Here is a look back at the many stages of Amethyst's hair in the past 4 years!


In 2002, Jade and I shared custody of a rather crappy digital camera, hence why we look so purple, lol.

Me in my wig.

Me with Jade.


In 2003, we used our Advantix cameras and got new digi cams. The old crappy one went bye bye. My hair was starting to grow out on it's own by this point, so no more wig! I also started to favor the Cardcaptor Sakura pigtail style with my newly grown hair, lol.

Being silly by the car.

Crazy fun with an axe.

Before the midnight showing of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.


In 2004, my crazy hair was longer, so the Sakura look didn't work anymore.

We saw Stephen Lynch at the Staircase Lounge.

Just chatting away.


I added some blonde highlights near the end of the year.


2005 was a fun year. We made some new friends and had some fun road trips.

Me as Torchy, a suspect at the Murder Mystery party.

Midnight showing of Star Wars Episode 3.

Jade and I soaking up some sun.

Me spinning around.

Walking by the sea.

Getting frisky with the Wizard!


2006 was a big year for me. I graduated from college and got an Associate's Degree in Painting Illustration, and a few months later, it was time to start working on my Bachelor's Degree in Video Game Design. It was a year of big changes.

Yet another new hair color.

Trying on hats at Party City.

Doing the hula at Alex's birthday party.

I graduated! Yay!

Me with my daddy.

Behold my giant creepy pupils.

My lovely ballet costume for "At Last".

Ren Faire secret agent.

My Christmas presents from Jade.


2007 isn't over yet, but it's been quite busy.

Jade and I singing at my birthday party.

Me with Lexx, the puppy.

Me with our little Pixie.

Nice to meet you.