to stay from negative stuff but.... I'm going to make an exception this time for good ol' Sjr.

"Well, folks, it's that time. Since I've been given control of the site, I've been searching for a new set of dedicated people to bring on board as the new Alliance staff. I've been unable to find anyone on my own, however, and with the resignation of Saiyaman, we have lost one of our most dedicated - albeit the most psychotic - administrators."

I wrote about SJR a while back, which you can read here. (http://animecauldron.com/dbzuncensored2/editorial/byebye.html) Now he's telling me I'm the psychotic? That'd be like Azrael telling me I'm the blackest guy of all time from the Dbzoa. Let me explain something...

1. Physically assaulting a girl and grabbing her wrists and throwing her up against a door and screaming in her face violently because she tried to leave after breaking up with you before you were done speaking to her...

2. Going from being nice to a girl to fucking hating them because they refuse to let you come over and screw them one night when they're home alone, thus leading to the breakup and physical assault/violent behavior....

3. Having your younger brother tear up your manga collection and other possessions, steal medicines, threaten to stab a sister for refusing to hand over a remote, (then later him seeing nothing wrong about it except that he was yelled for) then get arrested after acting crazy at night in a mall parking lot before being sent to jail and the crazy farm....

4. Being made temporarily homeless by your family to punish you and shape you up into gear....

5. Leaving your ex-girlfriend feeling like she was mindfucked for a year because of your crazyass behavior....

6. Vandalizing her home with eggs... especially despite the fact that her dad's a large, burly officer of the law.... (ie, messing with law officers or military people are the worst possible targets you can pick)

7. Telling all your friends at say Gaia, that your ex is a crazy who stalks you, is obsessed with you, out to get you, stole your videogame and so forth to convince a bunch of online people that she's an obsessive crazy so you can turn them against her... because she watched your house for a day after hers got egged by you, and didn't want to give you a game back after you mindfucked her and assaulted her.... (which you're lying and spinning about to twist things against her)

8. And all the shit you've done? (http://animecauldron.com/dbzuncensored2/editorial/byebye.html)

All that ain't me and I'm no psychopath. I'm a good person who means well and I try not to do bad to other people. I'm sorry but if you want to see the Dbzoa's most psychotic staffer then all you gotta do is look in a mirror.

As for the Dbzoa... it's dead, you killed it. If you gave a real damn about it you'd do something with it, not just try and beg other people to give you free work. You only took over to have the power over the place, particularly since I was actually still around and not known to be leaving when you did. You have no morals and no feelings and you're a disgusting, back-stabbing individual. I don't know how many people's property you'll vandalize, girls/friends you'll stab in the back and lie about/mindfuck for whatever revenge-filled reasons ("she refused to let me come on over, how dare she." "He was very rude to me on aim for one day and infuriated me, how dare he.") or what other potentially harmful/crazy crap you'll do in the future, but all I can safely surmise is that it'll be very warm where you'll eventually wind up.

Anyway to regular viewers, sorry for all that negativity just there. I'm trying to keep away from that keep things positive. But I left Dbzoa to get away from having to put up with SJR's crazyshit behavior and I'm sure as hell not going to put up with it now that I'm gone. I thought about not responding/ignoring it but KevinTRod/JD encouraged me I shouldn't just put up with that and I guess I agree. I'm not looking for fights but I'm not looking to be walked on either. I know, WWJD, but for a person who's literally this evil and has caused and will continue to cause this much harm to people, this is one instance where I really don't feel like simply ignoring it. Besides, Jesus wouldn't lie and stab his friends in the back or hurt any girls now would he?

April 16th Winx Club Fansubs now has a new home! Check out the new link right here.

April 17th Hey hey! Winx Club fansubs is

And now open for business. Check your bookmarks to see what's up over there Winx-news wise. I'll update here too though when the first sub is out. Translation just needs to be sent in from Conan, then checked by Sakura and then RS can set it up nice and good. It's been a long time but we're getting close!

April 12th Well today's a big day at YGO U. It marks the end of KevinTRod's time at YGO U. You can read the goodbye editorial here here. Kevin, you're a great guy and did a good job at YGO U and I have to say good luck with your writing career. And thanks for all your help in the past.

And just for kicks, let's look at this one last time to celebrate his best work.

April 8th Bwahaha April Fool's! To those who didn't see the link no, that wasn't really an uncut Naruto preview but a series of hilarious fandubs of Naruto. (stretching up to about episode 23/24 scene-wise) There was no way I could let AF pass without a good joke now is there? As for True Naruto Style, the people who made NTS Episodes 1-3 have also made a movie they plan on releasing I think this summer. The preview for the movie is absolutely hilarious (with stuff Shikimaru propositioning Ino for sex and Neji as a complete surfer dude) but can't find a link so if anyone has one please let me know.

Now for some Winx Club Fansubs news. Last night Conan watched Winx episodes 1 Italian and UK dub twice and this Saturday (today) he's finishing up the translation! Sakura's already done the OP/ED so we're almost good to go. RoverWow from Winx Club Uncensored (okay it's actually called Winx Club: Cut It Out!, but that's what I like to call it out of habit) has sent me a really excellent template for a Fansubs Page that I'll be making soon after episode 1 is out. (meaning I'll technically be running two sites, like how KevinTRod has YGO U and the comicbookguy.com) Good news on that front.

To be honest, I don't think the design/style of this site is really suited for a fansubs news page. Sure I could use DBZU 2 to leach viewers downloading the subs like the "golden era" of Illy and SJR using Dbzoa.net to showcase their fanfictions (which pretty much stopped after KevinTRod publicly called them out on it in a semi-famous YGO U news update) but nah, that seems too cheap. Viewers are going to want sweetass nice graphics, a few good Winx pictures and great new original template, not pictures of the Dbz cast and having to sort through non-Winx Club news updates. If they want to come here too that's cool, but I don't want to use this page as an excuse to leach viewers from that project.

Actually I thought DBZU's old style was cool but now... I want to archive all my old work here and create a new webpage that's not based off an 8-year design and get a new name. No offense to other sites like SMU or YGO U or course, just a personal preference of mine. It's an old style and I think it'd be better suited to hosting my old work here. I'm not "f*** Funimation" and "let's save DBZ" really all that much anymore so having my site called "DBZ Uncensored 2" doesn't seem to make much sense. Besides that I want to make the site more of a personal project (I'm still going to review the movies and Season 6-7 though and some other things) plus I'm already covering tons of non-DBZ related stuff too. SO-

1. DBZU 2 right here will be archives of all work before abandoning Dbzoa.
2. Winx Club Fansubs will be a fansubs news page for Winx Club releases and other releases by the group.
3. And Anime X (not the decided title of the new site.... I just haven't thought of a better name yet so that's what I'm calling it for now) will host all new work since leaving Dbzoa. It'll also cover some political stuff and other personal things for reasons I'll cover later.

Finally... Winx Club Fansubs has a new release for Naruto! I wish I could post the name of it but this isn't a Naruto fansite so there'd be major spoilers involved (from episodes 66+ to about 79) for a lot of you if I did. For those who've seen up to there, it's a combination of episodes celebrating and condensing the awesomess of -THE fight- (if you've seen it then you know what I'm talking about) into a 4-part movie special. If you've seen Naruto up to where you see another guy with a giant sword like Zabuza (which takes place immediately the saga of this arc) then you'll be ready for it. I can't too strongly recommend that you avoid spoiling it until you're ready for it as the story leading up to it makes this arc even more breath-taking. It'll be about another year dub-episodwise or Shonen Jump U.S. mangawise til it touches there though.

Anyway you can download it right here. Big thanks to RasenganStrike for doing an absolutely amazing and professional job on what's literally his first release. The download also includes a karaoke opening of Winx Club as a seperate file in it in case you'd like a sneak peek before the first fansub is released. (don't worry, you can access viewing it without watching the Naruto episode and having to spoil anything)

April 1st Naruto's a great anime that has lots of style... and NOW viewers can finally see the official uncut version of it! Some copies of Inuyasha dvd 40 came out early in stores and on them in the extras section Viz has included some clips of the uncut Naruto dub with all the blood, violence and cursing of the original.

A guy at sheezart has put up the clips and dubbed them "True Naruto Style" and they've been making their way across the net at various places. You can check them out here, here, and here. Big thanks to Conan for the news.

March 26th Hey long time no see. I really haven't updated in a while haven't? My apologies about that, but I've been pretty busy. For starters I've finally figured out what's messing up my fingers in therapy (shoulders) and have been working on fixing them, by May they should be perfect.

Also I've been focusing a lot on trying to get Winx Club fansubbed. I found a translator and they should get the eps next week to translate. I also go the OP for it translated, and man does it look beautiful. I'm still looking for more translators for help, so expect the update below to keep following.

What else? I've got a great new interview coming up soon, my first big new feature for the site. This is definitely something to really look forward to. I've also got a special Naruto episodes project going on with RasenganStrike (subber/encoder/karaoke guy from WC Fansubs).

Finally I've considered redoing the format/name of the site and taking my old stuff and leaving it here, while bringing my new material over it to reflect a difference in style, time, and interests. That shouldn't happen until summer though. Sorry for the wait but things should be back to a weekly update now again and there's a lot to look forward to again too.

Important Reminder (Note- Winx Club Fansubs is looking for Italian-proficient translators to help sub the show. Are you interested? Then contact me at GreatSaiyaman777@hotmail.com)

March 15th First off big thanks to Stealthseeker from the YGO U boards for finding this. It's a recent press release by 4Kids. Some noteable remarks mentioned include....

"Alfred R. Kahn, 4Kids Entertainment Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: “We had very disappointing results in 2005 with licensing revenues off 25% compared to 2004. Revenues from our top two properties, Yu-Gi-Oh!® and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, declined and were only partially offset by increased revenues from our Cabbage Patch Kids® and Winx Club™ properties. In addition, results were negatively impacted by a lack of a major theatrical release in 2005. Our fourth quarter 2005 licensing revenues were significantly lower than our expectations as many of our newer properties failed to perform as hoped at retail."

"On March 14, 2006, 4Kids extended its multi-year agreement with FOX to broadcast 4Kids TV™ on the FOX network for the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 broadcast seasons."

Also from Stealthseeker, "Oh- and there's also an archived confrence call (it's only going to be here for 30 days) but you have to register, probably as a shareholder to listen to it." Basically what I get from the article is that 4Kids is in an anime slump right now (and TMNT slump, the show made by "two drunks" as Al Kahn phrased it at an earlier convention) and are surviving thanks to their non-anime properties.

March 11th (early update) Hey back with some news. This first one's a bit late but, Anime Cauldron has a music list of Valentine's tunes that you can listen to here with some good romantic tunes.

And in current news the biggest hit fansub of the moment Bleach just got licensed by Viz. For those who haven't seen Bleach or don't know about it it's a really good action show in the style of Yu Yu Hakusho. It's about a Japanese teenager who gets imbused with the powers of a shinigami (translates to "death god", but usually referred to here as soul reaper/reavers) who has to fight monsters of the undead feasting on and attacking humans, in this world and the next. Viz is doing fine with Naruto so I guess this is good news as long as they don't censor the dvd's or deliberately not translate the op/ed songs. (bascially Viz's biggest two vices)

Also, Hikaru no Go is coming to tv... both dubbed AND subtitled! Though I'm kind of reluctant to link them/credit them because they stole a news update I gave Anime Nation while refusing to give any credit, I guess I still prefer giving proper credit instead of stealing other site's updates even if they can't do the same. Here's what it reads-

"Hikaru no Go will air "soon" on ImaginAsian, according to the latest Shonen Jump newsletter. From the newsletter: "This will be, to the best of our knowledge, the first time a national TV network will be simultaneously airing both the subtitled and dubbed versions of an anime: the dubbed version will be airing in an afternoon or morning time slot, while the subtitled version will be in prime-time.""

I've seen every episode and tv special of Hikaru no Go and let me tell you, this is a REALLY great show! It sounds boring, being about a young Japanese teenager learning to play Go (it's kind of like a Japanese version of chess) from a legendarily talented spirit this show IS really good, powerful, interesting and dramatic with a great cast and style that pulls you in. And best of all, you don't need a single fansub or dvd to enjoy it on your tv. HnG was also rated one of the top 100 Japanese animes of all time. I can't too strongly recommend that you watch the dub and sub, pick your favorite, and sit down each week and enjoy this great show.

March 10 There's a new article at guilty parties you can read here.

"The DBZOA movement was even popular enough, at one time, to spawn an entirely seperate movement- DBZ: WDC, an organization that literally 'didn't care' about the dub process or the purification of the show at all. But what's the mission of DBZOA now? Greatsaiyaman777, a former staffer, had this to say: "I think it could still be a force today. It used to average 10,000 unique hits per day- when I left and linked on the front page, I got only 1,000 hits to the frontpage of my new site." The issue here, though, is only that there seems to be a lack of mission. Greatsaiyaman777 went on to state that a large portion of the year after DBZ ended was spent on a drive to save Yu-Gi-Oh!, culminating in KevinTRod's campaign to save the show getting merged into the site, but with little following-up afterwards."

Here's some of what I wrote-

"Hey I read your editorial. While I agree that the Dbzoa did a lot of good in the past, it's pretty much been dormant for over the past year. It's stopped campaigning for much of anything and it's mostly about the message boards now.

I'm Greatsaiyaman777 and I worked there for over 2 years. I- ah, I'll just send you some links to read if you want, they explain a lot.


Even when I left several people didn't know (despite a message on the front page) for up to a week (and for one person over a month) after I left. I spoke to one staffer who cursed me and told I didn't do "any" important work. I helped saved YGO U and convinced KevinTRod (webmaster of it) to bring it over to Dbzoa when he was having hosting problems and thought about closing, where it later merged with YGO U II and got about 100,000 hits at Dbzoa. YGO U left with me, also discontent with the staff and some of the stuff I went through with SJR.

Anyway it's a shame but the Dbzoa's lost it's potential and it's old goals and idealism. This is coming from some who's worked the hardest there and submitted/done the most for the site in the past 3 years, but has grown completely disillusioned with it. If the staff had found suitable replacements for those who stopped caring and working, and focused on stuff like 4Kids I think it could still be a force today. It used to average 10,000 unique hits per day- when I left and linked on the front page, I got only 1,000 hits to the frontpage of my new site. (most were from other sources, people and sites I emailed about it and friends I contacted)

KevinTRod spoke about Dbzoa and said it was a shame he didn't get given control of it as he could have shaken it up for the positive. But it's too late for that and I doubt the offer would even interest either SJR or Illj who now control it.. Anyway, just my two cents on matters."

I did make a mistake in saying, "It used to average 10,000 unique hits per day", what I meant was over 10,000 unique hits a month. Daily it's best avg. I remember was about 150-350 or maybe something higher. I think I sent them a followup email about it (or maybe it didn't come through and I just thought it did, or it didn't say what I thought I meant to write) that elaborated on the 1000 hits in my first month. I stated that most of the hits were from me contacting people who'd emailed me before about the new site, and telling friends, and that few were actually from Dbzoa's frontpage traffic. Hell, one member from the boards Carter didn't even know about this site until I did an update mentioning it at Winx Club livejournal. (looking for Italian translators) Also, I'm going to dissect this one part a bit.

" Illjwamh, a DBZOA staffer, points to One Piece as a series desperately in need of a better dub. According to him, dubs have improved vastly over the past few years, but this dub suffers from much of the same problems as DBZ: namely edits, cuts, and censorship. Illjwanh points to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Fullmetal Alchemist as ideal dubs, because of their great production values, spot-on voice casting, and flawless translation. Anime DVDs (another issue that the DBZOA tackled in the past with gusto) are being handled very differently now than they were when Funimation started with the Dragon Ball Z series. He had this to say about his ideal release- "It's got to have at least 4 episodes. 5 is better, but 4 is the minimum. Paying more than 12 dollars for a disc with only 3 episodes on it is ridiculous, and when you consider most anime DVDs cost upwards of $25, that's a major issue. Aside from that, it's got to have a dual language track. I don't know why anyone wouldn't do that, but it's happened. Most American DVDs nowadays have a non-English track anyway, so why should there not be a track for the language the work was originally produced in? It just doesn't make sense." When you look at some of Illjwamh's "good DVD" qualifications, it's hard not to think of Bandai and their superior production of the Gundam series- particularly Gundam Wing; the first anime series to get a genuinely spectacular DVD treatment. Illjwamh points to ADV and Geneon as models, though it took ADV multiple attempts to get Neon Genesis Evangelion done right.

As for the future of Dragon Ball Z in America, Illjwamh believes that, for the most part, the craze is dead and gone, though the theatrical release holds some hope for the future of the series. In the end, he says, Funimation needs to stop squeezing all they can about the series. When asked about the future of the site, he stated that "there will be other functions for the site, too. Dubbed 'Illyworld'" he, along with user Tofu, "have decided we want to cover a wide range of issues beyond our main mission statement. We'll probably each have a blog on the site, and I'll most likely put up reviews of books or movies or anime from time to time. In time, hosting will be available for people who want to put up work of their own, etc. Perhaps the thing I'm most excited about is a webcomic I've written." There is clearly some great ambition behind Illyworld, but the staff should not forget that the DBZOA still has a purpose that has not, as of yet, been fully realized.""

And won't be. And um... no Illy, I'm sorry but the Dbzoa's DEAD. Call a spade a spade and stop playing Weekend at Bernie's, the site's dead and nobody at the staff cares about it anymore. Not you, not SJR, not anybody. I left, Leia left staff, YGO U's KevinTRod and JD left, the other last productive staffer before was Seashore Angel and he actually (unlike most of the Dbzoa's current staff) left around the time he decided he felt he was done and had stopped updating. (which is what I think is the way to handle this kind of stuff) Even Ultraseiya might have had his One Piece Uncensored hosted at Dbzoa, had I not told him about some of the crazy stuff I had to deal with there. Hosting Dbzoa on a site named after yourself with it's own webcomic isn't going to change much either. And who'd wanted to read a webcomic by a guy so immoral that they're perfectly fine with having a best friend who physically assaulted, harassed, mindfucked, threatened and scared some poor innocent girl? Very, very few opinions/editorials/(and no interviews) have been posted in the last 3 years except by me. And barely any news has either. And who's idea was it to try to fansub Winx Club? But I covered all this already.

Sigh... even when I was there and complained about the lack of work all I got was complained at and told to shut up and oh much hard work was on the way. Even recently when I spoke to one staffer who went beserk when she read what I wrote about the lack of work there and wasn't even able to read the FAQ and a paragraph of my goodbye editorial before insulting me and cursing me out, while trying to make up excuses for doing barely any content there. Hell, SJR actually physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend and grabbed her wrists and threw her up against a door and screamed violently in her face the night she broke up with him. She says her life was fucked up for like a year because of SJR, and a week or two ago her house got egged (even though her dad's a cop, and her "enemy's list" isn't very long) and this is the kind of guy Dbzoa now draws it's leadership from. And that same staffer told me she was "indifferent" about SJR's behavior. Let me put it this way- if KevinTRod/JD started harassing/physically asssaulting and vandalizing the property of some poor innocent girl, I wouldn't exactly be "indifferent" to the girl's plight or their behavior. And if they started going out of their way to repeatedly mindfuck, lie about, attack, harass and go after some staffer they "would always hate" and were "obsessives" about getting rid of, I wouldn't put up with that kind of crap from them either. I can see why that staffer would probably leave after long enough and get sick of the site if their plight was ignored though.

It's sad though, Dbzoa truly did have a LOT of potential. If the lazy, uncaring and unproductive staff (ie, guys going for months without any new content who just talk about the new stuff they have planned that never happens or takes over 1/2 a year to happen) had left and allowed themselves to be replaced with new people who cared like Ultraseiya or Moal and other Anti-4Kids people, it could have done a lot and gone in a good new direction. Instead, it's just stuck in the mud and most of the staff are primarily concerned with the message board community that's developed there and hanging out there. KevinTRod told me recently that he wishes he'd been given control of the site and how much he could have and would have liked to have done with it. But, it's too late for that and I doubt SJR or Illy would want to take him up on the offer.

March 5 First off my apologies to Conan for making him wait a while before having this up and my thanks for his patience. Two new editorials are up in the opinions page, one by Conan and another by Jaya which you can view here. Conan's also given me some VA links that I'll include in the next links update. The first new opinion is about DBZ Budokai 3 Greatest Hits issues and the second one covers the company of everybody's favorite pasty-faced, morbidly obese, red-skinned, balding, glasses-wearing CEO.

Speaking of Al this shouldn't come as a big shock to everybody but he said something else stupid recently. He said that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was created by "two drunks" when he was at speaking The Beat. Now I don't know if Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird are really drunks or not. And Turtles may not be quite as awesome as it was when I was in elementary school, but it still was back then. My point is that you're NOT supposed to insult the people you work with and deal with. It's an incredibly assine, mean-spirited and stupidass thing to do. Sigh.... I don't see why Toei or Viz doesn't just buy out all the 4Kids stock and take over their company and assets. Then again maybe they're just playing it smart and waiting for the stock to keep going lower. But they shouldn't wait too long because at this rate I'll probably be able to buy out the company in another 10 years.

February 24 I'm back. Originally I had some editorials from Conan and Jaya, another NY Times link and some other fun stuff but unfortunately, there's some bad news that takes precedences over everything else today.

How do I say this... if the anime Pretty Cure was a person, and she had a birthday coming up, some good gifts to get her would be several boxes of condoms and a couple of jars of vasoline. Can you hazard a guess what that means? Oh yes, what you're thinking is true....


Let me get a few things out of the way....

1. F**CK YOU 4KIDS. That Michael Hackneyd interview shows you haven't changed your ways at all.

2. Release the uncut dual-dvd's again already, you greedy bastards.

3. F**CK YOU for replacing Shadow the Hedgehog's original Japanese voices track. I can kinda accept the replacing of game actors with your dub show ones for continuity, but until now ALL the Sonic games had both soundtracks. That's not continuity, that's just bullcrap.


5. "FIND THAT FANSUB" premieres early again featuring..... Pretty Cure!

Why is it premiering early again when the next premiere should be in April? (with March just being an irc guide to help download some already revealed Pokemon fansubs.... anyone want to write this guide? Lazerkid, anyone?) Well anytime a show gets licensed by 4Kids I'd like have it up in the guide immediately thereafter. The dub will suck and dvd's will be out in 2010 at the earliest, so why hold up? Also, with each new "FIND THAT FANSUB" I'll now start including the links to all other earlier fansubs, so you can have them in one place instead of having to comb through the updates.

1. PRETTY CURE- Got some links to the subs here, here, and here. Even if animesuki.com takes them down at their site, just check here and search at the groups listed! I doubt they'd (the groups, not animesuki which doesn't link to licensed material) drop these for 4Kids's sake.

Excalibur Fansubs and #PocketMonsters

3. WINX CLUB (note- no subs yet, though maybe soon with this newly interested possible 2nd translator. Link leads to episodes 1 and 2 in UK dub + Italian raw)



Also, Ultraseiya has an interesting topic on Al.

"I've heard this from two people so I think it's legit.

At NY Comic Con, Al Kahn pretty much said that manga will fail in the US because kids don't read and it will always be that way. To add insult to injury: he said this right next to Kodansha and Dark Horse.

Basically, he's a humongous dick. Your thoughts? Here's mine:

Good lord, how much of a worthless piece of crap are you? You're running a company that relies heavily on co-funding and localizing foreign shows, usually Japanese, and you spew this bull?

Honestly, has this guy ever read the Top 150 booklists? Does 200,000 subscribers to Shonen Jump mean anything to him? What about Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts, Fruits Basket, etc. etc. constantly making rounds on the Top 150 U.S. Booklists? What about Tokyo Mew Mew Ala Mode, a spin-off of his own damn property, which has been reported to actually be doing well in sales.

And how does he get off limiting his statement to manga? By this logic, shouldn't just about EVERY book genre that tends to aim at children like, not exist? Would we even have books today?

Seriously, what an idiot.

edit: Now you can hear the bastard. Yay!


I could only read about half the first page before giving up. To sum it up, Al Kahn is definitely a fat idiot and an asshole. I tried to give him a break in that lengthy 4Kids editorial I did on YGO U and say some nice stuff, give him a chance, but after reading this I've definitely changed my opinion about him. This might surprise some of you, given how anti-4Kids I am but... I always kind of though of him as kinda/sorta a victim of circumstances. I mean, he did Pokemon and YGO and nobody fussed that much about 4Kids, then he got showered with money.... so he had no reason to think everything wasn't going cool. Then all of a sudden, he's butchering just like before but now people are complaining and he's confused, not making money, and not sure what to do. I looked at him as being in a transition period, one in which he'd turn out to be a nice guy and change his company around. I even complimented him heavily and tried to point out all of what I considered 4Kids's strong suits and positive points. Unfortunately, until he's gone or unless anime fans buy up 4Kids stock and pull an Eisner on him, it looks like 4Kids is unlikely to ever change. Sorry Al, but you stink.

And to Pretty Cure.... I'm sorry but ....

February 22 Hey, back with an interview to show. Thanks to Ultraseiya for pointing it out to me. It's actually.... an interview with a 4Kids script writer.


"Rasmussen : Are you interested in Japanese Anime and/or Manga? If so what are you into right now?
Mr. Haigney : I am interested in Manga as a concept. But I was never into comic books or manga."

"Rasmussen : When you say that you are interested in manga as a "concept" what does that mean, exactly?
Mr. Haigney : I find the history and origins interesting, along with the visual conventions."

"Rasmussen : Another music question. Why replace all the original Japanese BGM for each episode? What is it about the music that makes it unusable for American audiences? Also does it seem culturally insensitive to do such a thing (if, for instance, the original soundtrack featured Japanese vocal singing for example)?
Mr. Haigney : We replace it for both artistic and commercial reasons. I don't think it's any more or less insensitive than dubbing."


Rasmussen : Any parting words for our readers?
Mr. Haigney : I know some hardcore anime fans hate the fact that 4Kids doesn't simply air the original Japanese series with "literal" subtitles. I understand their feelings. I'd just ask them to remember that 4Kids has probably brought more anime to more viewers than any company in the world. It may not always be in the way some fans would like, but I think 4Kids has contributed greatly to the interest and availability of anime worldwide. Maybe that counts for something in their eyes."

Wow, this is just.... wow. Now, I'm just a-hankering to respond to this little interview here but I'll probably wait until I get something editorial-sized ready, or see if Ultraseiya or KevinTRod want to have a crack at this. One thing I will say, and I'll try to be brief-

"Rasmussen : Another music question. Why replace all the original Japanese BGM for each episode? What is it about the music that makes it unusable for American audiences? Also does it seem culturally insensitive to do such a thing (if, for instance, the original soundtrack featured Japanese vocal singing for example)?
Mr. Haigney : We replace it for both artistic and commercial reasons. I don't think it's any more or less insensitive than dubbing."

Look, all I'll say is that We fans don't want everything to have to be shown "literally subtitled", we just want a decent dub and dual-uncut dvd's. If you can just that little much then everybody would be happy.

February 18 Back with some DBZ news. Thanks to The Sketchor for telling me this. Anyway DBZ is back on CN weekdays- the edited Freeza episodes from Season 3. I tried watching an episode of it but... ah man, that music and Schemmel's Goku voice... had trouble sitting through it. Most probably know about Psaros's old site but for those who don't I'd recommend reading Psaros's reviews on DBZ U. However, about 2-3 days after I got the news from him it looks like there's been another schedule change. Ah well. Even if it was the butchered dub I still wouldn't have minded having DBZ Toonami again. Sketchor says it's still on Monday-Thursday (most weeks) at 10:30 pm.

Also, there's good news in that link too- Wulin Warriors got pulled after just 2 episodes! Why's this good? Well Wulin Warriors is a Taiwanese action show with puppets. Yeah, it sounds incredibly lame but after looking at these two clips you realize... "damn- this is actually pretty cool! A Chinese-themed puppet show is actually kind of like some really badass anime like Bleach or something!"

But it was too good to be true that a foreign show this cool, and one with almost no American/English fanbase to defend it and demand an accurate dual/uncut release, could come here unscarred. Naturally, like so many good foreign shows, the moment it was licensed it had a butchered dub waiting in store for it. I'd show you the 2 episodes at the big unofficial site that were streaming earlier but they already got pulled off.

Just 2 episodes on CN, ratings tank and bam- the Wulin Warriors pretty much have ghosts for faces. (bad pun, I know) Since it's gone I guess I'll have to describe it for you. I saw 5 minutes of the first episode.... amazing narration, incredible voice-acting, exciting and dramating... but once the narration ended.... "WU-LEN WARRIORS! UH UH! WULEN WARRIORS! WU-LEN WARRIORS! UH UH! WULEN WARRIORS! (continue with random jibberish) After that we see 3 warriors walking... but horror among horror, Sean Schemmel's Season 3/DBZ Movie 7 movie Goku voice has completely infested one of the characters, who says some really stupidass lines about pizza. Yeah, cause Chinese monks chowed down on pizza all the time back in ancient China, the same way that the Elder Kai knew about Mexican food even though he got imprisoned before the human race in DBZ existed. Only a truly inept man proud of "King Kai from the hood" could just happily butcher the living crap out of a show just like that without giving it a second though.

I gave up on it then. And? Fans gave up on it too and so did CN after just -TWO- episodes due to crappy ratings. It's suffered a face worse than Card Captor Sakura... not only a horrible dub but now little to no interest in an original version-dubbed dvd release. Maybe the show was good in it's original version, and maybe an accurate badass dub would have worked but- it's too late for that now. And the chances of a fansubbing group fansubbing a Taiwanese show into English that's in Mandarin Chinese but has little fanbase in the English world is also unfortunately small. Rest in peace Wulen, or more appropriately since you're called this in Taiwan.... Pili. And f**ck you "Animation Collective"... for destroying this show.

And even though they probably wouldn't listen to me, and would probably wipe their collective asses (harhar) with it if I sent them a letter, I'm going to contact Animation Collective and tell them why they screwed up and that they should have (or if there's any chance left, should) let it be redubbed and released dual-uncut. Yeah it probably won't amount to anything but at least I'll be able to get my point across to them. And aside from an extremely hard to find "Legend of the Sacred Stone" subbed American dvd, or a group arising to fansub it, that's about all anyone who had any interest in the show has left.

February 16 Alright, time for some Winx Club Fansubs news.

Spread the word because right now we're looking for a second Italian translator! Nah we're not replacing Sakura and she's not leaving but we would like to get another transalator to help speed up the project. Here's what the requirements are-

1. Know Italian well! Be fluent enough in it to be able to translate episodes with a high degree of accuracy and without too much trouble. You don't have to have spent years in Italy but you can't just be on your first semester of Italian either.
2. Be gungho about the project! Be able and ready to translate at least 2 episodes per month during school (which is about 40 minutes of content, maybe 4 hours at most) and more during the summer.

And that's it! RasenganStrike's got encoding, subtitling and distributing covered just fine, once the first translation's ready we'll be good to start. It's a good show and there's quite a bit of demand to see it fansubbed, especially since so many anime fans have avoided the Americanized 4Kids dub like the plague due to 4Kids's reputation and alterations to it. Still Not decided yet? Well read this advertisement piece I wrote a while back ago before I first recruited RasenganStrike and enjoy the clips within. And then download the first 2 episodes dual-version (UK Dub + original Italian version) right here to see what you think.

February 13 Reading the New York Times regularly has it's benefits. :D Check out the new article about manga they have posted here. It's an interesting read. It talks about Tokyopop's new distributor and why they picked them as well as the expanding profits potential for manga. Just be warned that when you click it it should open just fine, but if you reopen it several times it stops and makes you have to register to read it.

February 12 Guess what I did today? I got to meet Shinichiro Watanabe, the creator of Cowboy Bebop! I've never been to an anime con before, not sure when or if I'll go, but I did decide I wanted to meet one of my favorite anime creators.

He was showing up in Houston today at the museum from 1-4 so, I got up really early and started a mini-roadtrip to drive into Houston. (I live in Texas so it wasn't too far away, though travelling from one part of the state to the next can sometimes take a massive amount of time.)

When I got there there was a big line of people to meet him. After about 1/2 an hour I got to the front of the line where he was sitting comfortably wearing black shades. He also had a white translator guy next to him. I shoke his hand, asked him what his favorite show was ("I really like Lupin III") and had him sign my dvd + I took a picture with him. Ah but that wasn't all. They also had people doing karate demonstrations, had a Japanese band outside, and were showing off a Japanese tea ceremony with a Japanese woman and girl dressed in kimonos. And then there was the face paint exhibit where they were painting free kanji symbols on people.

Having watched 1-79 Naruto again recently for about the 3rd time I was feeling pretty Narutarded, so I decided I wanted to get Gaara's symbol on my forehead in red. (It reads "love") I asked for it at first, then realized it was one of about 15-20 listed on a paper. I picked the red color then a nice lady put it on right forehead for me. Behind me a little kid (about 12) asked for the same design.

Me- "Really like Naruto huh?"
Kid- "Yeah I love it! Gaara's my favorite character."

Heh, I guess great Narutards really do think alike. Interesting that kids as young as 12 now are really familiar with fansubs, I remember when I first got into fansubs in 2001 most people didn't even know what they are. "What a Narutard, he put the design on the wrong side of his head," I thought. Then I realized- I'd done it wrong! It just looked "right" because it showed up on the right side of my head when I looked in a mirror. But I realized that someone looking at me would see it on the left side of my head. I'd just out Narutotard'd a 12-year old.

I thought about redoing it, getting another so I tried parting my hair... but I've parted my hair so much to the left for years that it didn't really want to move the other way without feeling really uncomfortable. "Oh well," thought I, "I guess this is alright too. At least it looks alright when I look in the mirror." Maybe it was watching all those episodes recently, maybe it was spending time trying to set up a special with Naruto project with RasenganStrike from Winx Club Fansubs, or maybe it was the fresh Gaara design seeping into on my forehead but I was feeling extra Narutarded then. So I got back in line again to ask Watanabe-san what he thought about Naruto.

Back in line, nothing to sign this time. In the background a tv was set up with Samurai Champloo playing subtitled. As I got back up I guess he noticed I didn't have anything, so he took out a piece of paper and wrote his autograph in kanji. (his handshake was weak again too. I guess he tries to take it easy with the handshakes since he has to do so many and sign so much stuff) I asked the translator, "Has he seen Naruto and if so, what does he think of it?" Translation back- "I have seen it and I really enjoy the action scenes!" Yay, a fellow Naruto fan! Now I just need to meet Akira Toriyama, Kishimoto Musashi and the creator of Trigun to meet all my favorites.

And thus ended my first kinda/sorta/butnoreally anime con. Hope you enjoyed reading about it and maybe I'll check out some more in the future.

February 11 First off a special announcement. We have a new editorial and a new staffer- Conan! With a review of the DBGT TV Special, 5 editorials and special help with a news update Conan's now the first to achieve the rank of Honorary Staffer for the site. Congrats Conan! He did it by expressing interest in a position and by also submitting a lot of content and time to the site which is basically what you have to do.

Since this is the first honorary staffer here I'm just going to state pretty much the only rule- you have to put in at least one piece of content at least each 3 months to be on the roster. That's about it. (and of course, also not acting like a psychopath or jerk in general. So don't go threatening no innocent girls unless you want me to slap you like I'm OJ, and if you try to tell me that you're perfectly cool with your friend doing that to some girl then expect to get bitchslapped around too.) If you get off the site, no hard feelings since you know ahead of time what you're getting into, and you can come back again much easier just by submitting 3 new pieces of conte alwaysnt instead of 7. I don't think it's too strenous a rule as it requires, at the very least, only 4 updates a year to remain. So even if I wind up getting a dozen of the most completely and utterly lazy staffers this side of the furniture store across the street and have them on staff for 3 years, they're still going to be doing at least !144! content updates AND none of them will be acting like jerks either. (sigh, aren't good rules grand?)

Heh. Well I don't think any of those will really apply to Conan but I just wanted to give people a general idea of how things will be run around here.

Also, the March edition of "FIND THAT FANSUB!" is coming in a little bit early. I asked if anyone knew where to find Pokemon fansubs and I soon got this in my e-mail box.

"The majority of quality Pokemon fansubs out there were produced by Excalibur Fansubs (http://excalibur.yi.org/) and #PocketMonsters (http://www.pocketmonsters.net/)

Most of these episodes are available via bittorrent, but you have to go to IRC for a couple of #PocketMonsters releases.
- Adamant"

Alright, mucho gracias senor Adamant! The ever-elusive Pokemon fansubs can now no longer be called elusive! With this Tokyo Mew Mew, Kirby and now Pokemon have all been featured. So... why the early feature this time? Well to be honest I don't really know much about using irc and I've noticed that most bit torrent fans don't see to really much about it either. I thought about saying I'd found out where to dl Pokemon fansubs and that I'd say it next month after getting a guide up (and to just email me if you want them ahead of time), but I realized that I'd probably just get a bunch of emails asking where to find them, then decided it'd make more sense to just publish the feature early.

To make up for next month's feature being done ahead of time I'll be adding a new monthly feature to complement FTS!.

In any case I'm now looking for a complete beginner's guide on how to use irc and download episodes there, for my benefit as well as that of all the other irc-impaired people out there too. If anyone wants to write one for the site then please, by all means go ahead. If not I'll have one up in mid/late March.

And in Winx Club Fansubs news we're working on a special Naruto project that all you Naruto fans should really enjoy. It's a compilation of certain scenes from episodes from later episodes but I don't want to say anymore since there'd be a lot of major spoilage involved. If you're watching Naruto on CN (which you should if you haven't already seen it, it's a really good show and has a pretty good dub) don't worry about it and just enjoy the show.

February 9 This month in the second edition of "FIND THAT FANSUB!" the feature that tells you where to go to download fansubs of anime releases that are edited-only (or that have some content censored/edited-out) we have....

Kirby! Read about it in that link and find the subs in this link.

Thanks to the webmaster from Kirby Uncensored who gave me the links. He also said that they'll continue subbing more episodes after this month.

As for the feature itself, why just one fansubs link a month? Simple- for one it's a fun, recurring feature I'd like to do. Secondly it gives you the viewer (and myself) time to download whatever's announced each month and watch it and decide if they like it. Hell, even if I just keep linking 4Kids shows each month until I run out (which is the current plan) I can keep doing so until maybe August.

Speaking of which I'm currently trying to locate fansubs for the ever-elusive Pokemon. If you know where to download any then please let me know.

February 5 It has begun.... Ultraseiya, you rock....

DBZ MOVIES 6 AND 12 ARE COMING TO THEATRES AS A DOUBLE FEATURE IN MARCH! Funimation just opened up a new site where you can read about it here.

Thanks to Ultraseiya for the news! So what do I think? Well Movie 6 wasn't so bad actually, it was probably their best dub. I'd enjoy seeing that on the big screen. Movie 12 is also the best of the DBZ Movies. Unfortunately they'll probably replace the music for Movie 12 unless Toei makes special stipulations for the original music to be in both movies. Also, on Kyle Hebert's boards Kyle Hebert told people (this was about a year ago) that all the movies had been dubbed, and that Paikuhan's infamous "cursing scene" from Movie 12 was toned done. (thanks to Conan for this bit) But in any case, no telling if they might redo the soundtracks for the movies if Conan intervenes though I doubt Funimation would let a DBZ Movie come to theatres with a ton of cursing, even though it's probably the funniest scene from the movies.

February 4 Links section has now been updated. Specifically the Anime Uncensored part of it, now known as the Anime/Manga/Cartoon Uncensored to accomodate some of the many new sites to it. In total- a whooping FORTY EIGHT! You want Naruto Censorship, datebayo? Indeed you do! Or how about 2 One Piece comparison sites, or a Viewtiful Joe site, or- well, 44 other ones including links to groups of comparisons done in message board topics. I was surprised to see that many sites out there, but it's good to know that butchering/editing/censoring anime and manga has become less easy for companies thanks to information being made freely available on the net.

Check them out over here. Man... forty eight different Uncensored sites!

February 3 Winx Club has been... well it hasn't been fansubbed (yet) but the next best thing has happened. We've released the first two episodes one and two dual (original Italian version + UK dub) and you can download them right here!

This is just a preliminary test to help us (well okay, mostly RasenganStrike, the 3rd and newest member of the group who put this all together) get used to torrenting/releasing files, as well as get some practice with subbing/encoding. There aren't any plans to release all of the UK dub with Italian raw over bit torrent since our main goal is to fansub the entire show.

And to any new visitors of the site who got the link to this site from the credits of the 2 episodes- hello new and old Winx Club fans! This site isn't a Winx Club site per se (it's history is a bit more ancient, starting up as a sequel to DBZUncensored and primarily taking a critical focus on DBZ in America before moving on to other anime-related stuff as well) but it will serve as the homepage of news updates on our group Winx Club Fansubs and it's releases. And if you'd like to find out more on the history of how the group got started (or, of course, find a lengthy translation guide on how to order dual Italian dvd's of all of Winx Club yourself) check out the opinions section over at YGO U.

February 2 Well the big news of today is that... Anime News Network actually posted the Tokyo Mew Mew news from Ultraseiya. It's a shame but the mere fact of them posting the news is actually a newsworthy event in and of itself. How'd that happen?

Well, after they deleted Ultraseiya's topic and ignored it a 2nd time when he put it up, I told him to give the news to Anime Nation instead. And so I sent it to someone there, gave a link to the 4Kids board and told them to give the credit to Yashouzoid. (note- Ultraseiya goes by several names, though he's always be ol' ultraseiya to me) Now that Anime Nation posted the news ANN finally decided to follow suit and post it as well.... well that's fine and dandy but WHY they didn't post it in the first place?!

This is VERY big news! 4Kids not having the 2nd season of Tokyo Mew Mew licensed is a big blow to them and their network. What more, it means that animesuki might carry Honobono's episodes 27-52 soon and it's led to a lot of speculation about 4Kids's falling out with anime distributors in Japan and their company going closer to bankruptcy or forced change... which is why, I guess, ANN decided not to post the news unless they had to. (Anime Nation being so big the news would catch on anyway, and it'd seem odd to post less important news updates from them later while ignoring this) A while ago Ultraseiya was harassed by mods there temporarily when he insulted Tempest for falsely stating that One Piece merchandise was selling great in America. Later, after apologizing to Ultraseiya for changing his profile to spammer (for "posting bogus cast lists", though many other people seem to have written in Dan Green for Zoro or someone else without that happening) Ultraseiya offered to do some One Piece comparisons for ANN... but naturally, did they refuse? Nope- they simply IGNORED the offer completely! Ultraseiya's already done several comparisons on his site too that would be ready to go and could be easily formated and stuff improved on/extra material added if ANN wanted to be extra-picky, and he's generally enthusiastic when he gets to working on something.

For obvious reasons though ANN wouldn't want to agree to post Ultraseiya's comparisons and bring more attention to 4Kids's dubbing problems... but on the same hand they don't want to have to explain why they'd refuse to (since there's not really any good explanation they could offer there) so their "best" option is simply just to ignore the issue until it goes away!

Sigh... NOW do you guys see why I don't like ANN? Ultraseiya responded in the topic too ("It's funny how when I posted this on these boards it was ignored, but I send it into AnimeNation and it gets posted. Hmm...") but most likely, like his request to review one piece episodes for them, it'll probably be ignored. And in the event anyone who works at ANN reads this news post I fully expect they'll...

1. Get angry.
2. Consider some way to get back at it or respond.
3. Decide not to give me or any of these controversies any publicity if they can help and just hope that everyone forgets about it. Then finally...
4. Just ignore it.

Yeah ANN sucks, we know. What can you do? Well, at least it's nice to know that there'll always be good and dependable news sites out there like Anime Nation (and the one you're at right now;) who aren't afraid to post any important anime news, regardless of how controversial it may be or what companies/individuals it might offend.

January 29 Hey sorry I'm late. Here's latest editorial, another piece on the DBZ games. And here's something completely random to try to make up for being late. Now for some news.

First off here's a bit on 4Kids losing much of the Pokemon license by Dogasu that Kevin showed me, just check the December 27th entry. I don't really know a whole lot about 4Kids/Pokemon in America but I know Dogasu's been around for a while with his Pokemon Uncensored-style site so I'd imagine that he's probably right. Thanks to Kevin for mentioning the news to me, who's also done his own update about the 4Kids uncut dvd's situation.

Kevin, YGO U- "Bad News Guys: The uncut YGO! and SK DVD's have officially been cancelled.

I returned home one day, to find this in the mail:

While news about the uncut DVD's have been slow, there was always SOME hope future releases! Some hope that, maybe, things would get back on track. No more it looks like. I don't know why. Legal problems? Voice actor issues? Anime on DVD's reviews that were "wrong" on certain issues of the DVD's that didn't exist? I don't know. I do know this though: Something must be done. What is to be done, I don't know. Unless we know EXACTLY what is going on with these DVD's we aren't likely to get anywhere! After all, how can you protest when you don't know what you're protesting. I'll keep updating the site within the coming weeks, and hopefully I'll manage to get some information about the DVD's. Maybe it's time I take Gen Fukanaga's personal phone number and put it to use maybe?"

Hmmm... well I'm not going to say anything more except to expect a big feature from Kevin soon as I imagine he's going to get all the information.... or already has at least most of it.

And finally, here's some good news from good ol' Ultraseiya.

Ultraseiya- "4Kids doesn't own the second half of the series (by the way, I posted a topic about this earlier and it disappeared, anyone care to give an explanation?). From a 4Kids.tv admin:

Sorry everyone - I've seen the 4Kids TV schedule - from now thru April and there is no Mew Mew Power on.

I've checked with the television scheduler and 4Kids does not HAVE any more Mew Mew Power episodes - they're working on trying to get more, but can't say when or IF this will happen.

I'll let know the second I hear anything!'

I'm glad. Perhaps this is being done intentionally by the Japanese producers? This has happened before, but it was never severe enough to disrupt the television airings of the show."

"they're working on trying to get more," means they don't have them, but are trying to get more, and, "but can't say when or IF this will happen" also means that it's NOT just an issue of trying to dub some episodes quickly!

Folks, 4Kids does NOT own the license to the second half of Tokyo Mew Mew! This is big news! Hell, if I was running the biggest anime news site in the country I'd DEFINITELY report this first over squabbling with some Otakon convention officials!

Unfortunately there's another aspect of this news update that is worthy of being news in and of itself- WHY did Anime News Network delete Ultraseiya's post and why are they deliberately not trying to report this news, when something like the "Tokyo Festa" isn't nearly as big? A careless accidental deletion by a moderator? Maybe a message board administrator working for 4Kids and keeping in contact with them just isn't a reliable enough source for them? Or maybe it's a case of slipup on the admin's part and it's news 4Kids doesn't want to make public, or ANN's trying or hoping for a second Al Kahn interview or some other kind of similar feature and ANN just doesn't WANT to jeopardize or anger 4Kids officials by having to give news credit to someone as outspokenly anti-4Kids as Ultraseiya who runs One Piece Uncensored! Or maybe it's a combination of all/some of the above or maybe I'm just completely mistaken and this news will be reported on ANN very soon.

Well whatever the case may be you can always count on DBZ Uncensored 2 to report any major anime-related news without censorship, regardless of how controversial it may be.

January 27 "FIND THAT FANSUB!"

... is the name of a new monthly feature I'll be introducing? What is it? Basically it goes like this- once a month I link to a fansub of a show which is- 1. offered in an edited-dub format only,
2. has some censorship in it's "uncut" release.
3. has content edited from the "uncut" release which can be found on the fansub or...

One Piece would be a great example of 1, Initial D. would be a perfect example of number 2 and I guess Kodomo no Omocha would be an example of 3. (it doesn't use the first opening at all, and censors out an appearance of the band for song 1 in episode 1, reference to them in the credits and I think reference to them in the second episode preview- which is kind of ironic, actually doubly ironic, since when Funimation played the opening song burned from a bootleg dvd when they announced the license. And if you're curious about what I mean about that bootleg dvd, just look around Miscellaneous for a bit) Generally I'll try to post links more often for the butchered stuff, in other words, something like Gash no Bell would have a lot higher priority than Kodomo.

For now here's the first one- Tokyo Mew Mew!

I haven't tested the file much (already got the whole series) but hopefully it downloads fast enough. If dl's too slow you can try asking around on board maybe, for other dl's or maybe seeding. Also I'll generally try to avoid linking to sites that host other licensed stuff too, since the main priority is to increase viewership and and demand for shows which need to have more respect for them by the companies that distribute them. Obviously 4Kids animes will be dominating this monthly feature for a LONG time....

Also I've reached the 4 digits with 1,000 hits in just half a month, woohoo! Off to a good start. A new opinion by Conan and some other stuff will be up tomorrow too.

January 22 Got some new and old stuff from Conan. Conan's given the site his old opinions and created a brand new one for here, the very first new opinion here, all three of which you can read here. He's also given me his old DBGT Special review which you can read here. Thanks Conan, you're almost an honorary staffer so keep it up!

As to the Dbzoa, I recently talked to a staffer as well as an ex-staffer who weren't aware I was gone yet. As the staffer told me, "yeah, well it seems most people just go to the forums these days... at least those we hear from. We probably have another audience who hits the main page but not the forum."

..... Anyway, guess that'll be my last news update on Dbzoa unless JD does an editorial on them or something interesting happens there.

In any case I can't say it enough just how great it is to be a normal fan again and enjoy updating a nice site without any of the stress or drama.

January 18 KevinTRod is back and better than ever, with a brand new spanking editorial explaining why he and YGO U left Dbzoa for Anime Cauldron. I gotta say this is probably KevinTRod's best editorial yet so far in terms of writing style, (and I mean that seriously, not just because of the topic of the editorial) go Kevin!

January 17 Ah... being free is wonderful. I haven't felt this good in a loooong time. It's almost like some giant weights have been taken off my shoulders. I feel so good I feel like if I jumped off the Empire State Building or the Grand Canyon that wings would just sprout on my back and just carry me far away.

But I'm not the only one loving being free- KevinTrod and JD are now doing so too. Say hi to the new neighbors over at YGO Uncensored's new home!

Freedom... we're loving it!

January 16 My first new update... so how does it feel to be free? It feels great! I'm so glad to be free and have my own site and own space without any of the drama.

To be honest I was expecting a lot more early publicity when I left though. Ya see, in the old days of Dbzoa it used to get lots of hits. An average of over 10,000 uniques a month, 150-350 uniques (not total) avg. per day. Heck, my email used to be so packed in the heyday of doing updates that when I went on vacation once I had to buy computer time to check my email in case it overflowed and the account erased it all! (that was before hotmail did it's bigass increase in account sizes for free, but still)

Now? Most of my friends from the Dbzoa who post on the boards didn't even know I was gone- they'd just gone straight to the boards and ignored the front page. Even one major former staffer didn't know! Sigh, kind of sad but... guess I'll just have to build myself up again from the beginning, heh heh. Good solid content and consistent updates over time will do that.

For now here's something I'm pretty proud of- got my name mentioned in one of John Oppliger's columns. Who's he? Probably just about the most famous anime writer in America and definitely one of my favorite. He's a completely hardcore American otaku who's so respected that even one Japanese fansite translates all of his questions and answers. Many Japanese in the hardcore anime community follow his work and some even write to him. He has written a TON of columns over the years, so many that it makes the number of editorials I've done pale in comparison. I'm a pretty big fan of his work and I was proud to get my name mentioned in one of his columns.

The information I gave him was on the Toriyama non-DBZ/Dr. Slump movies being based off of one-shot mangas Toriyama did. (note- someone should really fansub these movies) I also told him some about the Chrono Trigger OVA, (which actually is fansubbed- you can download it at animesuki if you like) Toriyama's work on the Dragon Quest animes and about the Go Go Ackman anime that was shown at a Japanese fan convention only one time where I think the va's voiced it as it played. (thanks to the old site Toriyama.org for info on that)

So what next? Post up the rest of my old missing content? Update links for a complete list of every anime/manga uncensored site out there? Post a scan of an anime article from the New York Times? Post the new editorial Conan sent and the rest of his content he brought over? Put up my great new interview that's almost done with a famous old Dbz fansubber? Who knows, all I do know is that it's great to be a free man and to be able to enjoy updating the site once again.

January 10 2006 Hello and welcome to the opening of DBZ Uncensored 2! Been a long time but this site's finally open. Got lots of stuff in store for this baby too. Take a look around and see what content I've already got and don't forget to check out the new editorials here and here. And for any questions you might have be sure to check out the FAQ over in the Email section.

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