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Jade is co-founder of the anime cauldron as well as a contributor and co-founder of the Grimm. She is also the mother of a 8 year old boy named Nicky and a 7 year old cat named Willow who both keep her running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. She has been accused of being a procrastinator, a claim which she has said she will answer later.
Ok, enough of that....Talking about yourself in the third person really gets on your nerves after a while. Just a quick update letting everyone know that everything that was deleted of mine from the Grimm is now back up and running. Thank you all so much for your patience in this matter. I have been getting a great response to the form below for people wanting to be put on the list for my new notification newsletter. On it I will let you know when I update and perhaps even give you a sneak peek at upcoming installments, so please if you want to know what is going on please sign up.

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I am also working on a fanfic exclusive to the Grimm so if you like my writing and are a fan of the Fox show House M.D. please stay tuned for futher news.
Quick word of warning for new readers. The first few parts of Only A Memory Away: A Life With Seto Kaiba are a bit on the blah side because they were the first fiction pieces that I had written for a few years so my skills were a bit on the rusty side. The story does pick up after a while so please stick with it and thank you for taking the time to read my humble works.


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