2006 Editorials

 2004 Editorials
  • September 17th 2004- I guess the One Piece fan community can trust EvilGamerX, but I still flamed him pretty bad
  • September 5th 2004- The History of the DBZ Community, and the lessons that can be learned from it
  • August 31st 2004- Why you should care more about the animes you don't care about
  • July 21st 2004- Why fansubs are a good thing, and the Anime Bit Torrent Revolution
  • July 11th 2004- Thoughts on the DBZ Movies
  • July 11th 2004- How 4Kids is going to screw over Shaman King fans once again
  • July 9th 2004- Why my cousin in France would be PERFECT for dubbing the Kingdom Hearts anime!
  • May 24th 2004- What 4Kids needs to do in order to avoid screwing up Naruto
  • March 9th 2004- Funimation's Catch 22
  • March 3rd 2004- Forgiveness for Funimation- have they earned it?
  • February 13th 2004- GreatSaiyaman777 is throwing down the gauntlet! Funimation, my challenge to you.
  • February 13th 2004- Let the games.... BEGIN!
  • February 7th 2004- "Why can't Funimation be more imaginative?", and "The cowardice, greed, and failure to maximize profits behind Cartoon Network's censorship policies."
  • February 7th 2004- Why we're so harsh
  • February 3rd 2004- What REALLY happened to One Piece
  • January 24th 2004- Come on FUNimation- do you really want Bruce Faulconer to have his way with the redub?
  • January 11th 2004- So you want to create your own Anime Uncensored Website?
  • January 5th 2004- Lies and false propaganda: Funimation's solution to complaints about their music
  • January 3rd 2004- The Return of Bruce Faulconer: Funimation's plans on ruining the DBZ redub just like they ruined DBGT

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