What I learned from Dragonball:

These are things that I observed while I was sick and confined to my bed, doing nothing but watching Dragonball DVD's all day. Enjoy!

First off, the theme song is pretty catchy. If you never heard it, it goes as follows:
(the caps are the loud parts)

gotta find that DRAGONBALL
Don't stop until you got them all, the seven magic balls
It's all you gotta do to have your wish come TRUE
Get that Dragonball,
The greatest test of all is to find that seventh ball
Danger all around you...
villains everywhere
Evil, it surrounds you
Keep on searching, but beware
Goku, he's gonna show you
He's gonna help you find the way
Goku, he's gonna show you
He and his friends are gonna save the day
DRAGONBALL, there's always evil lurking...
till the DRAGON CALLS...
you won't believe the magic in those seven balls
Everybody's searching for the

Interesting, yes?
Keeping lost babies without contacting the authorities is a-ok.(Grandpa Gohan pulled that off.)
I've learned that 12 year olds can raise themselves in the mountains and cut firewood with a karate chop.
Life changes are "totally radical". (thanks dub version)
Being chased by mountain lions is a hereditary trait in Goku's family.
Digital undies are just sexy.
Bulma obviously had a problem remembering her name when she was younger, as all her clothes had her name on the front.
Girls are witches. (Goku said it)
You cannot kill Goku by running him over.
Teenaged girls with blue hair are the prettiest things on earth.....at least in their opinions.
These same teenage girls can make a house jump off the ground by screaming.
Bulma is "the prettiest girl you'll ever see."
If Goku laughs at you for challenging him......RUN!!!! It doesn't matter if you're bigger than him, you're goin down.
Special flying clouds are always yellow.
Goku's head will break an axe.
Goku is NOT a pretty girl.
I want Bulma's "secret vitamins"(piggy piggy)
When fighting Yamcha, show him a girl. He will immediately fall over. (Note: I don't believe this applies to Dragonball Z at all, just Dragonball.)
Chichi used to be a dominatrix until she met Goku.
Pinball is an evil game.
If your friend turns into a monkey, cut off his tail. Better yet, if your friend has a tail to begin with, keep him/her away from the full moon.
Sneezing could cause violence.
Delivering milk is good training for martial arts.
Yamcha is hot when he doesn't shave.
Goku and Krillin should never dress like pimps EVER again.
The second opening song is what my Goku alarm clock plays! I like the English version better than the Japanese, for once:

Find those Dragon Balls!
Look out for them all!
You can search around the world with me
Gotta heed the call,
of Magic Dragon Balls,
What a great adventure this will be.
You can climb onboard cause the Nimbus doesn't wait. (admittedly a stupid lyric)
A fantastic journey for your dream- a thrilling mystery.
Through the fires of time they've waited patiently,
When all seven balls you find the Dragon is set free.
Rising, rising, mesmerizing,
Unbridled Ecstacy!
Radiant and Shining hidden somewhere in a field,
Luminous and Blinding, with your desires revealed.
Ageless, timeless, what you'll find is beyond belief...
Let's try, try, try...
Look high and low.
Search the sky and the sea below.
Let's try, try, try...
Sieze the day!
And make new friends along the way!
Find those Dragon Balls!
Look out for them all!
Come and hunt those Dragon Balls with me.
Gotta heed the call!
Of Magic Dragon Balls!
What a great adventure this will be.
Set a course for action, adventure doesn't wait.
A fantastic journey for your dream- a thrilling mystery!

Ahem....moving on....
In a pinch, Master Roshi can beatup Yamcha.
When you're in a pinch at a martial arts tournament, and you're a girl, strip to your undies the Ranfan way!
You can fool Goku's sniffer with perfume.
In the end, the old man will always win......at least in Dragonball.
Goku will always save your village.
Wedding is NOT a food. (thanks for the tip ChiChi)
The Red Ribbon Army is gay!
Colonel Silver is not a cool name.
Colonel Silver works for General Red.....hmmm....doesn't the Red Ribbon Army sound like what would happen after Rainbow Brite started getting PMS? General White? Muscle Tower? A purple ninja?
Goku looks cute in fuschia mittens.
Beware the magenta haired robot of dooooom!
Ninjas are dumber than Goku.
Android 8 rules!
Goku will defeat the purple ninja. Doesn't matter that Goku is a child and the ninja has more training and skills, Goku will beat him anyway.
Evil generals like to play video games that effect you. I think Jade may be an evil general, lol.
The RED Ribbon Army seems obsessed with the color fucshia. They even have a giant fuschia monster with a green tongue!
Bullets cannot kill Goku, but they do annoy him.
Bulma has the coolest toys. Batman has nothing on her.
Never trust a girl with blue hair
A dirty old man will find any excuse to look up your dress. (Jade submitted this.)
I learned from Dragonball Z that if you go to any lengths to tick Gohan off to see his "hidden powers" you deserve the terrible death he will dish out to you.

This list is incomplete and will be updated again.
But, for as many things as I learn from Dragonball, there are also many questions that are left behind...
1. Why did Yamcha stop using his "Wolf Fang Fist"? It seemed to be his most effective technique, and certainly didn't get killed so much when he used it. Seriously, once Dragonball Z started, he no longer used that technique, and it seemed like every time he joined a battle, he was the first to die.
2. All of Goku's allies used to be his enemies....mostly....why? Krillin was his rival, Yamcha was his enemy, Tien was his enemy...this continues in DBZ. Vegeta became an ally, Piccolo became an ally....weird. Heck, even Buu became an ally by the time everything was over! Goku must be an extremely likeable guy.
3. Who was Chichi's mother? Seriously.
4. If Jackie Chun blew up the moon in Dragonball, how did Piccolo blow it up in Dragonball Z?
5. What exactly is Pilaf the emperor of?
6. Is Haski related to Lunch?
7. If Saiyans cannot breathe in space(heavily stressed in the Frieza battle), how is it that Vegeta and Nappa blew up Arlia from outside of their spaceships? Also, Bardock seemed to handle space just fine when he flew up to Frieza's ship to try to kill him.
8. Did Trunks, Goten, Bra, and Pan have tails when they were born? This question corresponds with the next one.
9. Was there a cut-off age when a Saiyan's tail stopped growing back? Goku had his tail snipped off at least twice, if not three times. Same with Gohan. Was there just a point in their lives that if the tail was severed, it stopped growing back? I mean, Vegeta's didn't. The reason this question relates to the last is that I have a theory that perhaps Trunks and Goten at the very least were born with tails and had them immediately removed until the age where it stops growing. Dragonball Z seems to pick up after the "cut-off" age for them both. I don't know about Bra. Pan I can understand not having a tail because she was only a 1/4 Saiyan.
10. Just what the heck was Mr. Popo? Was it ever established what race or whatever he was? And while we're on the subject, what race was Tien? Was he a human with 3 eyes? In most of the episodes I have seen, it is stated that Krillin is the strongest human, but I know Tien is stronger, so what is he? Update: I read that Tien was, indeed, a human. He had a third eye, supposedly, because he had become so enlightened with his meditation and all that he actually manifested his third eye chakra as a physical eye in his forehead. That still doesn't answer why Krillin is considered the strongest human, unless that is something that is exclusive to the dub.
11. Why does the English dub make Frieza and his father act like they are gay? And why does King Cold come across as a know-it-all abusive kind of dad, like he thinks his son is a moron? That is not the way either character is in the Japanese version. Time to hire a new script writer, Funimation. I'd be happy to step up!
12. In GT, why did Pan have her own personalized spacesuit on the ship if Goten was the one who was supposed to go into space with Goku and Trunks? Did Pan somehow fit a spacesuit into that backpack of hers?
13. Why did Dende appear to be constantly shifting back and forth between his teen form and his child form during the Buu saga? Especially when the Kais take him to the abandoned planet and they watch the fight from the crystal ball.
14. Why is it that in Dragonball, it is a different scientist than the one in Dragonball Z that creates androids? In DB, I believe it is Dr. Flappe, in DBZ it is Dr. Gero. How many android creating scientists does the Red Ribbon Army need?
15. In Future Trunks's timeline, Goku dies of a heart virus. Why did no one worry that this heart disease may be passed down to Goten, Gohan, or even Pan?
16. Future Trunks killed Frieza in his mechanical form, however he never shows up that way again. During the Buu saga and Super 17 saga, Frieza appears as he was before he was killed by Goku, never as the version Trunks did in. I don't think you get to pick your form when you die, so what is up with that?
17. Speaking of Frieza, why does he get to keep his body in hell? Why do any of the bad guys get to keep their bodies? Isn't it said that only people like Goku or the Z fighters get to keep their bodies when they die?
18. From what you gather at the end of DBZ and into GT, 18 and Krillin never saw 17 again. Why is this? 17 and 18 were twins and very close, so why would she not try to find her brother and at least let him know his own niece? Maybe if she had paid better attention to him, it would have been harder for Dr. Mu and Dr. Gero to gain control of him.
19. Why is Krillin's daughter have the same name his first girlfriend, Marron? Further more, why did 18 allow this?

What-if's from the Dragonball series:
1. What if Goku and Gohan had managed to fuse with the Potara earrings? What would that mean for ChiChi? She wouldn't be able to kiss her husband anymore!
2. What would happen if Goku and Vegeta had stayed fused? I mean, who would he be married to? Would ChiChi and Bulma have to share him? Does it count as cheating? And what if one of our ladies became pregnant by Veggito or Gogeta? And a slightly more racey question, if one of the ladies slept with the fused form, does that count as a threesome?
3. What would have happened if Goten and Trunks had fused with the Potara earrings? Who would raise Gotenks? Is he more Bulma's responsibility because he acts more like her husband? Would Goku have to pay child support? Or would ChiChi decide to take Gotenks and try to make him a scholar like she did Gohan?
That's all for now, but stay tuned. Or submit your own. E-mail us your questions or what you have learned and you will get credit.

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