Hello, Konnichiwa, Hola and Bonjour!
For those completely new here, welcome to DBZ Uncensored 2! And for who are oldcomers welcome- back! For newcomers my best advice would be to first pop on over at the old DBZ Uncensored (currently located here- http://dbzuncensored.dbzoa.net/) and check things out over there. A lot of the answers/stuff over there apply here as well, particularly the intro. Oldcomers should check out the FAQ section for some additional answers.

Alright so what's the site about? Well it's a sequel to Chris Psaros's late but always still great "DBZ Uncensored." It's a site I loved to death back in the day and it's a site that inspired me to create DBZ Uncensored 2. Originally I decided to work side by side at the Dbzoa, expecting the benefit of a built-in audience and a highly dedicated and working team of staffers devoted to the same goals as DBZ Uncensored. But, things didn't exactly work out as planned. So now I've left and I'm hosted here by my good friend Peaches on her site animecauldron.com.

This editorial here pretty much explains more or less in a nutshell what my plans are here. I'm not on any crusade anymore or anything, I'm just happy to be here and I plan on taking my time and enjoying my freedom to it's fullest. The site will focus on reviewing the rest of the DBZ Movies as well as the Majin Buu saga, with the purpose of pointing out innaccuracies and changes within and also the greater purpose of introducing more DBZ fans to the original version of DBZ they've never seen before.

Mostly though, it'll just be a DBZ fan site and my own personal site. I plan on having fun and doing stuff like maybe reviewing shows such as Hunter X Hunter and Hikaru no Go. I'll also have a complete guide up on how to play, save, download and add available translations patches to all the unreleased Japanese DBZ games and other fun stuff like that. In addition I'll be focusing on more serious as well as controversial issues that don't get much play in the anime community and that the majority of fans aren't even remotely aware of, but I plan on changing that. I'm not Nostradums don't know quite what the future holds, but I know I'll be looking forward to enjoying it with a smile on my face and the will and confidence to overcome any obstacles that come my way.

Finally, that all aside I'd just like to once again say... welcome to DBZ Uncensored 2!