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 The DBZ Uncensored 2 FAQ
Why did you leave the Dbzoa?
Good question... because it sucks? Heh, nah, I suppose this topic requires a longer answer. If you really want to read the full story you can read it here.

Be warned that though that it's very long and would probably take about an hour to read through. Because of the sheer length of it, the negative nature, and all of the interpersonal web drama of it I know that not everybody's going to sit through reading all of it. So I put it up here for people who want to to read all of it to do so, rather then put it up at the editorials page where people would feel obligated to read it but wouldn't all finish it. (just think of it as a rollercoaster with 20 stops)

That being said, I'll include a short version of why I left for those not ready to have their minds blown away by that sheer amount of web drama.

Aside from me and Leia, then later for a while Conan.... pretty much NOBODY did any work around there. Oh sure, they'd talk and brag about how much they planned but... zip, nada. I joined up seeing all this awesome content and expecting an extremely dedicated and talented team of like-minded people. Instead, it was just a lazy group of board-dwellers and fanfic posters, with the occasional actual bit of work, that didn't want to quit and give their job to someone who cared but rather just hold on to it. Worse, just try telling someone who's done nothing but post fanfiction or post on the boards there that they're not doing work and that's the quickest way to fill up their rage meter.

How do big sites like Planet Namek and ANN succeed? Lots of dedicated people who work there all the time. Do you know how many people would love to have their names attached to either site as a staffer? LOTS. It's kind of a big status symbol for various communities, knowing "the big stars" of the anime world and being able to say you're one too. But how many of those people would be able to hold up their end? Er... not nearly as many would love to be listed there.

Leia, while a nice person who worked a lot, didn't have what it took to be the leader of the site. When somebody doesn't do their job, or stops working, you fire them and look for a replacement. You don't, "but they're our friends, I won't force anyone to leave" while they clean their teeth with toothpicks and post on the boards. LOTS of full staff positions from people who didn't do any work or stopped working = not too many "new" positions available for people who might actually want to work and contribute!

Time for a Naruto fanfic. And another, and another.... oh, here's a fanfic that's completely original!

Sigh... what does this have to do with a comparisons/commentary site? Even when I suggested stuff, like focusing on 4Kids, focusing on butchered mangas and other similar projects it just got ignored and nobody really helped. And it's not like anyone helped with getting the Winx Fansubs group as far along as it's gotten.

Interviewing someone from Toei who's been involved with the GT series is a big deal right? So's getting a VA from Funimation to agree and participate in an anonymous interview right? Or getting one of the few people who's met (and even spoken) to Toriyama to write me an account of what happened? Lots of people emailed me, and thanked me a lot for this kind of stuff and really enjoyed it....

So WHY can't the staff do the same damn thing, especially when they never do any work? And I mention these 3 things since I consider them the biggest, and it goes without saying that "smaller" stuff (like reviewing Movie 7) didn't get much thanks either.

And it's not just me- Conan didn't get much thanks either. During all his time here, only Leia really thanked him besides me. When he left he got insulted by later ex-staffer Ski really bad who was glad he was gone, and even on the staff/admins board someone just made fun of him once and only Leia had anything nice to say.

Does this sound like a great way to attract and keep talent? It's not. It's not like I never got any thanks, but the few I did from the staff outside of basically Leia never really felt like enough to make up for all the free time, work and effort I kept putting into the site. Even getting YGO Uncensored at Dbzoa, where it's gotten about 100,000 hits, barely warranted more than a few minor and brief thanks and then only just shortly after the site got hosted there.

I'm sorry but there is NOTHING improved over the new site design from the old one. The change occured shortly before April Fools, 2004. Unfortunately, it wasn't a joke.

The font shrunk to a ridiculous size. The colors vanished and became black, white, and semi-blue, the perfect trifecta. The DBZ characters disappeared for a smirking Spike and a weird-looking Hinata. The html style disappeared for a "great new system" Wedge gave guides to that nobody even bothered reading and weren't all that great to begin with. And, for the big finale, the official name changed to "The Otaku Alliance" from "The DBZ Otaku Alliance" to signify the change.

.....WHAT change? (read YGO Uncensored's Jan. 16th 2005 update for more) I'm sorry, but font should be large enough to readable without being a strain on the eyes. I only got used to it because I got Firefox which allowed me to exponentially increase the font size more than Internet Explorer did. (but how many other viewers did the same?) Black, white and blue? That color combo is terrible and ugly! A site should have color, should have some jazz, should have good images and be easy on the eyes. And Hinata? She's like the freaking Chaotsu of Naruto! She barely does anything and worse, she's (and anyone else using the Byakugan technique) in a freaky looking state too. The editorials were messed up too. SJR put them up, but lazily only skipped only line between spaces. (where oftentimes there were many more than just one space)

I wasn't involved in this project, much to the bitching of Illy, Wedge, Ski and SJR when I complained about it but.... damn, it still sucks and I still have a right to complain. If I'd known it'd look this bad I'd have paid more attention. It was put up in a bit of a rush too, right before Wedge left for Japan for a year.

I'm sorry but the new format has nothing positive over the old format. At best it took the DBZ out of the title and got rid of the Z characters. Yeah, "moving on from DBZ" is fine and dandy, but don't make the site uglier and bland in the process of doing so. Overall the site change was very poor and it took a long time to even get used to it.

As if this wasn't bad enough I had to deal with repetitive harassment from SJR. Whether it's lying about me and insulting me openly, threatening me, trying to get me banned for complaining about the new site layout, repeatedly pushing my buttons (by making numerous complaint topics about anything, no matter how minor like a link miscorrection, in mods/admins, in giant topics despite repeatedly being asked not to), making a sig where he jokes about him intentionally killing me, then insulting the crap out of me when I politely ask him to remove it, then using THAT as an excuse to have me with my builtup anger flame the crap out of aim, followed by him bragging that certain staffers would have banned me if his vote had passed causing me to flame one of them....

followed by Illy threatening to ban me for "harassing SJR and one of my friends," buying into SJR's bullshit of me being some bad guy bullying him with no provocation, followed by Illj acting like what he'd done was no big shit and flaming the crap out of me while SJR did the same, followed by SJR acting supernice to me on aim after which he then anononymously edited my editorials nonstop for almost 2 months.... not to mention him contacting about 5 staffer immediately after he got me to flame him on aim where he told them I told him I was quitting (which I'd never even said to him).... all along, with NONE of the staff doing jackshit to stop him, followed by Illj not caring that SJR lied to try to try to get me banned then threatened to ban/punish me himself if anything dared happen to SJR....

Dear God Almighty, do I have to say anymore? I even tried apologizing to him, being nice, just ignoring him yet nothing worked. I'm sick of even having to talk about him. SJR is a crazy fucking asshole and his psychotic, nonstop, threatening and harassing behavior towards me was eventually more than I was willing to put up with. This dead, decaying, mismanaged site isn't worth allowing myself to be harassed nonstop by someone repeatedly holding a dagger to my back who told me to consider him "the obsessive that wants you gone." Worst of all, SJR's never really done any work there besides a few fanfics and barely any news updates, and has shown more interest in harassing and threatening me then providing any new content for the site.

Screw the Dbzoa and screw SJR. As of now I officially renounce any and all prior affiliation I ever had with the Dbzoa and I express my regret in ever joining that site in the first place. I don't need them (in fact it's the opposite, I need to not be there) to have fun, relax, enjoy themself, be able to relax, and not have to worry about anything like that the new head of the site having told me that he hates me and always will and is an obsessive that wants to get rid of me.

Just for the record not everybody at the Dbzoa is or was bad. Staffers like Canik, Azrael, Cleo, Seashore Angel, Nola were always alright people and there are lots of great people I'm happy to have met on the boards over there. Unfortunately the bad there ultimately outweighed all of the good.

So yeah, there's the short explanation. I'm gone from the Dbzoa for good and I'm not ever going back.

What's the Anime Cauldron?
Anime Cauldron's the name of the site that hosts me that's a silly and fun anime place. Peaches is a friend of mine and we've talked for a long time and shared a lot of stories. She mentioned once that she emailed Psaros and offered to host DBZ Uncensored. (sigh, and too bad it didn't happen) So after I leaved at Dbzoa at one point I offered to to let her host DBZ Uncensored 2 and asked if she'd be interested.

She did and so here I am. She's a nice person and I'm grateful to be here. I'm technically a staffer but I don't really work at Anime Cauldron nor does anyone from there technically work here. (ie, you're not likely to see Jade update with an opinion piece) But if they like they're welcome to submit content here just like anyone else.

Can I be a staff member at DBZU 2? How does one join it?
Well for the most part I'd like to keep this a solo project. Don't really want to work with a bunch people, though at one point I thought about having costaffers directly here and have talked to some people.

However, I will have a system called "Honorary Staffers" where it just means I put up a person's stuff for them. If you don't know html or don't really want to do any I guess that's even better. If you really want to be an honorary staffer just express and show a longterm interest and submit a bunch of content here. If I decide I like it and that you're in it for the longterm and I'd like to have you here I'll put you on the roll. Don't worry too much if you don't, I'm just really picky about staff. However I don't really want to have any inactive/disinterested staffers so if you're pretty inactive for too long (about 1 season, or 3 months sounds reasonable) you'll be put on the former staffers role list and hopefully part under amicable circumstances. With all my former experiences I hope you can understand why I have all these rules.

Wait, what if I just want to submit content here? I'm not really interested in all the muss and fuss of honorary staffer, ex staffer, keeping busy all the time, etc., I just want to submit something once or maybe just every now and then
Hey no problem. It's not like submitting stuff automatically counts for a job interview here or anything. If you want to submit stuff just go ahead and do so and I'll be glad to post it. Stuff like Anime News, (preferably stuff not reported yet, and not stuff most people will see anyway listed on Animenewsnetwork and Animenation, which I check regularly anyway) opinion pieces or whatever is good.
Why do a DBZ censorship anti-Funimation website? DBZ's basically dead in America and Funimaton's improved a lot.
I have to say I agree with both of those assessments. But if you're thinking that then you probably haven't read this editorial here.

My old anti-Funimation material is here but at the time I wrote it (late 2002-about June 2004) Funimation dubbed the Majin Buu saga incredibly badly, did some really horrible work on Movie 7 and raped the hell out of GT. Why shouldn't they have been criticized during this time period? The content first began as material at Dbzoa that I called "DBZ Uncensored 2" though it wasn't a site at the time. I'd eventually planned on moving it to a site like this and well, here it is.

The site's not really about anti-Funimation stuff anymore but just read the above editorial and you'll understand more than I could really explain in this small space. Anyway the site itself is basically a DBZ fan site at heart though I'll be talking a lot more about other animes and other issues too. I plan on reviewing all of DBZ Seasons 6-7 (sorry, no Cell saga. Might do Season 5 but probably not, I'll decide when I'm done with 7) and the rest of the movies. I'm also currently involved in a fansubbing project to try and get Winx Club fansubbed.

Most of all the site's just my own personal project I plan to have fun with. I'm going to be here for a while and I'm going to enjoy my time. For updates I'm promising at least 2 a month. I've got a ton of content saved up from my time at Dbzoa that I didn't post so I already have enough to last over a year even if I posted a new thing every single week. You'll probably see less stuff during the school years and more during vacations and summers.

Your site map and thanks sections are down. And your missing some opinions/editorials, etc.
Does anyone really need a site map? It's not like this place is a labryinth where you'll find David Bowie if you search around for several hours. (though it'd be cool if it was)

As for thanks, I gotta lot of people to thank but I think I'll just wait til I retire at some point before putting it up. And although I don't really want to I'll put up the site map at that point too.

And as for the later stuff that'll be up soon. Tuesday Jan. 10 was the deadline I gave to some people and unfortunately, even working more than a week ahead of time I still had a few things left. I'll put up the remaining opinions and editorials soon, and the Movie 9 image for the new one. Links will be updated too, but I've got a bunch planned so I'll be saving that for an update later.

Where can I get some DBZ fansubs?
Heh, heh, where CAN'T you get fansubs is the question my friend.

I myself am too busy to burn tapes, ship em and sell em or trade em. I wouldn't mind telling you where I got them but unfortunately, my old fansub store closed down about a year ago. (God bless you Asian guy owner and importer and overall chiseler, random white guy, and cool skinny black dude that sold me half of GT cheap to get himself fired, and whoever else I'm missing. Each and every one of you)

Few Dbz fansubs are probably being sold now anyway, especially since their original big catch was a chance for tv watchers to zoom far ahead and impress their friends with the crazy Japanese version. I'd check online if I were you. Don't really want to give any links since most of them would host other non-DBZ stuff too but they're out there if you really want to find them.

Funimation's DBZ dvd's are now affordably priced anyway, and around early/mid Cell-saga stop cutting out stuff they don't have to so I think they're an alright option.

Whew. Well, guess that about covers it. I may add more questions or amend some of these later. If you read them all then thanks for coming this far.

  So, if you've read the above FAQ,
or at least skimmed over it to get the general idea,
and please ask before sending any images or files,
You now have permission to...

E-mail me!