Super Easy Way to Stop iPhone Asking Permission for Apps


How to Turn Off Ask Permission to Download Apps on iPhone

Key Takeaways

  • The "Ask Permission" feature on iPhone makes you get approval before downloading any apps
  • It's meant for parental controls with Family Sharing, but can be annoying for adults
  • You can disable it by going into Settings > Your Name > Family Sharing > Ask to Buy
  • Turning it off means no more prompts and you control your app downloads again
  • But keep an eye on kids' app usage with Screen Time limits instead

A Relatable Frustration

Hey friends! Muzamil here, back with another iPhone trick. Have you ever been trying to download a new app, but your iPhone stops you with an "Ask Permission" message? So annoying, right?

It's meant for parents to control what apps their kids can get. But for us adults, that constant need for approval is just a hassle. Why should we have to ask permission for everything?

Well, I've got great news - you can actually turn off that "Ask Permission" setting! No more prompts, no more waiting. Just easy, breezy app downloading whenever you want.

Interested in learning how? Read on, because I'll walk you through the exact steps. Trust me, it's super simple once you know where to look.

Understanding Family Sharing

But first, let's quickly go over what causes that pesky permission prompt. It's all part of Apple's Family Sharing system.

Family Sharing lets you share apps, music, movies and more with up to 6 people in your family. The "Ask Permission" setting is meant as a parental control.

When enabled, it requires kids/teens to get an adult's approval before downloading anything. That way, parents can keep an eye on what apps and content their children are accessing.

While useful for families, it's not so great if you're an independent adult user. No one wants to ask for permission like a little kid!

Why Disable Ask Permission?

Why Disable Ask Permission

So why would you want to turn this feature off? Here are some key reasons:

Pure Convenience

Let's be real - having to constantly approve app downloads is a major pain. It interrupts your flow and wastes time. Turning it off lets you download apps seamlessly whenever you need them.

Regain Control

With "Ask Permission" enabled, you lose control over your own device. Disabling it puts you back in the driver's seat for choosing what apps to get.

Avoid Annoying Prompts

Those incessant pop-ups asking for approval are so disruptive. They pull you out of whatever you're doing. Turning the setting off stops those irritating interruptions.

For most adults and independent users, the "Ask Permission" feature does more harm than good. It's meant for families, not for you to babysit yourself!

Step-by-Step Guide

Okay, enough convincing - let's get to the actual steps to disable this thing:

1) Open the Settings app 2) Tap on your name/profile at the top 3) Select "Family Sharing" 4) Choose your account (or your child's if enabling for them) 5) Scroll down and toggle off "Ask to Buy" or "Ask Permission"

That's literally it! No passwords, authentication or extra hoops to jump through. Once you toggle that switch off, you'll never see those approval prompts again.

To test it, just try downloading a free app from the App Store. It should download right away with no permission needed. Ah, blissful convenience!

Bonus Parental Control Tips

Bonus Parental Control Tips

Now for those with kids, I get that disabling "Ask Permission" isn't ideal. You still want some control over what apps your children can access.

But there's actually a better solution than the clunky approval system - it's called Screen Time! This lets you:

  • Set app limits to restrict usage
  • Schedule downtime away from apps
  • Filter inappropriate content
  • And more!

Screen Time gives you way more nuanced parental controls. You can be the boss over app access, without having to click "Approve" a million times.

To set it up, just go to Settings > Screen Time and customize it for your kid's account. Much smarter than asking permission for every single app!

Wrapping Up

There you have it folks - an easy peasy way to shut off that annoying "Ask Permission" prompt on your iPhone. Just a few taps in Settings and you'll never have to get approval for downloading apps again.

For most adults, this is such a quality-of-life improvement. No more interruptions, no more losing control of your own device. Just frictionless app downloading whenever you want!

And for parents, Screen Time offers smarter parental controls beyond just asking permission. You can still oversee app usage, without being bombarded by approval requests.

So go ahead, take back your iPhone freedom! Disable that pesky setting and download away. Your apps are just a tap away, no approval required.

Thanks for reading, and I'll catch you next time with more iPhone tips and tricks. Until then, happy uninterrupted app downloading!


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