Here it is, a collection of the old opinions I was responsible for obtaining and putting up on Dbzoa as well as some of my older (and newer) interviews. But this place isn't just my section oh no, it's also the viewer's section. In other words this is your section.

This is the place for you to rant, rave, whatever you feel like. Wanna complain about something Funimation or 4Kids did? Go ahead. And you don't necessarily have to just be complaining about messed-up anime changes either. Wanna give em praise? Or want to explain why Beet the Vandel Buster, Bleach, or some relatively unknown fansub few have seen is the most awesome anime of all time? Then just go on ahead because it's all up to you. And you're also more than welcome to submit interviews (like Funimation/4Kids va's in Pojo DBZ/YGO) if you'd really like to make my day.

 Opinions From the Fans
Page 1- The original introduction, and essays added from the beginning to present.

Page 2- Newly submitted essays after DBZUncensored 2 the site's grang opening.

 Various Interviews

DBZ Uncensored 2 Exclusives:

Interview with a Toei Employee An interview with an animator from Toei who's worked on many different anime shows, including the final episode of Dragon Ball GT.

Interview with a FUNimation VA An interview with one of FUNimation's VA's.

Interview with a Mexican Dub Otaku Everything you need to know about the Spanish dub of DB/Z/GT! Very informative. The Spanish dub is an example we all wish FUNimation would have followed.

Interview with a Polish Dub Otaku Everything you need to know about the Polish DB version, as well as lots of information on the French dub! Pretty interesting stuff. Another DBZ version outshines the American one.

Interview with a DBZ fan comic artist An interview with one of the most famous DBZ fan comic artists.

Reprinted Interviews:

Not a mama's Boy An interview with FUNimation's head DBZ script writer. Yes, you heard me right...

"The Genterview," or "30-Something Questions with Gen Fukunaga" A highly interesting (and incriminating) interview with FUNimation CEO Gen Fukunaga, originally conducted in 1999 by Steve Harmon.

Interview with Gen Fukunaga on Dragon Ball GT A brief discussion with Gen Fukunaga in which he discusses FUNimation's future plans for Dragon Ball GT.

Dragonballgt.com Interviews A series of interviews released by Funimation to promote the release of DBGT.

DBZ Movie 8 Interviews A series of interviews released by Funimation to promote the release of DBZ Movie 8.