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"Stupid Funimation Quotes", aka "Funi Sez"
Ah the good old Funi sez quotes list. I figured since I put up most of the quotes I may as well put this on the site too. I should point out Funimation doesn't suck nearly as bad as they used to, and they're not nearly as completely assclown-retarded as they were when they dubbed DBZ. But... these quotes sum up their work and treatment of DBZ in a nutshell. They help capture a piece in Funimation's time very accurately.

Funi Intern Journal Part 1- Enter the Intern!
Funi Intern Journal Part 2- To Become a VA Warrior!
Funi Intern Journal Part 3- Challenge of the FukMaster!
Funi Intern Journal Part 4- The Bishonen are the Girl Weakness!
Funi Intern Journal Part 5- Quest's End!
Funi Intern Journal Part 6- Final Episode- Lord Red Neku's Truimph!
For as long as there has been mankind there have been questions that have plaqued mankind. For example.... What is the meaning of life? Can ying exist without yang, or does ying need yang? And if ying needs yang then does yang need ying? And how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? And does Sean Schemmel like to yell the N-word a lot? Is Funimation trying to license a Fruits Basket-like shojo anime that most likely is "Full moon wo Sagashite"? Has Funimation's Public Relations Representative Lance Heiskell supported international terrorist-like activities by donating money to Chinese Triads in exchange for contraband which his company claims it is opposed to? And does Gen Fukunaga wear women's underwear and is he having a secret love affair with Barry Watson? Well the answers to perhaps some or all of these questions and more can be found in here in- THE FUNIMATION INTERN'S WEB JOURNAL! You go girl... you go girl!

Anime Labs Feature 1
Anime Labs Feature 2
Some features on the group Anime Labs, known for their work on subbing DBZ along with several other series. (note- Ctenosaur aren't script thieves, misinformation in original pieces)

Castor Troy goes to Anime Expo 2000
A feature once on Ginga Giri Giri where Castor Troy goes to Anime Expo. In it him and a friend of his meet up with a few people from Funimation and have a few interesting and somewhat telling conversations with them. And it took like 3-5 years for that damn Spirit vs. Spirit dvd to finally come out too.

How to get in contact with any dubbing company in America
Ever wanted to write to one of your favorite (or least favorite) anime companies about the way they're doing things? Or check out their websites and see what animes they have in sale or what they're up to? Maybe post on their boards and be fanboys/fangirls about their va's and other work? Then you're in luck! Check out this guide to find out more.

DBZ Parody Cartoon/Christmas Special cover page
DBZ Parody Cartoon/Christmas Special
Heh heh, you might remember this. It's an old fanmade DBZ parody cartoon I put up on Dbzoa long ago on Christmas of 2003. Some pretty funny stuff and you can also find an interview with the creator of it over in the Opinions section. Just add new numbers to "PAGE1" at the top to reach the next page.

Meeting Akira Toriyama
To think that I EVER dared to put this thing up as an opinion.... when it's obviously too damn good and important to be counted as anything else except a special feature! Anyway I know the guy in it (his site's "DBZ Uncensored 2 II" over in Links) and long ago I convinced him to write about how he met Akira Toriyama at a special Shonen Jump event in America.... check it! One of the few DBZ fans to not only meet the creator in person but actually get to talk to him.

 More DBZ in the Media
Hello, what's this? Looks like a news article I made a section for but somehow forgot to put up. Hell I can't even remember why I thought calling it "pokemon.html" would be a cute/fitting name or whatever. Oh well. If I ever come across where I saved this article or found it I'll be sure to put it up. If any of you search on the net for it and find it please let me know.

"World of "'Dragonball Z' expanding"
Kind of the typical article on DBZ. A couple mistakes here and there, but nothing too serious. Also has some general information on Funimation and a couple of other interesting tidbits. The one thing I didn't like though was Funimation's comment to the reporter that they "translate" the "dialogue and the ideas for an American audience."

"Cartoon converts librarian to hero"
Ah, the famous Ms. Antonelli, voice of Chauzo and Puar and one of the first Funimation VA's to be interviewed by a DBZ fan site. If you're as big a fan of her roles as I am (Monika, you should really audition for more va roles at Funimation! You're one of the best va's they've got!) then you should enjoy this.

"Back on the laugh track"
Mark Britten, best known for his brief interview with Chris Psaros a few years back. I don't remember why Funimation stopped using him after Season 4 (remember there was some kind of controversy he complained about on his site) but they did bring him back to do some voices in DBZ Budokai.

"Animated business - 22-year-old deals in Japanese collectibles"
A general article about what it's like running a comic books/anime and manga store. Too bad his site's gone, I was hoping I could at least help advertise it here to show some appreciation for the article. (though you can still find it you know where- http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.theanimestore.net)

"Americanized' Japanese cartoon renewed another year"
Some- how do I phrase this- more "interesting" info on how Funimation dubs the show. That aside there's a lot of interesting info on the early years of the company and a couple of other little factoids behind the company. Heh, I really like the last line in the article, made me laugh the first time I read it.

"Japanese cartoon requires PC touch for U.S. viewers"
Some more interesting info on the early years of Funimation and their thought processes back then. The shadowy and mysterious (and apparently press-shy) non-Daniel Cocanoughers of the Cocanougher family make what I think is their first and almost last and only real public appearance out of the other one above... man, are these guys the J.D.Salingers of the anime world or what? Also if you ever see anyone calling Shenron the "Eternal Dragon" please, PLEASE show them this article and set them right!

Not really an article about DBZ so much as it is about the manga industry. Lots of figures and a bit of info on American Shonen Jump.

Finally, at long last- an excuse any soccer mom can agree on as to why DBZ's at least somewhat good!

 Bonus Stuff
Happy First Birthday DBZ Uncensored 2!