What Sailor moon has taught me
By Jade

1. My nickname sounds much cooler in Japanese. (Jade's nickname, by the way, is Bunny, which is obviously Usagi in Japanese. I like both versions.)
2. How to pass my daughter from the future off as my sister and not have anyone question why I suddenly have a sister. An odd teaching I know but you never know when it might come in handy. (Or teaching said daughter how to hypnotize everyone with a freaky umbrella. That's just as handy.)
3. No matter how much you and your inner senshi fight, they will always be there for you when the bad guys are there.
4. That no matter how bad your cooking is, the one you love will force it down and tell you how good it was.
5. No matter how much you listen to it you will never get used to the American dubbed Serena's voice. (Get used to it? It makes my eyes bleed sometimes. That's a special kind of talent. The only other that comes close is dub Madison from Cardcaptors. Her voice makes my eye twitch uncontrollably and I start clawing my ears.....what? Amethyst has issues. :D )
6. Meatballs can be sexy. (I'm Italian, so I already knew that.)
7. Bubble-gum pink hair is cute. (I wish I had bubblegum pink hair....)
8. "In the name of the moon I shall punish you" gets you weird looks when you come off with it in the middle of the supermarket. (For an added bonus, try that one at Wal-Mart when the sales associate can't find what you're looking for....they know me too well.)
9. Roses are pretty but not really all that effective when used as a weapon except if it's the black rose. (Note to all you guys, electricuting your girlfriend with black roses is not cool, even if you are under the spell of an evil queen.....why does that scenario sound familiar?)
10. Even if it looks like you have defeated the sailor scouts, you haven't. They are still there and about to open a can o' whoopass on you. (Jade is all ghetto. For all you otaku out there like me who hate the word "scouts", Jade meant senshi. She really did. :) )
11. For the most part no matter how cute the guy unless he's been on the show since day one they are somehow working for the big bad. (I tend to disagree with this point of view, but since this is a Sailor Moon list, I let it slide. Were it a general anime list, I would highly disagree, but since there are very few Sailor Moon males that disprove Jade's theory, save Ami's b/f and the guy who works at Rei's shrine, and the Sailor Starlights in human form......I guess there are a few examples to disprove it after all. Oh well. ^_^)
12. Your talking cats always know where you are but your parents don't. (My talking cat never knew where I was.)
13. Whining is not cute and is annoying, whoever does it. (There are a few people out there who would do well to take this advice.)
14. If your daughter is influenced by a big bad she will turn into an evil dominatrix. (But ironically, she will be an evil dominatrix with pink hair.)
15. Just because you are the smartest one of your group does not give you the right to act like a know it all (American dub only). (Yeah, the Japanese Ami never acted like a know-it-all. She was too nice.)
16. If you have odd dreams about being a princess in a former life chances are you probably were. (That explains a lot about me. ^_^)
17. In real life the enemy will not wait around for you to dance around and announce your attack before they try and hurt you (More of a general anime but it still counts). (Unless you live in the valley. Then you have a 50/50 shot of that.)

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