My Personal Top Three
(in some particular order)

 Toriyama's World
Toriyama.org's heir apparent. This is one really great site with loads of information (and English-translated scans!) on Toriyama's other work, as well as tons of information on other various mangas.

One of the best oldschool DBZ sites is back. Lots of updates, lots of content and lots of news. Great music section too.

One of my favorite DBZ sites on the internet and one of the best places for new DBZ news.

Updated list of Psaros's old Links

An updated list of Chris Psaros's old links, with new info on closed site and web archive links- check them out.

Updated List of Psaro's links

Other Good DBZ Sites

Dragonball Vortex - One of my favorite sites out there.

Pojo.com - The best place to go for info on the DBZCGG. If you want to know more about it or some general info on the series, this is a good place to go.

Pojo.com interview with Sam Spencer - Possibly the best DBZ interview of all time.

Anti-4Kids Otaku Alliance - Ok, this isn't really a DBZ website but what the hell- this is one of the best ideas for a website EVER. Still in development, but it'll probably be one hell of a website when it's done. (note- this site has since closed. Oh well, it was one hell of a good idea while it still lasted and despite this I think there'll always be a little bit of Anti-4Kids in us all. You can check out what remains here. Not a whole lot, but that is definitely one funny picture.

Jaganzoku - A friend's website, also the guy starting up the Anti-4Kids Otaku Alliance. Be sure to check it out. (note- like the site above this one also closed. Guess you know what time it is then.)

DBZ Saiyan Chronicles - A pretty popular place to go, mainly for people into DBZ music videos.

FUNimation's Official Website - A good place to go to check out Funimation's new trailers and their future licenses/releases.

FUNimation's Official Message Boards - Save yourself some time signing in by just clicking here.

FUNimation's Official Dragon Ball Website - It's nice to know that at least one of the 3 series got through very much intact.

FUNimation's Official Dragon Ball Z Website - Ah.... home of the enemy. (heh, just kidding) Actually, a pretty well-designed placed with lots of information and features.

FUNimation's Official Dragon Ball GT Website - Ugh.... excuse me while I go vomit... This is one "tour" you definitely don't want to take, and it's certainly anything but "grand".

WDC - Well, you know what they say about insult being the sincerest form of flattery...

MadeFromGoats.com - Okay, maybe there's a point where it stops being flattering. In any case, this site closed long ago but it's still one of the funniest DBZ sites of all time.

Dragon Ball Z UK - Another good site about the Ocean dub. Check it out to find out more about the mysterious Ocean dub. (note- another closed site. Since you're probably used to this by now I think I need say no more.)

Ukdb.net - Another closed site. But not just any, easily one of the best resources on that "other" Ocean dub of DBZ. (and I'm not just talking about the first 2 seasons of DBZ) If you don't know what I'm talking about then you might be interested in taking a visit.

Ocean-db.net - Pretty much the same as above. Another great Ocean DBZ fan site. Also, there are some interviews as this site and the above site with former voice actors from the first two DBZ seasons, so even if you're not interested in the "new" Ocean dub you should still check these out.

Funimation VA/Employee links

Laura Bailey - Laura Bailey- What you need, when you need it. (just kidding! You can find it here- http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.lizardlaura.com/)

Justin Cook - Mr. Urameshi and the director of Yu Yu Hakusho and several other animes.

Bruce Faulconer - (cue techno music)

KyleHebert - Woohoo, one of my favorite Funimation VA-s the voice of Great Saiyaman! Ah yeah!

Eric Vale - VA of Trunks and Funimation's Lady's Man.

Clyde Mandelin - the 2nd of Funimation's two translators. LOTS of interesting stuff here on what it's like being a subtitler and subtitling stuff. (interesting fact- him and Steven both had translations appear in fansubs prior to coming to Funimation)

Meredith McCoy - (whistles)

Mike McFarland - Big Mike is in the house!

Mike Mignogna - Ah... good ol' Mike closed down his website. Oh well, guess with all the new va roles he's getting and getting to be Alphonse Elric he just might not have as much time these days.

Stephanie Nadolny - (whistles) Little Gohan's new site.... um.... I didn't mean it like that! Anyway, here's the old one too for anyone interested. (http://web.archive.org/web/*/home.attbi.com/~eberecords/voice.html)

Sonny Strait - Ah yeeeah guys! Are you looking for a rrrreally MONDO COOL website? Then be sure ta check this place out. I'm tellin ya- this place is nuts!

And how could you forget the mondoooo archives for the old site? Wooooo! I think I'm getting dizzy...... (btw- what the HFIL happened to his old Krillin cartoon drawings on his site? They looked so much better than this new stuff! Hmm.... reminds of that story I told in an editorial from the guy that told me about Funimation losing One Piece and how the Fukmeister deliberately forced Kyle Hebert to remove any DBZ images from his site because he likes intruding in the lives of his employees.)


Steven J. Simmons - Japanese Translator for most of FUNi's animes. Got any translations questions or anything else you want to ask? Well, then hop on by.

Misc. Anime VA Links

Greg Ayres - VA for a bunch of different anime roles.

Bob Bergin - The man's a legend.

Mark Britten - Used to work at Funimation as a couple characters. Check out Psaros's interview with him for more info.

Debi Derryberry - Hmmm... this chick does a lot of cool roles.

Crispin Freeman - Good old Alucard. Tastes like chicken.

Doc Harris - The original (and best) Narrator voice for English DBZ.

Jay Hickman - Man, no offense but this guy is a real hick.

Peter Kelamis - The 2nd best English voice for Goku.

Scott McNeil - The Scott McNeil fansite. If you don't know or can't remember who he is, then I'm really not sure why you're here.

Kirby Morrow - Kirby Morrow's website.... never diiiiiies. (well, as long as the archives don't erase it)

Kirby Morrow 2 - But, hey his fansite still lives on. And for those who don't know he was Goku's last VA in the English/Canadian Ocean version of DBZ. He replaced Peter Kelamis after some time for that version.

Mike Pollock - Yup, this link is definitely NOT outdated! Anyway, this is Mike Pollock's site he's a surprisingly... talented? well-liked? voice actor who works for 4Kids. Heh but nah, for a dude who works for 4Kids he's pretty cool. You can also find him here and here.

Eric Stuart - An (in)famous voice actor and director for many different 4kids animes.

Amy Howard Wilson - Hmm... seems to have a done a bunch of old stuff.

The Bigass Shrine of Chris Psaros Links

"Nobody Cares", Chris Psaros's new home on the net - Chris Psaros's new home on the web. If you want to know what he's up to nowadays, remember to drop by this place.

Webarchived oldschool DBZU - Oldschool DBZU. Heh... now don't be fooled. Some of the stuff here you can't see on the current and final rendition still active on dbzoa.net. So, there is some bonus stuff here if you look hard enough.

More Oldschool DBZU - Same as above.

Psaros Uncensored - A really nice tribute to the man Chris Psaros.

DBZUncensoreUncensored - Truly no man has ever inspired more people to take up html than Chris Psaros has.

ANOTHER DBZU copy - Heh.

Olives for Psaros - Chris Psaros needs your olives!

Kienzan's Edge Just as LaBrie's flow of editorials on his old site caused Psaros to write less editorials for his this site's sheer and amazing devotion to just editorials did the same to DBZU's editorials section. (originally the only one of it's kind) So, for some good reading drop by here.

More of the above - More of the above.

Temple of Trunks - One of the famous "Elite" mentioned in Chris Psaros's final official editorial for the site. Plus, a really fun and funny site.

Ginga Giri Giri - More "1337" stuff. All content relating to it can be found on this link.

The Ultimate DBZ Information Site - You can usually judge how great a site is by it's news archives. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one very impressive site.

Ed Gorgen's "The Dragon Ball Experience" - Think Chris Psaros is the granddaddy of all the Uncensored site and anti-bad dub movements out there? Well, you're right. However, Ed Gorgen is the GREAT granddaddy of them all, including even Chris Psaros. For without Ed Gorgen's amazing site (and his episode comparisons on there) you would not be reading these words right now. Please, drop by, and learn more about the site of the man who truly started it all. Not only that, but one hell of an amazing oldschool DBZ site and even just plain DBZ site.

Eric Phan's "Daily Dragonball Chapters" - Not really any manga scans unfortunately. But, his site he used while he translated the entire 42 DB manga volumes.

Wuken's "Suushinchuu" - Haven't checked this site out yet so I can't really comment on it. However, it was pretty beloved by oldschool fans, and it did help play a role in Chris Psaros's first opinion piece.

Steve Harmon's "The Vault" - Ya know, it's kind of ironic is now most famous long after closing for the one Gen interview. Nevertheless, it was an exceptional and highly original site that inspired many other similar interviews in the DBZ Community. Some content is still there, including interviews with famous current and former DBZ web masters. (but no Chris Psaros interview? Steve Harmon, if you out there I'd love to host that one particular interview on dbzoa.net, so please give me a holler)

An interview with Chris Psaros - Heh. Chris Psaros is also the most interviewed DBZ webmaster of all time.

Complete list of all Anime/Manga/Cartoon Uncensored Websites

Anime news Network Toonami - Adult Swim editing list - Includes an edits list on Big O, Blue Submarine #6, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam 0083, Gundam 08th MS Team, Outlaw Star, +... er... well, it contains a LOT of shows! 34 so far to be exact. It's all stuff that's been shown on tv before so if you watch CN chances are you've probably seen some of these.

Anime Prime - Has a HUGE list of edited animes, far too many to list here.

Anime subtitling errors - Covers subtitling errors in DVD releases of anime. DON'T think that the Captain Ginyu DVD's are the only ones out there that are messed up.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker - (NOTE- this site has since disappeared, and is no longer available even in the web archives.) Not technically an anime, but still a pretty interesting site. Make sure to pick up the unedited version if you unknowingly made the mistake of buying an edited version without realizing it.

Card Captor Sakura vs. Card Captors - Probably the best site about the Nelvana dub of CCS.

Card Captors Uncensored - Haven't really seen any CC so I'm not too sure what to say. Oh well, it's a pretty nice with loads of info on the series.

Cowboy Bebop - Heh, I'm still surprised that the Adult Swim version had any censorship. Just goes to show you how good of a dub Cowboy Bebop's got.

Devoted to Digimon - A Digimon site about the original version and mangas. I'm not sure if it's still open but like most sites you can still see it on the web archives.

Digimon - Hey mon, you like Digimon? Den you come to this site, mon.

The Ultimate DBZ Information Site - This site isn't an "anime uncensored" site only, but it does have a pretty huge picture gallery on what got censored from the first 2 DBZ seasons. Just goes to show you why original DBZ is the best.

Irrasahi - Not exactly an "Uncensored site" but it does have a couple of interesting Cell saga reviews.

Doremi Uncensored - Doremi Uncensored! Brought to you Ojamajo Limepie, the same person who started up the famous old "Uncuts for Tokyo Mew Mew" mail campaign. Now, I don't want to sound like Al Kahn or nothing... but I would totally do that one girl with the purple hair.

Dragon Ball Z Uncensored - The site, the legend, that started it all.

Dragon Ball Uncensored - A great website with lots of information on the first DB FUNimation dub, the first 3 movies, and approximately the first 20 DB episodes based on FUNimation's second dub.

Dragon Ball Uncensored, Piccolo Daimaoh - Another "topic website" like the Yu Yu Hakusho one. This one is covering the "Piccolo Daimaoh" saga currently showing on Cartoon Network.

Dragon Ball Z Uncensored 2 II - Heh, I'm not the only guy to do a sequel site to Chris's! Contains information on what got censored from several of the edited versions of the DBZ movies as well as some other stuff.

Dragon Ball Z Uncensored Pictures - A cool website with pictures of material that got censored from over 100+ episodes. Along with Greg Werner's site, this stuff really complements Chris Psaros's DBZUncensored pretty good.

Dragon Ball GT Uncensored - A series of 2 Blue Water dub episode reviews, made by TW of ukdb.net. Man, I really need to design a "Dragon Ball GT Uncensored" logo so I can set up this section. To anyone who can design me one based off of the Japanese original logo, DBZ movies 7-13 on VHS fansubs shall be yours. Any volunteers?

Escaflowne, Outlaw Site - A pretty good site for information on Escaflowne. It also includes a section on Outlaw that I particularly like.

FMA Uncensored - Curious about what's being censored on Full Metal Alchemist? Then check out this site.

Escaflowne - Another Escaflowne site. This one deals almost exclusively with the "version" shown on Fox Kids that was yanked off the air due to bad ratings. Heh. Why do companies always have to "change" animes to make them "more appealing"?

Gundam 0080 - Technically not a site since all the info's accumulated in a message board. But if you're into the Gundam animes then you'll like this site.

Initial D. - (note- this site seems to now be closed. Ah well, had some pretty damn cool clips while it lasted. If you want to see how much ass Tokyoplop sucks just buy the first dvd of Initial D. and compare the 2 versions but be warned- they even censor the original Japanese version. This series should DEFINITELY be watched only on fansub.)

Inu-yasha 5, Inu-yasha 6, Inu-yasha 7, Inu-yasha 8, Inu-yasha 9, Inu-yasha 10, Inu-yasha 11, Inu-yasha 12, Inu-yasha 13, Inu-yasha 14, Inu-yasha 15, Inu-yasha 16, Inu-yasha 17, Inu-yasha 18, Inu-yasha 19, Inu-yasha 20, Inu-yasha 21, Inu-yasha 22, - More reviews in more message boards.

Kirby - Comparisons of the original version of Kirby to it's dub counterpart.

Mew Mew Power Uncensored - Woah. Show's not even out and there's already an Uncensored Site ready to greet it when it premiers. Something tells me the people at 4Kids probably aren't getting too many friendly e-mails these days.....

In any case, don't think there's anything there just because the show's not on the air. They're doing a pretty good job of reporting all news regarding Tokyo Mew Mew's American dub coming to the Fox Box. And so far it looks like a repeat of Card Captors.

Naruto Place - Naruto on Cartoon Network - The first big Naruto comparisons site. I think the dub's alright for, well, a tv dub, and sometimes I watch. It shows quite a bit despite the censoring. (even Haku being a guy) But man, does the English opening song they use blow frog chunks.

Naruto Uncensored - (note- site's apparently been abandoned. The graphics that were made for the layout were pretty cool though. I'll keep this link up just in the case the people/person that made the site decide to come back to it.)

One Piece Uncensored - Hey, I know this site- it's One Piece Uncensored! Great place to go to see how 4Kids is butchering and rap-, erm, I mean, adapting and localizing One Piece for American audiences. After you're done here and you want to find some more One Piece websites I highly recommend punching in "One Piece" into the Yahoo search engine. ;)

One Piece Episode Comparisons - Another One Piece U site. This one goes further beyond Ultraseiya's. If you haven't gotten the message yet, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DOWNLOAD ONE PIECE FANSUBS. This dub is horrible beyond and serves no purpose beyond making fun of it.

Pokemon - Whew man. This website's probably broken some kind of record for having it's site address changed the most number of times of any of the sites on the Links page. Anyway, other past names have also included, "http://www.dogasu.envy.nu/episode_comparisons.htm" and "http://dogasusbackpack.tk/". Tons of info on the show Pokemon and an inside look at 4Kids's earliest censorship standards and practices.

Pokemon 1st Movie - After reading this site it turns out that the first Pokemon movie didn't suck as horribly as 4Kids made it out to be.

Pokemon - A site with fake information, but still funny. Man this place has caused some people to believe some pretty freaky things about Pokemon...

Sailor Moon Uncensored - Another website inspired by Chris Psaros's work. Very good stuff and definitely worth a read.

Shaman King Uncensored entries - Plain and simple- 4Kids really, really, really sucks.

Shaman King Uncensored - Not much was continued with with the site above, but this site has kept up with reviewing all the episodes. Something anyone who watches Shaman King dubbed should check out.

Sonic X - Is Sonic X kiddy? You bet. Is it fun as hell to watch? You bet. Anyway this site is sometimes up and sometimes not up. Today as I'm writing this, I was able to log on earlier but later it was down. In any case the link leads to the webarchives. If the site's currently down for you just check there. They do have some really good comparisons of all the episodes in the series in which they compare the dub to the sub. And if you actually took all the time of reading this, go download fansubs of Sonic X too while you're at it.

Tenchi - You know the drill Tenchi fans.

Tenchi - I think this site is now closed, but it can still be viewed in the web archives.

The Uncensored Tenjho Tenge Campaign - A site protesting the censorship of Tenjho Tenge.

Trigun - Site's now closed and only available in the archives. Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

Viewtiful Joe - The game kicks ass, the anime kicks ass.... so WHY did Geneon have to suck ass with the dub?! And edited-only dvd's? In the immortal words of Dick Cheney- "go f**ck yourself" Geneon.

Yu-gi-oh! Uncensored - YGO Uncensored is back... merged with JD's YGO 2 and also hosted on the Anime Cauldron. YGO/Shonen Jump fans, come on down.

Yu-gi-oh! Uncensored 2 - This is it, YGO Uncensored 2. Wait, I thought the site merged with YGO 1 and... oh well, I'm sure you'll still find a lot of YGO content if you come by here!

Yu Yu Hakusho on Adult Swim - (note- links not missing, not sure where to find them. If anybody knows please email me) An interesting "site" (all on message boards) with information on what got censored from Yu Yu Hakusho when it first showed on Adult Swim. Surprisingly, most of it remained pretty intact.

Yu Yu Hakusho on Cartoon Network - A website that cover Yu Yu Hakusho's censorship on Cartoon Network

More Yu Yu Hakusho on Cartoon Network

More Yu Yu Hakusho on Cartoon Network, part 2 -

Lots of Yu Yu Hakusho episodes reviewed.

Winx Club: Cut It Out! -

An appropriate link for the link section of the homepage of Winx Club Fansubs. This has some details on 4Kids' censorship and rewriting of Winx Club. Did you know that they make Musa talk ghetto and rap in it? This is just part of why like to stick with the UK dub.

Anti-4Kids Websites

4Bastards Web Journal. - I think the name speaks for itself. :)

Anti-4Kids Otaku Alliance. - I know, it's already up there at the top. But that's where I originally had it before I had an anti-4Kids section and I'd like to keep it there just for nostalgia. This was a REALLY great idea but unfortunately it didn't get too far. Still, I'd recommend that anyone who doesn't like 4Kids at least go there to check out the image. It is pretty cute and good for a chuckle.

The official 4Kids TV Website - Welcome to the official 4Kids TV Website. Here you can download and listen to and watch music and music videos. You can also view full streaming episodes of your "favorite" 4Kids shows. Plus you can download and play games and do lots of other fun stuff.

"Now hold on a second Saiyaman- this is the official website of 4Kids! Why would I want to support them in the least by doing any of that?" Simple- it's their website meaning that THEY have to PAY for it. So the more stuff you do- the money they pay. That being said, play away on this website! (they also have a message board here too where you can post)

Bad Rap. - A VERY excellent webpage on the history of 4Kids, their treatment of animes and their fans, and how they're doing with One Piece so far.

Chronicles of YGO. - A website that parodies the dub of 4Kids YGO. If you've ever seen it on tv you might like this site.

M.I.K.A.U. - Another anti-4Kids website.

One Piece...... - OF CRAP.

Anti-FUNimation Websites

Angry at American DBZ - A good site that's been around for a while.

The anti-FUNimation Club - An anti-FUNimation club at Yahoo. Hmmm.... maybe I should join?

Determination and Strength - A Shrine to Son Goten and Bardock - Lots of information, especially on the Bardock Special.

Dragonball Angels- The Goten Shrine! - A really fun shrine about Goten.

FUNimajin - A cool website that makes some good and funny points.

The Lighter Side of Dragon Ball Z - Lots of funny stuff.

Magi Master: The Ultimate Online RPG - Mainly an RPG site.

Planet Z - Some REALLY funny fan fics! Be sure to check em out.

The Super Saiyajin Elite - A cool site I like to visit.

The Tree of Anime: Gohan's Rage - A DBZOA member.

Phil's dbz thingy - This guy doesn't like Funimation.

Here they all are. If you know of any sites I didn't mention that you'd like to see listed then please e-mail me. And hey, send me yours and I might link to it too. Just make sure you're linked to DBZ Uncensored 2 first.

Miscellaneous Sites

Anime Web Turnpike - Yup.

Anime News Network - I know I advertised this before, but it also is one of the best sites for new info on what's happening in the world of anime.

http://notquitefunny.net/ - A pretty cool site. He's really talented and has some pretty funny soundclips, be sure to check them out! (especially the Metal Gear ones)

AnimeSuki.com - If Jesus had an anime website... well, it'd be pretty damn awesome. But since he doesn't have one (at least as far as we know...) you'll have to settle for the 2nd best thing- AnimeSuki.com Seriously- if you check out only one link on this links page then make sure it's this one.

The Comic Book Guy.com - Best. Manga. And. Comic. Review. Site. EVER.

Sonic SatAM - Too fast for the naked eye... Sonic the Hedgehog! Sonic, he can really move. Sonic, he's got an attitude! Sonic, he's the fastest thing alive!

Real Ultimate Power - Holy shit. This website is so awesome it makes me want to crap myself. Oh wait, I think I just did. Crap.

ICV2.com - Another great site for anime news.

Shonen Anime - A great anime site to go for information on the anime-counterparts of the mangas that appear in Shonen Jump.

Fark.comNeed I even bother to advertise a site this insanely popular? Well, they don't seem to be too fond of DBZ website links unless they're somehow mocking of the series, but I'll give anybody a buck who can actually get them to link to dbzoa.net.

GameFAQsMan, if you need ANY information on ANY game no matter how insanely obscure, this is the site to go to. Also has a ton of info on the dozens of DBZ games which have been released over the past 10+ years.

Queer Duck - One of the gayest and funniest web cartoons out there. And by gay I don't mean just mean really happy.

Angle Angles - What can I say? Web cartoons are pretty fun.

The Romp - Kind of a shadow of it's former self, but you won't believe how great this site used to be. Oh well, sorry to see the old internet era gone.

Salon.com - Best damn news site on the internet- period. Subscribe today if you haven't already, you'd be surprised and even afraid to know some of the crap that the mass media is too scared or sold out to actually report on. (cough, cough, Rupert Murdock)

Last but not least....